Reconciliation with Orders of Chaos
2C-T-2 & Mushrooms
by 2482
Citation:   2482. "Reconciliation with Orders of Chaos: An Experience with 2C-T-2 & Mushrooms (exp27081)". Jan 17, 2008.

T+ 0:00
17 mg oral 2C-T-2 (capsule)
  T+ 0:30 1.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis  
  T+ 0:30 1 oral Mushrooms (edible / food)
  T+ 0:00 1 repeated smoked Cannabis  
5 years ago when I first began to expirement with psychedelics I immediately became obsessed with there power and potential. My first expierence with LSD proved so sensational, that I developed a religious fervor for the psychedelic expierence. However, along the way, and quite a few bizarre chemicals later, it dawned on me that I had begun using psychedelics for more recreational purposes. Perhaps this had something to do with my on again off again relationship with pain killers and other downers. But my attitude had shifted and mushrooms, LSD, 2c-b, were all merely chemicals that acted as a prelude to a large dose of downers. Essentially, they acted merely as another party drug. While this might satisfy some people, it dawned on me that the abscence of a spiritual sphere in my psychedelic episodes was undermining my expierence. So I took a great deal of time of from the psychedelic world. But last weekend I returned to that strange place

I had a small quantity of Puerto Rican Strain Cubensis mushrooms, 1 mushroom chocolate with an unknown quantity of mushrooms ground up in it, and 17mg 2c-t-2. I ingested the 2c capsule and devoured the mushrooms about 30 minutes later. Within another half hour, my stomach was churning, it wasn't so much overcome by nausea as it felt as if it were vibrating and bulging out of control. Most adequetly described, the expierence was like having butterflies in my stomach, but some ravenous meat eating strain of butterflies. Marijuana mellowed me out. But overall, coming up I was quite nervous and anxious and this seemed to be the root of my stomach irritation.

Time quickly became very distorted, I was listening to early smashing pumpkins albums, one song would seem to drag on forever, but when my attention was drawn elsewhere the music passed by at a reckless pace. Finally, a few bowls later I was suddenly overcome with a brutal serenity and within seconds the room began to morph around me. At this point I was enjoying myself a great deal and the beautiful auditory and visual hallucinations I was Having. Nevertheless I was still overcome with stomach irritation, although it was a little better now.

Then, out of the blue, I was reminded by some remote region of my conciousness that this trip had spiritual intentions. At this very moment I realized I had been sitting, cross legged, breathing very slowly (or so it seemed), in a state and posture of meditation. For some reason, I felt the need to humble myself before this awesome universe with it's infinite beauty and without knowing why I leaned over, legs still cross, closed my eyes and let my forehead touch the ground, then I lay my arms on the ground straight out above my head. Slowly, I did breath mediations. I realized my stomach irritation was somehow linked to my unwillingness to let go of the trappings of my body. I felt as if I could let go of my body and sit outside of it and exist in tapestry of time and space and not in the prison which was body. I couldn't feel any stomach pain, nor muscle tension, nor jaw grinding, all the physical ailments that normally plague me in these sessions. All the weight of the universe seemed to lift of me and I was part of that universe as opposed to a being merely being stimulated by that universe.

This is where I stayed for quite some time, there were only colors, shapes, and sounds but nothing recognizable from the real world. I observed that the universe was made of chaos and order, but that they were not two seperate orders really, but one order, one realm, each state dependent on the other, and this synthesis of chaos and order, predictability and unpredictability, was what bound the universe together.

After awhile, I returned to my body and realized I was really thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Here I found my cats and spent a great deal of time playing with them and petting them. I was overcome with love for my little creatures and holding there little fragile bodies made me giddy with laughter, for no clear reason. I sat there, laughing at my cats and dwelling on society's sense of justice. I realized, justice is a myth. A just society is a free society where there are preconditions that preempt injustices before they happen. After an injustice is committed, no judge, no human can rectify the harm done. We may condem or fine people, pass laws or litigation, but these are all in adequete. If there is any justice or any judge that can rectify a wrong, it is the equilibrium of the universe.

I believe that we are at the mercy of the universe, this seems obvious. The universe wants to survive just as we do, and if we harm it, it will react in anyway it needs to survive. If we destroy the planet, the climate will change so that the planet will continue to exist, but our race will be eliminated, for example. This is the only justice that can exist not as a precondition. It is a cold and indifferent justice, it does not discriminate, it simply acts, truly blind justice.

Slowly the sacraments faded in intensity. When I awoke the next morning I found I had scribbled the following verse on a peace of paper:

Don't eat this plant
and believe you are it's master
It is born of the substance of the universe
We are at it's mercery

Don't throw a stone
and believe it's velocity is a measure of it's force.
It is the whole universe that you are hurling

We are at the mercy of it's justice
comply, comply, comply
Comply with this order, or will be at it's mercy

Merscalito gives me strength to contend
and see myself naked. I am pleased.

This expierence changed me. It is was one of the most fruitful trips I have ever had. It was by all means a life changing expierence. On the shulgin scale (which personally i think is a little stupid because psychedelics are too qualitative to by measure in a quantative, but I suppose it does help rank each expierence) I would say it was a +3.9999999999. Because it was definately a life altering expierence, but it wasn't quite a strong as some expierences with TMA-2, Peyote, and LSD.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27081
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 17, 2008Views: 8,373
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