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Suckling from the Mother's Bosom
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & Acacia)
Citation:   the_THING. "Suckling from the Mother's Bosom: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & Acacia) (exp25895)". Aug 6, 2003.

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral Syrian Rue (extract)
  T+ 1:00 200 mg oral Acacia (extract)
200mg Acacia Bark Extract (freebase form)
Preceded by: 300mg Syrian rue seed extract

After fasting for the day except some grain bread and an orange I ingested the harmaline crystals that I had extracted via a cold acetic acid procedure about a week earlier.

The “DMT” (as one would presume) was the last of a batch that I had extracted from an acacia’s trunk bark, the crystal color being white.

The two were individually wrapped in some baking paper to assist in consumption, and I had previously decided to take the 2nd one once the 1st had began to take effect, a time which I assumed would be approximately 30-60min. The location had not been decided on exactly but it would be somewhere that felt right within the confines of my mothers’ hobby farm that totaled 30ish acres in the southern part of South Australia. With me I took some food for after (grain bread, another orange, and a banana), my swag (canvas, sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow), my mini disc recorder (accompanied with a few favorite discs, headphones and microphone), and a digital clock. My day had been event-free and vacant of any human contact as they were all away, leaving me to browse some internet sites, read some Terence McKenna and listen to Mozart’s Requiem at desired volume while preparing my little friends. The following account would be my second oral consumption of dmt and my first really serious psychedelic session alone out in nature.

5:50pm: Syrian rue swallowed with water, just as the last traces of light were leaving the landscape. Immediately I feel a change in the way my body felt, as I knew this had initiated the beginning and within a matter of minutes I was having sensations flowing around the surface of my cranium.

I gathered my things, changed into something more comfortable and set off. Before long I had found a nice spot in a race between two paddocks that had some nice size gums in it. So I lay out my bedding here to avoid disturbances from cattle or horses. And put some classical on to start things of while I waited for the harmaline to take hold. At about the one hour mark (6:50pm) I noticed a certain opaqueness in my sight so I then relieved my bladder and took the acacia extract. From here I would just wait in trepidation as I tried to analyze my being and whether it was changing or not. To take my mind away from this pointless exercise I put on some more “upbeat” songs from an album by the band “Mudvayne”. Anyone familiar with either of their two albums will hopefully be aware of the immense quality and diversity that went into these works of art. This was then followed up with some Tool.

At intervals I would be looking out across the land then under the blanket, sometime listening to music, others not. But by about the two hour mark (8pm) it became evident that things were well under way with a noticeable increase in what I will call “cycle processing” and how long it took to complete, go back to stillness and then start up again. Also the topic diversity of information coming across the board was becoming quite astonishing as I found my mind racing without sign of effort or slowing down, it was as though the throttle limiter had been turned off in the main control tower.

On a few occasions I would get sorts of visualizations in portions of my sight as a representation of what fields were being processed but nothing that would last long or interest me that much. I was more into what was being “fed” into me. There was one time though around the peak when I was immersed completely by this and found myself in a small room, (though I didn’t look around) with a door. A friendly fellow poked his head out as another walked from behind me and through the door. But before I could really think about anything but watching I was back in my body with the overview that I would explore there more extensively next time. After this I went back to the “overlays” that I would see momentarily, generally in the outer rims of my vision.

The most common of which were two “parental types” a female who would sit at my side with her side facing me, but her face turning to smile and comfort me when I looked at her and the second a male/doctor/father type who would walk up to me out of nothing, have a look in my eye and then walk away again. The amount of time he stayed to examine me increased as the experience increased from just a flash that I could not even make out to more of a standing and communication of goodwill and satisfaction with what he was viewing.

The last bit of my night was very intriguing and occurred once I was majority “down” and in a state of peacefulness with all.

A magpie flew over and landed in the tree above me as I was preparing to eat my orange. It began to “warble” for which I thought maybe was directed at me. I considered trying to communicate something back but figured there was nothing I could tell him which would change what he saw and was experiencing as a magpie sitting above this life form eating another. Then I could hear it was actually talking to a lot of other magpies in the vicinity of which the main topic was what the hell this weird thing was doing here, and how interesting it was to be sitting above him. Before long others were swallowing their pride as such and silently flying over to sit in surrounding trees. Though once there, none of them actually said anything. It was just the first one who continued to “talk” to the others out there, and in doing this managed to prevent any from wanting to sit in “his” tree.

There was all kinds of insight gained from this little chap and I think he felt the same about become acquainted with me, as the traveler from afar. In closing I determined that next time I would increase the dose as this was one experience for which much was gained, and that I would do my best to facilitate and recommend it for others who were interested in a truth of sorts and getting to know themselves and everything else around them to the nth degree.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25895
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 6, 2003Views: 42,751
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Huasca Combo (269), Acacia (77), Syrian Rue (45) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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