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Easy Extracts
Kava & Salvia divinorum
by Andy P.
Citation:   Andy P.. "Easy Extracts: An Experience with Kava & Salvia divinorum (exp24433)". Dec 1, 2004.

    Kava (extract)
      Salvia divinorum (extract)

The following is how I did some extracts with all Ďat-homeí supplies and some acetone.

Mask (I used a ripped, 100% cotton, white shirt)
Canning jar and lid
Pyrex ceramic bowl
2 Pyrex glass dishes
Coffee filter papers
Cotton filter
16 tbsp of Kava root powder
24grams of ground Salvia Divinorum


I mixed all the 16 tbsp of Kava with about 200ml of cooled Acetone in a canning jar. I shook the jar for about 2 Ĺ minutes and then strained the solution thru a filter I made out of a 100% cotton shirt, and into a Pyrex baking dish. Then I repeated the process. I then put the baking dish outside in my garage under a large 2-foot squared fan. I left the garage door slightly opened and turned off the lights.

After 2 hours the Kava was like watery mud in texture. The top layer was light brown like the powder, but just beneath the surface it was almost black in parts. After another hour I could touch the surface without getting any on my finger. I brought it inside and put it under 2 60W bulbs. Upon scraping up the stuff I found the texture was like cookie dough. I kept mixing it with the credit card every 30 minutes or so until after about 2 hours it was quite dry.

Final Product:

The final kava product was much darker than the original. It was the texture of play-do that has been left out for many hours and was all crumbs. It was not a powder.

The effects from an 1/8th (2 tbsp non-extract) of the product taken orally produced effects equivalent and very much the same as 2 tbsp taken orally of non-extract. When smoking the extract it made weird sparks as if it were a resin. There was a lot of smoke, but it wasnít very harsh. The effects were noticeably different than when taken orally, and I didnít enjoy them all that much.

I would recommend this method if you find the amount of kava to drink unbearable. With this extraction you will be left with an amount of kava thatís much easier to drink, or you could even put an average dose into a few gel caps.

Salvia Divinorum:

I put 7/8th of the 24 grams into a small Pyrex bowl and then put in about 150ml of acetone and stirred for about 2 Ĺ minutes. I then strained the acetone out with coffee filter paper into a flat Pyrex glass dish. I repeated the process once. Then I put the other 1/8th of salvia into this dish. I then put the dish outside in my garage with the door a little open, and under a large fan.

After about an hour the salvia had soaked up all the acetone solution. I left the dish outside for about another 15 minutes, and then I brought it inside and placed it under a normal 60W bulb reading lamp. After 45 minutes the salvia was drier but still wet. After an hour the salvia seemed dry, it didnít stick to anything anymore, except my hands. I left it under the lamp for another hour or so anyways, and didnít test it until later in the day after about 8 hours.

Final Product:

The final product looked just like normal salvia but darker. It looked just like other 5X standardized extracts. I have no measurement tools, so I simply divided the pile of salvia in half, and then divided that pile in half and so on until I had 1/64 of the 3 grams.

The effects were very much the same as 5X standardized extract Iíve had before. The effects weíre as strong or stronger.

I would recommend this extract as it left me with a very large amount of very good quality extract, superior to some extracts Iíve ordered, for a tenth of the price.

Kava and Salvia Notes:

Grinding up salvia:
Since the salvia wasnít ground when I got it, the way I ground it up without a grinder is this: I put my salvia into an empty pill bottle and then got some nice long big scissors and plunged them into the pill bottle opening and closing for about 20 minutes. The finished product was quite satisfactory.

I donít think that placing the salvia or kava under a 60W bulb would destroy any of the alkaloids, but Iím not sure.

Dishes: I used Pyrex glass dishes. I heard you can use Stainless steel too. The Pyrex glass dish had a flat bottom which is needed to better evaporate the Acetone.

For kava I used a very loose filter because I wanted my finished product to be large and easy to handle. Iíve used coffee filter paper with kava in the past and it left me with a very sticky resin that was impossible to handle. Another way I could have done it, was the way I made salvia, which was to use coffee filters, and then place some non-extracted kava in the dish as well. I donít know if this would work.

Acetone is a strong solvent, if you decide to copy this experiment, make sure your working in a well ventilated area, keeping your distance from running electrical devices. Make sure you wear a mask. Donít spill on anything that will dissolve; this could be a countertop or tabletop etc. I dissolved a small patch of my table from leaving my filter on the table. Also I donít know if Acetone dissolves plastics, for this reason I did not use any measuring cups (mine are all plastic). Also most canning jar lids have a plastic lining, I donít know if this will dissolve. I used mine anyway.

[Erowid Note: Extraction procedures can be very dangerous if attempted by those not qualified or skilled enough to know what they're doing. Always consult multiple sources before attempting such procedures.]

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24433
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 1, 2004Views: 38,197
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