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Maybe a Higher Dose
Citation:   Swede. "Maybe a Higher Dose: An Experience with Valerian (exp3313)". Nov 1, 2000.

1 tablet insufflated Valerian (ground / crushed)
Late at night I was cruising the web, and saw a report about snorting Nutmeg. Since I haven't got any Nutmeg, I decided to try snorting Valerian instead. I took one tablet of a Swedish brand, and scraped off the outer wax/something else coating. After that I crushed the tablet up inside a plastic bag, accidentally dropping some of the powder on the floor, where I let it lay. The powder I had left was put on a paper on my desk and crushed even finer with a spoon. I took a pinch of the powder and snorted it. It burned some, but not much. The drip tasted, well, Valerian.

I proceeded to sniff pinches of the stuff, and then I switched to bumping it off the blade of a knife. Getting a bit bolder, I tried to smoke some in a spoon. After trying to inhale the smoke directly from the spoon, I started using a straw instead. Now the smoke didn't sting in my eyes anymore, now it stung in the back of my throat. After deciding that Valerian is not a good smoke, I proceeded to snort some more, this time through an improvised 'snorting pipe' consisting of a straw with a joint where it could bend, and a funnel of paper down one end. I put some of the powder in the funnel, and snorted it through the other end of the straw. After a while I had snorted all there was left, and I still wasn't feeling anything.

I put on some music and got a couple of interesting space-distortion effects with my eyes closed. The most noticable was the feeling that sometimes my chest didn't rise upwards when I breathed, but that it rather first moved out to my left, and then the sensation travelled across my chest slowly, so that when I exhaled I felt it on my right side. Otherwise I felt no mental effects. My stomach seems to have gotten a bit upset, and I'll probably have increased salivation tomorrow (one of the strange after-effects Valerian has on me). But for now I conclude that I'll try two tablets or more next time.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3313
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2000Views: 31,999
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Valerian (48) : Alone (16), General (1)

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