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Citation:   Ryan7. "PCP Experiences: An Experience with Cannabis & PCP (exp24930)". Jul 21, 2006.

  smoked Cannabis
    smoked PCP
A friend of mine (sorta) told me last winter that he was going to see his dealer. He asked me if I needed any weed. I told him yes, but to ask his dealer if she had anything else since I was in an adventurous mood.

I have only used Ecstasy, Marijuana and Cough Syrup before, although I know a lot about drugs. But when he gave me marijuana with PCP on it, I didn't know what to expect. I had heard so very little about it.


It was midnight on a school-night in the latter part of the winter. I smoked the PCP [laced weed] in a soda-can-bowl while sitting in front of a fan placed at my bedroom window. I started off with a tiny, tiny amount and smoked cautiously. Internet research gave me the impression that I was probably going to wind up slitting my wrists. I smoked about 3/4 of the twenty bag I had. My skin tingled, I felt a little drunk and I experienced closed eye visuals as well as some slight auditory hallucinations. The effects, however, were very slight. I questioned weather or not what I had gotten was real. I attributed the hallucinations to my imagination and the placebo effect since I had no experience in hallucinogens.


The next day was a snow day and to celebrate at around 9:00 I smoked the rest of my pot or PCP or whatever. This time I smoke it in a joint and judging by the little effect it had on me the day before, I figured I'd barely feel anything. By the time I finished the joint I realize something is wrong. My hands were shaking very hard and something was wrong with my vision. I couldn't describe it. My heart was pounding and I started to panic. What was happening? It didn't take long for me to realize I was having a PCP trip. I kept thinking 'Oh crap! What if someone catches me like this? What if I overdosed?' and stuff like that.

It seemed as if proportions were off (if something small sitting next to something big they might look like they're of equal size). I saw drops of water falling from all over even though I could tell what was real and what wasn't just by how it looked. The whole room seemed to pulsate. The most frightening part however came from the auditory hallucinations. My ears were overloaded with sound. I heard loud creaks and bangs. I heard my house cleaner (who had come over 20 minutes after I got high) beat her infant child. I also heard her on the telephone saying stuff like 'Ryan [that's me] is completely out of it. He didn't even remember me coming into his room before.' and 'Yeah, he thinks he's at home. He doesn't even realize he's in the hospital for a drug overdose. He could die today.' I was convinced this stuff was true or at least I thought it was true, but just in case it isn't I'm just going to lie in bed and try not to slit my wrists. It wore off and I was okay. It was just a bad trip


I smoke weed with my mom. She would get furious at me if she knew that I was doing anything else, so I have to keep this kind of stuff secret. The next day I was not on PCP... sort of. My mom offered me a joint. I took a few hits before I realized that once again, something was wrong. I quickly excused myself and my mom asked if I was okay. She saw that something was wrong with me, but I convinced my mom that I was fine, that I just had too much coffee and she believed me. Slowly a PCP high came on. How could this be happening? That was normal weed! What the hell?! I wasn't too high, just a little spooked. I was able to keep my head, but there were some hallucinations. I decided that I should listen to some Hendrix since I may not ever hallucinate again and I felt that Hendrix is sort of designer music (as opposed to designer drugs which are supposedly 'designed' for raves). I managed to listen to Spanish Castle Magic before the hallucinations subsided. The solo was different and the different instruments in the music seemed to swirl around my head.


I had three more experiences after those, but they aren't very important. Two were at low doses and one was at a high dose. I think I should note that I thought I felt cravings for PCP after I used it. It could however, just be in my head, but being familiar with cigarette addiction, in my opinion they were real, but just not very strong.


I believe that the PCP built up in my body causing the unexpected high in experience 2. Also I believe that leftover PCP was responsible for my high when I smoked weed. That the weed triggered it or made it more powerful or whatever. So if I do PCP I don't smoke weed afterwards if I have to go out in public or something. That's the whole reason I wrote this.

I stopped using PCP because I feel it is an unpredictable drug. I never got violent while I was on it, though. The friend who sold it to me didn't experience hallucinations, but rather an intense pleasurable feeling all over (I just tingled a bit) and extreme euphoria.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24930
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2006Views: 26,400
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