LSD, Cannabis, Mescaline
by countryjoe
Citation:   countryjoe. "Woodstock: An Experience with LSD, Cannabis, Mescaline (exp24455)". Erowid.org. Jun 13, 2003. erowid.org/exp/24455

  smoked Cannabis
    oral Mescaline
    oral LSD


1969.....what a beautiful year. Before that year I was living peacefully in Haight Ashbury, what a groovy time in deed.

Anyway, as I remember it, I received word from one of my pals that there was gonna be a huge gig over in New York and HENDRIX was gonna be there...3 days long!

To make a long story short I bought the tickets for all three days, loaded up my volkswagon van with a couple ounces of herb, about 30 or so hits of acid, and a bunch of mesc. Grabbed my sleeping bag...and me and my old lady (that's an old term for girl friend) were off to have one of the most awe-inspiring experiences ever.

It took us about a week to cross country (about an ounce of bud and a couple hits of acid were spent during this trip through the country, too.)

Once we got there the traffic was almost completely stopped. People were sitting on top of their cars and people were passing joints around from car to car.

Once we parked, we loaded up our gear and begain the long walk to the crowd.

After a couple of hours of walking we arrived at the freakiest scene ever. It wasn't freaky in the real term, but freaky as in 'oh, my god, hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of people that were here for the same reason we were.

Me and my girlfriend found a nice spot a couple hundred feet from the stage (really good spots, come to think of it.)

So, here we were, two tie-dyed, spaced out, hippies sitting with a bunch of other drugged up hippies too.

The show begain and we both dropped acid. The only bummer about the concert was that everyone was talkin about the bad acid that was going around, but we both had brought our own acid so there was no problem.

The next three days were spent making passionate love in front of everyone (no one minded), taking as much LSD as we could, smoking as much pot as we could, taking some mesc, and loving the scene as much as we could.

I remember giving out a bunch of our acid to some groovy people we met there and passing around a bunch of joints.

I stayed during the entire concert, up to Hendrix. I went home that day feeling like a new man, and i had to pull over the van several times because i just wanted to make love to my partner.

To me, woodstock remained in me, even after i cut my hair, even after i stopped using drugs as much as I did (yes, i still take LSD on ocassions, but not to the extent of the glory days of the 60s)....woodstock is something that is in you, no matter how burnt you were at the festival, or how busy fuckin you were.....it's there...and we have to get ourselves back to the garden.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24455
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 13, 2003Views: 38,048
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