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A Gentle Push
by Scoot
Citation:   Scoot. "A Gentle Push: An Experience with Kava (exp24955)". Erowid.org. Jul 2, 2003. erowid.org/exp/24955

0.5 cups oral Kava (tea)


Having heard conflicting reports about Kava, I went to my local health-food shop and bought an ounce or so of unprocessed root for a buck and change. It didn't seem anything special, and so wound up sitting in my generic herb chest for a week and a half, untouched.

Nursing a flat tire, I returned home from work this morning in a rather foul mood. After changing the tire in my driveway while my wife and daughter rushed me (they were already running late and needed the car), I figured I would take advantage of my agitation and anxiety and put the Kava to the test.

I pulverized 1/2 cup of raw Kava root in a mortar and pestal, and added it to 2 cups of hot (around 140 degrees) water, mixed it in a blender for a few minutes, and then added 1 cup cold whole milk and blended some more. I strained it through a nylon mesh, added a packet of instant hot-cocoa powder, and blended it again.

9:00 - Okay, so I've got an evil smelling milkshake. I've heard horror stories about kava's taste. Here goes nothing, down the hatch.

9:01 - Hmm. It's not that bad. It has a very distinctive acrid taste, but it certainly isn't unpalatable.

9:02 - Hey, it really does make your tongue and lips numb.

9:03 - Second cup. Numb tastebuds do not seem to temper the flavor. I'm actually feeling more anxious now than I did before the first cup, prolly subconscious concerns about liver damage. lol

9:10 - Okay, I definitely feel a little 'buzzed'. Nothing remarkable, somewhat akin to a two-beers-at-a-party lightheadedness. Not very anxious anymore, although a little itchy. I'll attribute it to a psychosomatic response to M. Grieve's reference to 'leperous sores'. :0

9:20 - Feeling pretty good. Listening to some funky music and digging it. Not too concerned about trying to come up with money for a new tire for the car, and the problems I had at work last night seem minor and unimportant. Noticing a definite perspective shift.

9:40 - Well, right about now I'm wondering why I'm sitting here online when I could be outside in the sunshine. I've decided to take a nice walk in the forest, and enjoy my day.

10:55 - It's a really beautiful day. I just came back from a very rewarding circle meditation, and am contented and peaceful. I stopped to watch a woodpecker for a while, and just know that he had stopped to watch me; for a moment, our minds were in the same place. It was nice.

11:10 - I'm feeling very sleepy- not doped-up-wanna-get-to-bed tired, but pleasantly drowsy. I know I'm going to sleep very well, which is surprising considering what a foul mood I was in just over 2 hours ago.

I would have to say that my first Kava experience has been pretty positive. I don't think I'll find myself quaffing it regularly, but it has certainly found itself a place among my more respected herbs. It's a great thing to have on hand when I need a gentle push in the right direction, and nothing more. :)

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24955
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 2, 2003Views: 30,341
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Kava (30) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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