The 14 Stages of My Trip
AMT & Cannabis
by Hazy Ray Bach
Citation:   Hazy Ray Bach. "The 14 Stages of My Trip: An Experience with AMT & Cannabis (exp23875)". Mar 1, 2006.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral AMT (capsule)
  T+ 3:00   smoked Cannabis  


The other day my parents left to go to the beach, so I figured that then would be the perfect time to try out AMT for the first time. I took 2 gelcaps each containing 20 mg each of AMT around 3:30 pm, right when my parents left. The plan was for my friends C.S., and C.M. to come over, drink a couple beers, and look after me while I was tripping. As you'll see things didn't exactly go as planed. Athough there were a bunch of ups and downs, the highs were much better than the lows and I would certainly call this a fantastic trip. Since I can't remember times that much, I broke this trip down into stages. There were about 14.

Stage 1 (Anxiety): Right after I took the pills I was anxious. I've only tripped once before and I've never taken AMT so I really didn't know what I was in store for. I was nervous that it wouldn't work, or that I might have taken too much or not enough, but I tried to relax, and I soon realized that there was no point in worrying so I didn't. I took a walk through the woods and then came back home and sat down on my porch which is right next to a lake. This gave way to the second stage of the trip when things really started happening (about an hour and a half in).

Stage 2 (Bliss): As I sat on the porch I closed my eyes and I realized I was getting really cool closed eye visuals. They were very paternesque and simple yet very pretty. I kept my eyes closed for a while and just looked at the patterns. When I opened my eyes eventually colors seemed brighter and things seemed more beautiful. My trip had begun. I was happy. Around this point I decided to look throughout my house at things. Things started getting kinda freaky at this point which gave way to the third portion of my trip.

Stage 3 (fear): I started to get a little bit scared at this point. For some dumb reason I decided to wander into a bathroom and I turned off all the lights. I started getting really freaked out. I thought 'Why am I seeing all these weird things?, Are they real or fake?, What is happening to me? I'm not sure I can take 15 hours of this' I started to see all these red dots coming at me which really freaked me out. At this point I realized if I simply left the dark bathroom I wouldn't be seeing all these things that I didn't want to see. So I did. Soon after this the forth stage started.

Stage 4 (discomfort): Around this time my parents showed up. 'Hey' they said, 'we left some stuff here, we'll be out of the way soon.' This could have been really bad but I knew my parents wouldn't suspect that I was on some kind of psychedelic drug so I did my best to relax and play it cool. I even had a little conversation with both of them. It was a bit uncomfortable to be around them while I was tripping, but they soon left. Which made me very excited.

Stage 5 (excitement): As soon as they left I turned on 'Bittersweet Motel' which is a documentary about my favorite band Phish. I was so happy and excited while I was watching the movie. It was really fun to watch the movie and whenever I closed my eyes I could see all these beautiful patterns. Things that were said in the movie had great meaning to me and I felt like I was learning so much as I sat there watching a great movie. I was SO happy. I couldn't wait to see my friends CM and CS.

Stage 6 (bliss): Towards the end of the movie my friend A called. He asked if he and a couple of his friends could come over later. I told him that I was tripping pretty hard but if there weren't too many people it would be ok. I was so happy that my friends were going to come over and be with me. I was really looking forward to picking up on a bunch of people's energy. Around this time I started watching another Phish DVD which was just concert footage. It was SO much fun listening to music on AMT, and I was still really happy.

Stage 7 (weirdness): About halfway through the DVD things started getting REALLY weird (in a good way). I began to get open eye visuals of patterns which matched with the music. It was a lot of fun but it kept getting weirder and weirder. Words couldn't explain what I was feeling at this time because it was so bizarre and alien yet enjoyable. It almost felt like I was someone else. Although I enjoyed this feeling quite a bit I don't think I could have handled much more of it and it kept getting stronger and stronger. Luckily, around this time the doorbell rang and my friend D showed up.

Stage 8 (tranquility): When D showed up around 9 o'clock and he asked me if people were coming over tonight and how I was doing. I talked to him for a while about my experience and about a bunch of other things. It was very nice to talk to someone after feeling so weird and alien. I felt very relaxed. I then ended up giving him 6 woodrose seeds so he could trip as well (o man, that's a whole nother story). Soon afterwards about 6 more people showed up. CS, CM, L, AP, A, and M. This gave way to the 9th stage of the trip.

Stage 9 (bliss): We all just sat around and talked for a while. It was all of our first weeks back from college so we had plenty of stories tell. It was so much fun to pick up on everyone's energy. I wasn't talking very much compared to other people but when I did I was very coherent if it wasn't for the fact that my pupils were as big as dinner plates people wouldn't have known I was tripping. This whole time I was listening to some more phish and fugazi which was very fun and I was still getting very powerful and beautiful open eyed visuals. After about 3 hours of this, AP busted out a huge bowl which, she, L, and I smoked. This changed everything.

Stage 10 (paranoia) I got a bit paranoid around this time. Weed turned the volume of the trip up quite a bit and I wasn't quite ready for it. Visuals became very powerful and began to multiply by 4. It was very weird to see four of everything and I'm currently wondering what significance the number 4 had. After a little while I got adjusted to my new environment and the next stage of the trip began.

Stage 11 (extreme curiosity): Around this time (1 am or so) M took out what seemed to be an endless supply of schwag which he, D, CM, and I smoked. I became extremely curious about everything. I was thinking quite a lot about my friends, both those in the room those elsewhere. I can't really explain what I was thinking but it was a lot of fun just to sit and think. We then went upstairs and watched a movie which was very funny. I went to bed about halfway through the movie and everyone left.

Stage 12 (restlessness): Needless to say it was hard to fall asleep. I tried and tried but it wasn't happening. So I gave up and turned on some music.

Stage 13 (tranquility): WOW. It was a lot of fun to sit in the dark and listen to music. Around this time the visuals became the most powerful and enjoyable. I felt like I was seeing music at times. After a cd ended or I got tired of it I would blindly pick another from my case, allowing fate decide where my trip would head. It was a lot of fun and I hoped I'd never fall asleep. I ended up listening to lot of music (stravinsky is AMAZING while tripping). I hoped I'd never fall asleep. But eventually I did.

Stage 14 (sleep): Don't remember much about this. I wish I did. I woke up the next day at 10, having gotten about 5 hours of sleep and I felt kinda shitty. I had a pretty big headache but as soon as I got some food I felt better. I was pretty tired all day and the next night I slept for 13.5 hours straight.

All in all this was an amazing trip. Some parts were a bit much but that's to be expected with psychedelics. I drank A LOT of water and gatorade. AMT made me VERY dehydrated and it made my body temperature raise quite a bit. I chewed on some gum because AMT fucked with my jaw quite a bit. Lastly, the trip lasted at least 14 hours for me.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23875
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 1, 2006Views: 13,370
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