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A Great Introduction
2C-I & Cannabis
Citation:   DreamsAreFree. "A Great Introduction: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp26367)". Jan 2, 2004.

T+ 0:00
17 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:35 333 mg smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:25 333 mg smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:50 3 bowls smoked Cannabis  
Me - 17mg 2C-I (sublingual)
S 16mg 4-HO-DiPT (oral)
S 8mg 4-HO-DiPT (oral) boost at +1.5 hours

Subjects, Set and Setting:

This is my first round of research chemicals and I like to be pretty safe about ingesting anything new. I feel I have done my homework, procured a 1mg scale (practiced weighing salt and other spices) and the necessary supplies. (They sent me 2x the 2C-I that I ordered, no extra charge.) I have a house mate - S - (for over a decade) who has shared the best and worst of my personality traits, and vice versa. We are eager and excited to make the most of our experimentation.

S is taking tramadol for an accident/injury sustained recently, and has been taking celexa (ssri) for a while now. Because she knew there may be a skewed result by combining the substances, S decided to 'forget' a day of celexa medication. I would consider both of us to be experienced psychonauts. Both of us have taken many excursions on LSD. We have both eaten Ecstasy and mushrooms, I think me more than S.

We live in a fairly remote low-mountain region, nice clean air and clear skies. Wildlife and redwoods surround us. Less than 2 blocks away is a good 2+ miles of trails through the forest. Our neighbors are quiet and usually never seen, but still very friendly.

I performed music earlier in the day and had a wonderful time. It is still early when I get home and I get right to it. I measured out 16mg of 4-HO-DiPT in a gelcap for S, along with an 8mg booster, just in case. It is a beautiful day for a new experience.
S 16mg 4-HO-DiPT (oral)
Me - 17mg 2C-I (sublingual)

I was not sure if I wanted 16 or 18mg, but when I dumped it on the weighing paper, it read 17mg. I chalked it up to chemical karma and gently emptied the paper under my tongue. It did not taste too bad and I was able to leave it under until it fully dissolved, and washed it down with a little juice.
A +1 There is some slight shifting in light and shadows, takes a couple of moments for my eyes to focus where they are pointing. Smoking .3g cannabis in a water pipe and going for a walk in the woods
A +2 now - definitely feeling the effects, but I do not feel like it is out of my control at this point.
balance or at least coordination in my legs has started to go, I am not usually one to stumble, but I find that walking back down the rocky hill requires more effort. Maybe this is jelly legs or something along those lines.

S ingests 8mg more. It has been 1.5 hours and still just barely noticing any effects. We thought this was supposed to come on more quickly than that. (Hmmm, what is going on here? Who has my local GC/MS?) It could just be the way her body is reacting to the chemical. As stated earlier, she is regularly taking SSRI medication and has been taking tramadol for her broken arm.
Back from the walk, put on some KVHS, but there is someone down the hill having a party with a live loud band. (1970's classic rock and roll) It is unusual because this is normally such a quiet neighborhood.
I'm reaching a nice plateau, and smoking another .3g cannabis (water pipe)
A +3 now.
bit of tightness in neck and upper back, but I am prone to that anyway. I attribute this to not wanting to just sit still at this point, but feel pretty silly just getting up and walking around for no reason. Picked up the mandolin and played along to the CD, does not seem to be any loss of coordination. It almost seems like it is easier for me to feel/see what each hand is doing independently. I would like to try this in rehearsal/jam with the band sometime.

Have to turn off the CD, the band down the hill is getting louder and more intoxicated. (On alcohol I think, it does not seem like anything more interesting from what I can hear.) It is extremely distracting to have the band outside and the cd player inside going at the same time, and it is still too warm to close the windows. I find it difficult to differentiate between the cd and live band, even though I know they are not very good. :) Not horrible, but getting worse as the night goes on. I find it amusing to analyze their music... amps are too loud, cannot hear the drums, etc. etc. But I cannot seem to figure out how far away a particular sound is. Is the sound coming from the speaker 3 feet away from me, or the PA 1/4-mile down the road? Ah, nice auditory tweaking going on. Also starting to notice my legs shaking a bit, some slight chills. It is not really cold and the chills are not too distracting.
Memory on the phone ran out, I have to start taking more notes another way.
I guess I am at t+3:30 or so, and have been at a steady +3 for a good hour or so. Starting to feel a little tightness in the muscles also congestion and yawning a lot loads of good visuals, breathing and moving patterns all around. Nothing too outrageous, actually pretty fun. S reports slight headache, but could be totally unrelated she says
Just stepped outside for a few minutes to watch the stars and lights.., whoa!! pretty nice visually, but I noticed everything took on a bit of a 'sinister' aspect. nearby porch lights that were not immediately noticeable appeared slowly out of the dark like pairs of eyes. Not too many planes visible from our place, but the ones that were out there did not exactly look friendly either. Blue and red lights on the sides making lots of noise flying overhead. Another way off in the distance along the horizon looked pretty cool, lights flashing everywhere. Nice visuals.
Under lower lighting, it appears to be dimming and brightening all the time. Breathing. Cool. Colors seem to be shifting between yellow and blue spectrums, undulating back and forth.
Smoked a bit of cannabis (3 little bong loads, probably 1/3-1/2g) about 15 minutes ago. I noticed the congestion has eased up a bit and the yawning has completely stopped. I do not feel the leg tremors/shaking that was going on earlier either, and it does not seem to be temperature related. The door is still open it is such a nice night out. 60F outside,70F inside. ('I love my pot, it's so good. It smells good, it tastes good, and god darn it, people like it a lot') S says still going nice and strong
Peak is probably over at this point, but the visuals (closed and open) are still going strong; I see why it would be difficult to sleep on this stuff. CEV's can be very distracting; very bright and fast-moving/changing. Still very much at a +3 (maybe +2.5)
hmmm.. I find myself asking, 'is that all there is?' I know I still feel the effects but it is definitely easing back into a +2 at this point.
S has packed her last bowl for the evening and is heading to bed. ('Certainly not just a 2-hour thing.' she says)
Visuals are definitely on the way out. a weak +1 at best. An interesting ride, for sure. I feel there will probably be a couple more hours of this, somewhat lazy-Ecstasy/methamphetamine drag to the end of the trip. Smoking some more cannabis might be a good call at this point. Hmmm, nitrous right about now would have been a good call methinks. (Plan ahead)
Pretty much baseline, I am going to try to get some sleep now.

Retrospect and conclusions

It is the next day. I probably was not in bed more than 1 hour before falling asleep. Waking up was slow, and woke with a mild headache, Will have to keep an eye on that. I may not have gotten enough fluids last night either, it felt a little like a hangover, without the stomach problems. I think there may still be some lingering after-effects/afterglow going on this morning. Except for the headache, I am feeling pretty good. I am having breakfast and will transfer the contents of the cell phone notes to this log

I thought this was a great introduction to 2C-I. I would be interested in upping the dosage by a couple of mg's just to see the difference in effect. I am also pretty sure this could be useful in combinations (with care), but not very enlightening in itself. Fun for visuals, and I usually do not get those very often from other substances. I am pretty excited to try it again to see if the results are similar, and then would like to share some with a select group of friends. I am also pretty sure this is going to help in the relationship between me and my longtime house mate S. I think this will definitely open up the avenues of communication more between us. Some additional private experimentation between me and S will definitely be required, but I would love to work these into my music on some level. Maybe rehearsals and studio sessions, but who knows... maybe more! :)

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26367
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 2, 2004Views: 24,756
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2C-I (172) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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