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A Night with Friends
Opium, Amphetamines & Cannabis
Citation:   SirSkanksAlot. "A Night with Friends: An Experience with Opium, Amphetamines & Cannabis (exp28432)". Dec 8, 2006.

8 bowls smoked Opium (tar / resin)
  45 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  4 bowls smoked Opium (tar / resin)
  4 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
My girlfriend and I had been considering trying opium ever since we accidentally purchased some thinking it was hash. I had my first voluntary chance a week ago, mixing the small amounts of opium with some bud. Unfortunately, we had some rather strong bud, overpowering the opium high.

Tonight we purchased 3 grams and decided to try smoking it by itself, and then maybe add some weed later on during the night. We picked up our friend, who had an opium pipe, but had only used it for bud up until this, and headed pack to my girlfriend’s house for our first real opium high. We crowded into the gazebo her backyard and sat down at the metal round table. The pipe my friend had was a little over a foot, with a metal mouthpiece, a detachable metal bowl, and what seemed like a fiberglass stem. The bowl was unlike those of a glass pipe used for weed. It was about an inch deep and was tiered with two steps down, creating an increasingly smaller hole.

We got the pipe ready: cleaned it out, tapped out whatever weed was left in it from the last use. I lit a candle and found a safety. I pinched about 1/4 of a gram and rolled it into a ball. I heated the safety pin in the candle and poked it through the ball of resin. I pushed the safety pin with the tar ball on it into the bowl, making sure the safety pin made a hole through the ball and into the stem connected to the bottom of the bowl. I poked a little on the pipe to make sure the pull was sufficient, but not enough to pull the op' into the stem thus clogging the pipe.

I got out my lighter (it is an adjustable disposable kind), and knowing that opium burns at a higher heat, ripped off the metal covering and changed the lighter into what my friends call a 'crack lighter'. The flame almost doubles in height, and I am pretty sure that it raises the temperature of the flame as well.

I started pulling softly so as to light the tar, and then took a nice long hit. I held the smoke in as I'm used to doing with weed (though I'm not sure if that's necessary). The smoke felt a bit harsher on my throat than my regular weed smoke. The opium smoke was a pleasant mildly sweet floral taste, though I still prefer weed smoke. I exhaled and felt a warm sensation run up and down my spine, like a shock of warmth that just pushed me back in my chair, which was made even better because it must have been about 35 degrees out.

I immediately smelled the wonderful odor of the opium. It was so sweet, like the incense I can buy at my local headshop, only twenty times as potent. This was one of the most drawing points to me about opium. The first time I had encounter opium (not smoking it) my insisted I smell the bag it was in. I leaned close and the smell itself was almost intoxicating.

We passed the pipe around until we had finished at least eight bowls. The opium took a little while to hit; it seemed to subtly creep up on me. I slowly felt each of my senses being a little bit dulled, mostly my vision. I didn't realize how much it had got to me until I tried to stand up, and then the opium hit pretty hard. It felt as though my whole body was tingling, I just sat back down right away. I closed my eyes and it felt amazing, like everything was put on pause for a second.

The whole time that the pipe was being passed around, I couldn't take my eyes off the smoke. It looked so perfect, so cleanly white, almost the point where it looked like it might have had cool blue color to it as well. My mind couldn’t focus directly on anything, it all seemed a little muted or fuzzy. It's not like the confusion of a weed high; I seemed to be in perfect control of everything around me. We looked at each other, sinking back into our chairs, feeling so mellow. The wind blew over us chilling me, but I felt this all over warmth inside me.

It seemed everyone was starting to feel a little drowsy, so we decided to head to a coffee shop to get a little caffeine in our systems. But first I remembered I had stored three 15mg amphetamine salts pills. I popped those to give me a little head start on my friends. As I rode in the car, my mix CD blared, but it seemed like the music was just in the background. It felt like the car was pushing me along, instead of me just riding in it. It was pleasant feeling, it made my muscles jump and the warmth flooded over me again. We reached the coffee shop and parked the car.

As we walked through the bookstore/coffee shop I noticed just how relaxed my muscles really were. My head hung down a little more than usual and my arms stayed pretty much pointing to the ground, only rising to pay the cashier. I didn't fell just relaxed, I felt, as my friend put it, 'limber,' like I had been stretching, and now my muscles could just move as they pleased. We walked around the bookstore, each one of us being distracted by interesting books.

After wandering for about an hour, we decided we all needed to have another round of the op'. We decided on a nearby playground, which would be pretty dark considering it was almost 9:30. We sat down on some benches and I made another bowl, this time using a lighter (unfortunately wasting most of it) to heat the safety pin. For the first four or five bowls we smoked just the opium, but as the night wound down, around the sixth bowl, I started placing a 1/4 gram of weed at the bottom of the bowl, with a small ball of opium on top of it. I knew this would ensure a great sleep, one of my favorite parts of opiates and bud.

We smoked around another 4 bowls of the weed and op' mix. I think this provided the best smell, taste, and feeling. I loved the mix of the weed and opium smoked; they seemed to compliment each other perfectly in my mind. Both the smokes smelled so sweet, the mixing of the almost artificial scent of the opium with the affronting smell of the weed was perfect combination.

Eventually my girlfriend had to drop me back at my house. It felt like such a perfect night, no stress, just spending some time with friends. Just a little while ago I went outside and smoked one more bowl, which then inspired me to write this.

Even now, as I look over my words they seem a little off, and my hands seem very distant from my body. I feel detached form everything, but I don't panic because I know any second I can pull myself back.

The opium high was something completely new to me; I had never really indulged in too many opiates before. It seemed a lot like a weed high to me: being relaxed and mellow, feeling kind of limp, yet the best part was instead of being incredibly tired like I usually am after smoking, I just want to stay up to prolong the high. I feel much more in control of my surroundings, I'm doing things actively instead of just sitting back and letting them happen to me.

I only had a few problems with my opium experience. Even now I can still feel how scorched my throat, not so much pain as an uncomfortable roughness, or dryness. I also notice that it's a little harder to breathe deep. But I figure both these are just due to the different kind of smoke. The last problem I had was that it seemed like there should be an easier, maybe even more efficient way to put together a bowl of opium, the heating of the safety pin seemed a bit archaic. However, I'm sure I'll continue my smoking tomorrow. I enjoyed my opium thoroughly, and despite its potentially addictive qualities, I'm sure I'll try it within the next few months. I would always welcome the addition of opium to a bowl of weed.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28432
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 8, 2006Views: 29,445
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Opium (63) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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