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Home Is Where the Head Is...
2C-T-2 & Cannabis
Citation:   santadog. "Home Is Where the Head Is...: An Experience with 2C-T-2 & Cannabis (exp30604)". Jul 22, 2004.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)

T+0:00 20mg oral
Occasional cannabis throughout

After not tripping for 10 years then suddenly having a great re-introductory experience (see my previous 2C-T-21 report: Sensual, easy fun) I was up for trying another material, something more visual. My intentions for this trip were simple: spend a quiet, quality day at home with the wife and cats. No distractions, just a fun reflective day. The ‘Superbowl’ would be on television today and I thought that might provide some laughs and excitement as well.

Setting: cold sunday afternoon in february, somewhere in the foothills of the central rockies, home with the fam.

Set: positive mood, energized from shoveling snow. Fasted for 10 hours, ready for a full day of interaction with loved ones.

T+0:00 (12:21pm)
Consumed approx. 20mg 2C-T-2 dissolved in 6oz orange juice. Barely perceptible taste, like crushed aspirin. Set aside 5mg for possible insufflated booster later.

First alerts coming on sooner than expected. Light-headed, brighter surroundings, nervous, jittery energy. No hot/cold/sweating sensations however. Stomach is fluttery but easily manageable. This time of year in the rockies can be pretty inhospitable outside (cold, snow, wind) and I had hoped to go for a walk while coming up. This was not possible so I had no choice but to cope with the initial acceleration while lounging around indoors. I switched locations a few times, starting downstairs talking with my wife (J) then following her up to the bedroom to put laundry away. We are both very playful today and the mood is good amongst all creatures in the house. Up until T+1:00 I can feel the effects rushing in more and more, and I have to lay on the bed and practice breathing, stretching and smiling to stay calm. Once the laundry is put away I decide to smoke a few hits of cannabis and take a shower. I feel the need to stretch, yawn and moan while keeping my stomach under control and the jitters down. Visuals are starting and a shower sounds better than bouncing off the walls.

I step into the shower just as a huge energy rush hits and I look down at the shower floor not quite sure if I’m enjoying this or not. This is the heaviest body load I’ve ever felt on a psychedelic. The walls of the shower are made of earth-tone tiles with white grout in between, making a contrasting grid pattern I’d never seen so sharply. I can’t stare for too long, it’s almost too much. Everything else is beginning to take on a reddish hue. The sounds of the water are very very loud, it sounds like I’m standing next to the freeway. A random drop of water strikes the back of my head and I nearly jump out of my skin! Unexpected tactile increases make the water feel hard/soft, hot/cold at the same time. The walls are beginning to bend and the heat is oppressive. I open the shower door for some cool air and begin to hear soft explosions and cheesy sci-fi robot noises in my ear.

Rinsing the water through my hair with eyes closed is strange, it feels like I’m rinsing a head that is a foot above mine. I get a clear picture of myself in my mind as if there’s a shower-cam in my head. By this time I’ve had enough of the spooky red, loud bending shower room and opt to get out and dry off. I figure I’ve only got another 45 minutes or so of come-up and if I can deal with it calmly I should be fine.

I dry off, put on some comfy clothes and lay stretching on the bed next to Yoda the cat (she is all white with gray ears and nose). The room is very quiet and I am glad to be out of the spraying water. We are laying on a very psychedelic multi-colored quilt made of thousands of solid-colored squares. I look at the cat and the blues and greens from the quilt underneath has bled into her white fur. Every time I turn my attention to the cat she is taking on a different hue, first blue, then red, finally green. I reach out and trace the green lines across her face and tell her those are her ‘peace lines’ (??). She loves this and rolls over so I can scratch her tummy. I close my eyes, touch her heart area and concentrate on our mild psychic connection. I immediately get intricate CEV’s of flowing needle-shaped bands of white and gray colors combining, zipping together like the front of a jacket. The whites and grays float into greens and blues and I can almost ‘hear’ them (the room is very quiet). It was beautiful and satisfying for both us critters.

I turn on my back with eyes closed again and visualize amazing, alive patterns. Simple geometrics that morph into spinning tops, then houses with spinning tops, then spinning tops rolling down avenues, under bridges, through tunnels, etc. It was like a carnival in my mind. I smile, decide I will use these visions later, get up, and ask J if she’d like me to build a fire. In return I get a bright glowing face of ‘yes please!’

Before heading downstairs I take a minute to check out the OEV’s. Shadows chased each other from the corner of the ceiling. The ceiling itself is a constantly moving pattern, doubling itself in all 3 dimensions. The coolest part is I can shake these off any time and go about my business. With the peak almost here and the body load subsiding greatly, I go down and build a fire in the fireplace. I might have taken a little longer than normal but it was great fun being so meticulous about it. It felt so important that I get it built, like our lives depended on it or something. As the first flames began to consume kindling and paper I sat back and smiled with a satisfied, understanding glow. I did this. Could I control the fire with my mind? Whenever I though about it I could blow a short, effortless breath on the flames and the fire would *whoosh* into huge intense flames. A perfect after-image of the flames stayed visible for a few seconds afterward. I felt like an alchemist, a wizard. This was great power.

On the couch, browsing a book on ancient architecture. Pictures are swirling and morphing. The smell of spicy noodles and fresh guacamole fill the air. The heat from the fire is licking at me as the snow swirls outside. It’s a very, very different world out there. I snack on a few chips and decide I could eat a full meal at any time. I crack open a beer, smoke a couple hits of mj and turn on the almighty Superbowl. Without going into much detail, I’ll just mention that the ‘bowl came off as being an overly-consumerist, hype-ridden spectacle without much substance. I would have been so disappointed in actually spending the money to go, even though the game was good. The pre-game music just cheesed me out, I couldn’t even watch. The national anthem actually brought misty tears to both J and I however. An emotional buoy in a sea of mindlessness.

The best part of the entire game were the hallucinations. The announcers’ voices would distort into gibberish (like a CD skipping) sometimes and I’d have to laugh. I knew it was just me. The crowd noises whooshed in and out of each stereo channel and sounded improperly ‘mixed’ to such a degree that I actually ‘stopped’ listening. The field took on a depth that is hard to describe, shadows chased each other around the entire stadium. We had a lot of fun commenting on the game and the silliness of it all. The senile old guy that did the coin toss made me laugh hysterically, until I had to excuse myself and splash some water on my face. The mirror in the bathroom revealed shiny medium-dilated pupils and a goofy perma-grin. The bathroom door breathed and rippled nicely.

Ate a hearty meal! Things continue to morph slightly, taking on occasional red and green hues. There is something to be said of a green cat walking across the room, meowing for attention. This trip has had a wonderful blend of opposite influences: rustic/sci-fi, glowing heated winter, lazy energy. I finally decide that the initial discomfort was WAY worth it.

T+6:00 (6:30pm)
The rest of the day in spent in silly, distant contemplation of our society, balanced with light-hearted conversation with my love, and just Being. I was at a place I wish I could stay forever. I never consumed the booster dose. Eventually we turned off the TV, cleaned up a bit and got tired. Relaxing the rest of the day away. The comedown at around T+8:00 was seamless and nearly imperceptible. I went to bed around 10:30pm and crashed hard. The day after was a little hazy (most definitely from the amounts of weed smoked the day before) but in no way unpleasant. No hangover, no mood disruption, no real concentration issues. In 2C-T-2 I have found another useful (and fun) ally. Many happy, safe returns for all of us. Please use with care, these tools are a gift to cherish. Let’s keep them legal.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30604
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 22, 2004Views: 22,151
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2C-T-2 (53) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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