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Cacti - T. peruvianus
Citation:   Mr. Inapplicable. "T. peruvianus Account: An Experience with Cacti - T. peruvianus (exp259)". Erowid.org. Jun 10, 2000. erowid.org/exp/259

65 g oral Cacti - T. peruvianus (plant material)
I would like to share a mescaline trip I had the other day. I thought it would be best to write this fresh after the experience occurred, two days ago on October 27th 1999. I am going to give you the most accurate depiction of what this substance is going to put you through for a good 10 to 15 hours, that I feel I can describe accurately

Background information on myself 6í0: 190 pounds. I have been doing drugs for seven years now, call it a death trap if you will. Death is what I feel many drugs have caused me, nothing but burned an empty hole in my pocket and my soul. It seems nearly everyone I know ends up either in prison or dead as a result of drugs, which is why I have given up the more destructive addictive substances. Enough of this however right, as if we havenít heard this speech before? Oh well, I hope people use drugs and find out where they will take them, its your path and your choice and nobody should be able to inhibit this. In fact some of the smartest people I know use drugs, but unfortunately, it is all for the selfish or hedonistic reasons. Let us just hope people donít do what they do best with drugs and all other things in life, overindulge them (human nature let us not forget). And you say its only a western thing! I say itís a human thing. Only after some of my harder mescaline trips do I really start to question myself and my role in life. Only after I have spent a good 10 hours of thinking do I really begin to understand the JUST THE QUESTIONS to some of the philosophical beliefs I stated above.

I have used acid 35-45 times, shrooms 30 times, San Pedro 30 times, Peruvian torch 15 times, you get the idea. These are the more classic psychedelics your probably going to run into. Iíve done everything else on the side as well, coke, glass, smack, DMT.

These drugs all are unique and interesting in their own way, but most get old fast. For this reason, I stick to psychedelics. I have discovered nothing, and learned nothing from these other substances other than how to obtain them on the streets, abuse them, and add more paranoia to my life than need be.

If a strong source of mescaline is to be desired your best off getting peyote or T. Peruvians. Out of all of the T. Pachanoi I have tried, only one was as potent as the weakest Peruvians I have tried. This is from my own personal experience and is as accurate over the past 3 years as I remember. I have tried over 10 different kinds of San Pedro. Your most ďmagicalĒ San Pedro specimens are dark green (and yes the yellow ones arenít as good in my opinion, iron deficiency perhaps?) they are taller and older. But it varies from place to place, climate to climate. I have tried the Ancash, and two other unknown varieties of T. Peruvianus. The T. Peruvianus is common here in the southwest if you go to the right nursery. VERY thick, sometimes up to 8 inches from rib to rib. I remember seeing a large 6 by 6 foot specimen in Balboa Park in San Diego, quite beautiful. 6 inches of this cactus always seems to get me where 2 to 3 feet of San Pedro would. Since it is hardier, and can take harsher drier environments, I would imagine it has a higher mescaline content. This only makes sense because it can endure temperatures of under 15 to 20 F unlike (depends on strain) 20 to 26 F for San Pedro (so far as I have observed) and is more drought tolerant than Pedro, which might be why it seems to be more potent (on average for myself).

To prepare the cactus I would suggest not extracting it (pain), not cooking it for hours on end (messy pain), and not eating it fresh (disgusting slimy pain). The BEST method in my opinion is to dry the cactus in the dark for a week or two. The sun does degrade it, as I have tried the same specimen sun-dried and noticed a significant decline in quality. The more heat you apply the more you break down and degrade any chemical,think about it? Preparing it in this manner, helps ensure that you will eat as much of the ďgood stuffĒ as possible without minimal loss from the sun or by boiling water. Also when stuffed into capsules you donít have to taste the horrible stuff, which alone can make you gag on the spot.

I ended up drying 2 feet of T. Peruvians cactus over a week in the dark. I than ground it up and stuffed it into 95...0 gelatin capsules which came out to over 65 grams (less than I thought) dry. FAR TO MUCH, as I was soon to find out in the upcoming hours! Most of the T. Peruvians trips Iíve had have been about 50 capsules dry, and San Pedro about 120 capsules, this would be good for an average person in my best judgment. But for some reason, this night I was feeling adventurous.

I took the pills at 12:30 am, by 12:40 I had consumed all of them. When I eat capsules, I can stuff about 3 at a time down my throat so it goes by much quicker. I do not recommend this however, as you will almost definitely get sick from eating this many in such a short period of time. The first effects werenít noticed until about 30 minutes later. I noticed as I was sitting on the bed thinking about my life, I noticed a gradual alteration in my perception. This alteration is not really noticeable to a great degree, and many people probably wouldnít notice it. It feels like you know something is soon going to happen, and sight takes on a new depth (very gradual). About an hour into the experience obvious effects are felt, a slight body high which starts to take on waves of euphoria, tingles & chills might soon follow down the spine. I remember I started to feel like my worries were slipping away. I felt like a serene natural flow of energy had overwhelmedt my entire body. This feeling of peacefulness soon started to grow in intensity, and the visual hallucinations soon persisted. The first notations in the visual department are almost like a rippling of perception, like everything is shaking in small jitters. The first visual occurrences are rather weak and minute. It doesnít seem like the peak experience comes for at least 4 to 5 hours after the drug has been taken. The period in-between the come-on and the peak was just a gradual buildup of energy with minor visuals (tracers, waves, flickers of light). Flickers of light radiating off of objects, are the most noticeable. Unlike
acid or shrooms, mescaline has more of a body high that has a peaceful quality you wonít find with either of the two Acid tends to come on quickly and terrifies me. It seems like every thought or feeling I have is intensified to the point where I feel like I will loose it at the spot and go crazy. Acid is a very tense and rushed intense altered state. With acid thoughts come and go so rapidly that it is hard to focus on any one thing. And if one does manage to focus on one distinct thing it seems almost like it is forced into the mind. I often feel like I have very little control over what thoughts will come and go into my mind on acid. Shrooms are fun and have a unique body high unlike that of acid or mescaline. Definitely has a sort of weak tryptamine feeling which I moderately enjoy. Shrooms seem to have more of a head high than a body high. They make you feel happy and giddy, yet at the same time lethargic and unmotivated. Mescaline will have more of a stimulating quality to it which is more manageable in my mind than acid or shrooms. It isnít as speedy and mind crackling as acid, and it doesnít have the dreamy tendencies many people complain of on shrooms. However, mescaline can make you feel very stimulated/irritated and shaky. I often feel like at points I want to sit down but would rather stand up, if I chose to stand up I would want to sit down, sort of leaves your body confused at points, sort of edgy like speed in some VERY distant ways.

Visually mescaline can be quite spectacular on higher doses, rivaling all hallucinogens Iíve tried excluding DMT. I have noticed with acid, visuals come on suddenly and quickly. They come and go so quickly that your mind does not have a chance to build up a very large visual display, or something with bulk so to say. Acid has much more finely tuned geometric patterns than mescaline, and does seem to portray more sharp, lined, structured hallucinations. Mescaline has a more natural feel, reminiscent of naturally occurring things you might come across. I often notice large spheres, spiderweb designs, and splashy patterns that seem to come and go much like acid but in longer intervals. Visuals on mescaline are more naturally structured and seem to take longer to form than visuals on acid, but when they do they are more discernible. I have noticed actual figures or images of figures on mescaline that resemble living things on my higher Peruvians journeys. I have never seen a true hallucination on acid, and I have taken in excess of 12 hits before (7 hits and your legally insane BULL), if thatís the case I should have been locked up years ago). I have only seen on acid or any hallucinogen, very precise hallucinations geometric patterns, heavily exaggerated figures and distortions in weight and size. Undulations or ripples in objects are also present, but little to nothing more. With mescaline I have seen all of these things, but they seem to not be on the large/intense magnitude of acid. However, I have noticed large figures that form, more bulky and larger hallucinations, they do come few and far between as opposed to acid or shrooms, but they are more spectacular in my mind. Shrooms seem to have a dreary sort of visual quality. Shrooms distort objects much better than acid or mescaline and seem to be a little more colorful than the two. Facial expressions, body proportion, weight, and motor coordinationís seem to be more unstable and wobbly than acid or mescaline. Shrooms are sort of like being thrown into a Peeweeís playhouse episode, running around laughing and jumping & acting uninhibited, acid is like being thrown into a bright intense Japanese anime cartoon where you have no idea what is going on (if your American of course), and mescaline would be like being thrown into Scooby Doo.....thereís a mystery to be solved, an adventure underway, an elaborate expedition.

Oh yeah as for my trip I should get back to that. Anyway after about 1 hour the stimulating qualities seemed to subside. It was if the visual qualities were coming into play and balancing out the aphrodisiac qualities. I would also like to add mescaline is one of the best aphrodisiacs I have EVER done, rivaling acid and ecstasy by far. Imagine
combining acid/ecstasy than throwing a more focused sexual energy or drive if you will into the equation, and you have mescaline. As for my state of mind, I would notice consciousness seemed to move incredibly slow almost to the point where I lost all concept of time (which never happens to me on acid or shrooms). An hour on this drug felt literally like 2 or 3 hours, Iím not kidding. This trip was different from most of my lighter 40 gram Peruvianus trips. It was much more distinctive of the mescalineís effects, and the various stages I seem to go through on it. Iíve never had a trip come on in 30 to 45 minutes ever on this drug, but I had eaten a small meal prior to the pill consumption. Perhaps the digestive acid helped break down the cactus tissue and release it into my system faster than normal? since I consumed the capsules in 10 minutes? who knows?

Unlike with shrooms or acid, you will RARELY know when if EVER at what point the peak comes or goes. You can usually only gauge it based on what facts and documents state about the drug and its duration period. The drug is so slow and soothing, yet shaky and restless itís almost always impossible to notice the transition point. You will know for sure when you peak but it will be hard to distinguish the transition. I always peak about the 4th hour + in. Visual hallucinations are prevalent in almost every object you look at. Objects contract and enlarge, rich REDS & GREENS predominately engulf my peripheral vision. Red & Green seem to be the predominate colors of acid and mescaline in my opinion, mainly RED.

When the peak finally hit, I walked away from the computer, than over to the bed, feeling very stimulated 4 1/2 hours in. THIS IS WHERE THE HEALING OCCURED for myself. I was lying on the bed observing my hand. It was so cool watching the little red and green lights grow and contract all over my fingers, like ivy vines growing up and down a tree trunk and its branches. I could even see the aura around my hand, it was something like a force field but you couldnít see it, you just knew it was there. I remember looking up at the stucco ceiling briefly. Large waves of red engulfed my room. I even remember at one point noticing the outline of a red plane with a propeller headed toward me for a split second. Not a true hallucination (I have yet to see one) but probably one of the closest things.

After about 20 minutes of observation I started to feel terribly sick. I could feel my mouth salivating and preparing for the dreaded ritualistic vomiting ceremony I have quickly grown used to from these trips. I truly wanted to puke my guts up to the fullest. I wanted the sickness to leave me, I wanted to feel the stimulating qualities overwhelm me once again, I wanted to enjoy the rest of the trip. But something wouldnít let me. I soon felt this horrible feeling of guilt overwhelm me. I started to feel like I once again abused another drug, detracted from its purpose, neglected myself. These feelings always come to me at one point or another on a mescaline trip. I quickly got up and attempted to walk to the bathroom. I feared confronting my fears, which in my mind is the only way you can have a bad or good trip on mescaline (all depends on how you use it). I didnít feel ready to think about my life and where it was headed, but I swear to God it was like my entire consciousness was now centered on the pain in my life and I wouldnít be able to avoid it. When I did manage to get up I quickly felt my mouth salivating and I knew I would puke. I went over to the toilet and stood over it for over 10 minutes hopping the pain would go away, but it didnít. I continued to feel crap and no matter what I did I couldnít puke, so I just went ahead and drank 1/4 a bottle of Pepto Bismo and headed back to the bed. At least if I wasnít going to puke I was going to make damn sure I wouldnít have to get back up for a few more hours.

The nausea was excruciating, my sides both hurt, my left side in particular. All I could do was huddle into the fetal position and lie there helpless for the next 5 hours, I was in hell. Funny, just 1 hour ago I was in heaven, price to pay perhaps? Those five hours truly gave me many more issues to think about than all my other psychedelic experiences combined. I questioned so many things, and while I didnít get the answers to a lot of the questions, I at least understood the questions now better than I ever did before. As a result, I feel much stronger after that experience. Now I at least can ask myself the questions and Iíll have this experience to think back on as a reminder for future self-destructive actions.

For as much pain as I endured that time period from about 3 to 8 a.m. about an hour or so after the sun came up, I feel like I now know what the healing process is truly all about. I now feel like I have a grasp on what true physical pain is, and how to avoid it next time at least. After about 8 a.m. the effects were still strong, obvious tracers, colors, distortions, but I was definitely out of the peak. Words canít describe what I went through in that five hours, the most unbearable physical Nausea I have ever endured, the most amazing real time closed eye visuals Iíve ever had (although I might have drifted in and out of sleep for short periods, but I do remember feeling very restless and not being able to sleep. I had my eyes closed for 5 hours and STILL donít remember falling asleep. I remember seeing visions (sounds corny as shit I know) but I swear there were points where I saw true visions of ideas and thoughts and theories form, all of which I vaguely remember. As for the nausea, it subsided around 11 or 12 in the afternoon. I had some college classes I had to attend at 12:30 that day. I decided to walk to school and enjoy the serenity. After my first period class, the effects were gone completely.

I couldnít eat for another 12 hours, I had no desire in doing so. My stomach felt severely bloated for the entire day. The highlight of the comedown however was the walk to school. It was quite amazing getting outside, especially after dwelling in what seemed like 10 hours of painful darkness (only 4 or 5 in reality though). If all my times donít quite add up or sound accurate, it really is due to time lapses and stand stills that seemed to occur throughout the entire experience. I really felt alive after that experience, regardless of the nausea I loved the entire thing and I would most certainly relive all of it again. I see pain now as a blessing. I truly feel like mescaline is the virtue of hallucinogens, all others seem like a vice to me. It has every element that I am after. I
love the different gradual stages I go through. Although the Nausea is sometimes prevalent in some of my trips, I have found that my most adventurous trips NEED nausea for me to accept what Iím doing to my body. This drug almost keeps me guided at times, making me question so much about myself and the stupid actions I take. I often dwell on those thoughts for days after and try to avoid those actions. For anyone that says hallucinogens are mind expanding I agree in minor ways. I think to many people including myself, most of the time say this for an excuse to escape reality. Iím not going to bullshit people and tell them this crap about how hallucinogens have changed my life and I am enlightened above all others. I pity people that make those statements. Sounds like
someone with poor selfworth that feels they need to feel special and above others to make them happy. If you were happy, social hierarchical status would not matter, nor would fancy material possessions, nor would you go out of your way to please others (codependency) or victimize others (sociopathy) Sorry if this applies to you but it applies to me, and we are all human arenít we, so....Contradict myself you say? Well proves my point about human nature doesnít it.

I think hallucinogens donít enlighten anyone or do anything of that nature. Hallucinogens simply take out the filters of your brain and allow you to focus more clearly on your current situation and how to change, help, fix, solve, understand, grow from it. They also offer great artistic qualities, which we all know of. TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT DOES NOT REQUIRE DRUGS, JUST A STATE OF MIND, which is why I think that anyone who says they need drugs to find enlightenment sounds like they are looking for something more that they have yet to find? I truly do think that ultimate enlightenment comes with living a prosperous virtuous morally structured lifestyle, THAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT, and no drug can provide this, or mimic this, it comes from your heart. I won't label a drug something it is not, nor will I put a positive label on something based on its immediate over long term effects. I know I have offended some people, think about what you say before you say it, that is probably one of our biggest mistakes in this society, People don't realize what they are saying anymore.

What I have stated is to my knowledge either factly based on my own personal observations, or opinion based on mindsets I deal with around people I run across in the counterculture, make that culture in general period....

BOTTLE LINE: Mescaline feels like combining a couple hits of acid with 2 hits of ecstasy for most of you mainstreamers out there, be smart, and have fun.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 259
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 10, 2000Views: 107,073
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