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The Stick Man In The Static
2C-T-7 & Cannabis
by shorty
Citation:   shorty. "The Stick Man In The Static: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & Cannabis (exp33739)". Aug 28, 2005.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:15 4 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 5:45 4 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This was my SECOND experience with the drug 2C-T-7 and I smoke weed on a daily basis. I'm not taking any medications.

8pm- Went and picked up 3 friends of mine.( not their real names, but easier to tell the story giving names to people) One I had not seen in 2 years. We called up a guy who brought us each 10mg of the 2C-T-7. We drove out to my house. I live by myself in a 1,800 sq ft. home. Very open and spacious with white walls. We decided to take it immediately.

9:15pm- Me and my friend *Mike decided to parachute our doses (put it into a piece of kleenex/toilet paper and twist it off, then swall with water). My other two friends *Jim and *Lindsey decided they just wanted to snort theirs in their noses.

9:20pm- Jim and Lindsey have both gone to my two bathrooms and are puking their brains out. Their eyes are puffy and red and they are complaining about drip and feel as though they are already tripping hard core. Mike and I are fine and worried about what is going to happen in a bit since we didn't snort it.

9:35pm- Lindsey is in one of my back EMPTY bedrooms laying on the floor with her eyes closed. She's complaining that she wants to go home. She asks me how many YEARS it has been. (her face looked really odd and she couldn't form words, and would laugh at certain words) I tell her zero. I told her it hadn't even been a half hour yet. She and Jim are still puking.

9:45pm- My trip kicks in, I excused myself to the kitchen sink (as far as i could make it- it's intenese when it hits) and threw up. I had ate a small frie from McDonalds around 1pm that day. that was it. So I was puking up dry acid from my stomach. After 10 minutes I layed down on the floor. Mike then ran outside and threw up. Everyone was finally on the same pace.

10pm- Lindsey takes all of her clothes off and begins running through the house after all of us, trying to rub up on us, then jumps on my center island in my house and make cat noises. Lindsey is talking about blood pouring out of our eyes again and asks how many years it is. I say zero. She is starting to freak out. She can't remember my name and she doesn't even know the other two guys there, so she's really wigging out. She asks to go to the hospital. ***My trip has just set in and I'm the only one with a car or a license and there is no phone at the house.*** So I try to calm her down by playing a memory game. SHE is DEMANDING water over and over, even when she has it in her hands. I ask her her name and where she lives and her brother's name, the whole bit. She's remembering a little bit. She kept repeating simple sentences every few minutes. She mentioned a moose in the kitchen and a flamingo driving a plane out the window.

10:40pm- Jim and Mike decide to go out for a cigarette and leave me with her because Mike has gone into a bad trip and is contimplating killing 'the Lindsey girl' since he doesn't even know her and she is freakin out. He takes a butcher's knife in one hand and keeps it for the rest of the night. He's makin weird noises and his eye is twitching and so is his neck. The second they walk out the door, she attempts to rip my tank top off and gropes at my chest. I tried to push her off me and screamed for the boys. They came in and I ran out of the house cause I felt violent towards her and didn't want to harm her. I sat in my car to have a cigarette. There was a hair brush by my knee in the cup holder. It's little hairs started to move pretty. Then they grew and started to come after my leg. A mouth opened up on the seem and it tried to bite me. I jumped out of the car and took my CDs in with me to listen to music. I got in and put on some jungle and house music.

11:30pm- we decide we are settled enough in our stomachs to smoke a bowl to take the edge off of Mike who is in a bad trip, and Lindsey, cause we're hoping it will make her tired since she is complaining she wants to go home and I told her she has to sleep it off first. She thinks it has been years since she took the drug and thinks she is stuck that way. (we were starting to get worried about her too and were thinking of walking to the pay phone and call her mom)So I fire up a bowl with weed in it. We continued to smoke a metal bowl, filled it like 4 times. We were starting to get control of our visuals and trails.

12:40am- Lindsey went into a catatonic state. We put on the 'history channel' at her request. We were trying to get her to come down enough to understand what a 'bed' was and how to 'sleep'; We literally had to talk to her as if she were less than 3 years old. She could not understand common sentences or words. She was STARING at the wall. She wouldn't blink and she wouldn't talk, and she was almost stiff as a board, but you could see her chest moving, she was breathing normally. if she wasn't, I would of for sure found a way for her to the hospital, people DO have neighbors

1am- We slowly started to back away from the family room where she was and went into the living room. Mike turned on the TV. (it's set up for video games only, so it's just static on EVERY channel) He turns it on and starts flipping. I ask him jokingly what's on channel 12. he puts it on, 'static'. After a while, Mike, Jim, and I just sat there watching the static patterns on the screen. Freaky enough, we all saw the same image on the TV. I stick man dancing with long arms, and a border of thousands of bees.

2am- I suggest some more weed smoking. So we went to go 'Jamaican Bake'(seal the room and smoke with the hot water running in the shower) in my master bathroom. There's a big jaccuuizi tub that we all sat in. We smoked 9 more bowls in there in one sitting till we were so high we couldn't stop laughing. We unlocked the door slowly and with Mike in front with the butcher's knife, we checked for her under the bed and found her moved to a different room on the couch 'sleeping'. We believe she was faking because she was affraid of us and we were affraid of her. So we went outside and smoked cigarettes and played hacky sack. Then we came inside and watched a movie... 'Requiem for a Dream'.

5:30am- We are wanting to crash. So tired, but yet the visuals are still going strong. We debate on sleeping pills and opt not to take them. Finally Jim passed out around 6am.

8:30am- Mike and I have been up bonding talking about random things from the past and the drugs we've done and how we'd like to take this 2C-T-7 again sometime without Lindsey there. He passed out mid sentence around 9am. I sat there and tried to sleep. I stared at the clock, put a pillow over my head, everything. I stared at the wall and played with my cat too.

1:30pm- I'm still laying with Mike next to me on one side and Jim on the other side (I have a huge california king size bed with lots of pillows)*ultra comfort* They wake up. So I get out of bed and get into the shower. Still tripping and wishing it would fade away. The water freaked me out a little bit. That, and I won't EVER look into mirrors while tripping, I almost got into a bad fight with myself in the mirror (physical) because she was talking shit to me and looked really pissed off. She even stuck her tounge out(me, but I really didn't in reality)

2pm- I drive 55 miles north to take them all home. get to Mike's and passed out on his couch for 2 hours before driving home and sleeping it off for nearly 20 hours.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33739
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 28, 2005Views: 12,056
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Cannabis (1), 2C-T-7 (54) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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