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The King of Amsterdam
Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis
by Chemical
Citation:   Chemical. "The King of Amsterdam: An Experience with Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp24499)". Erowid.org. May 22, 2007. erowid.org/exp/24499

T+ 0:00
0.5 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Alcohol (liquid)
  T+ 4:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


About a month ago, myself and a small group of friends arranged a trip to Amsterdam. On our first day we sat in a coffee shop, having smoked ourselves into a haze. It seemed to be having a much stronger affect on me than my my friends as they were all heavy users.After about 2 hours I was slumped forward with my forehead resting on the table, only able to take in snatches of the conversation around me.

One of our group worked for a company with offices in Amsterdam, and had arranged to meet up with somebody he had spoken to on the phone but had never met. He said he would show us around the city and take us out for the evening. The only part of the conversation I remember was him asking us if we would want anything stronger than pot while we were there. The comment seemed to go largely unnoticed by my friends, but the next day I woke up with one thought on my mind.

I had wanted to experiment with something other than pot for a while and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Away from home in a permissive society with somebody who knew what they were doing. The next day we met up with the same person at a bar in the city centre. As soon as I got chance I struck up a conversation with him and mentioned his offer from the previous evening. He grinned and asked what I wanted. The glamour and exclusivity of cocaine had always fascinated me so I asked him for a gram. He made a phonecall and told me to go and withdraw some cash. By the time I came back the coke had arrived and he slipped a tiny parcel under the table into my hands.

Nervously, I rose to go to the toilet to take cocaine for the first time. By the time I got to the cubicle I could hardly walk straight with fear. I had no idea what to expect. What would the contents of this tiny package do to my body? I shut the cubicle door behind me and slowly un-folded the parcel. I dipped the edge of a coin into the powder and scooped a tiny amount onto its edge. As I brought it up to my nose my hands were shaking with anticipation so badly that I nearly tipped it onto the floor. After what seemed like an eternity the coin reached my nose and I inhaled sharply. Almost instantly a sense of enormous power and wellbeing swept over my body. In my haste to return to my friends and tell them about how I was feeling I almost lost the rest of the powder trying to re-wrap the parcel.

In contrast to my nervous shuffle en-route to the toilets, I strode back to our a table, feeling like a king.Only one other member of my group, called Steve, was interested in trying the coke. As I sat down, he asked me how it was. The beautific smile on my face told him everything he needed to know. I passed him the parcel and he went off to the toilets to try it himself. Once the initial rush had worn off we shared the rest of the powder over the next 2 hours.

Our companions had been drinking heavily and they looked clumsy and tired in comparison. Steve and myself looked full of energy and ready for anything. I felt very pleased with myself. I had taken a risk and was reaping the rewards. About 4 hours after first taking the coke we all headed back to our hotel room. I was talking to one of our group who I barely knew for about half an hour with no let up. He barely got a word in. Eventually he stopped me and crawled into the bathroom to be violently sick. The non-cocaine fuelled people became tired at around 3.30 AM, so Steve and I went to our own room. We smoked pot until 6 when we were finally able to sleep.

The experience taught me what an inferior and unintersting drug alcohol is. The rest of our group just seemed mildly poisoned whereas I felt like the King of Amsterdam. It also taught me what a powerful and potentially wonderful drug coke is. Before this trip I had been a heavy drinker, but this experience made me realise that I didnt particularly enjoy being drunk.

Cocaine is much more expensive and hard to get hold of at home so I havent made any effort to get hold of some since. I want to keep it as something I do on special occasions only.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24499
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 22, 2007Views: 13,415
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Cocaine (13) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Club / Bar (25)

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