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Very Different than Expected
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "Very Different than Expected: An Experience with 2C-T-4 (exp23166)". Apr 22, 2003.

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T+ 0:00
18 mg oral 2C-T-4
  T+ 0:23 1 hit smoked Cannabis
March 4, 2003

9:00 AM: I Wake up and take eighteen milligrams of 2C-T-4. I am both nervous and excited. This is the first time in over two years that I am trying a new material. And I am choosing to take a fairly high dosage of, for the most part, a relatively unknown compound. At least when I first tried 2C-T-7 back in July of 2000, there was a good few-dozen reports scattered about the on the web. There are only two reports in existence on 2C-T-4 that I know of outside of PIHKAL. I pray before swallowing the capsule and send myself warm and positive vibes.

9:23 AM: I think I feel warmth in the chest. I am also taking a hit of pot so it could be that.

9:28 AM: Definitely feeling it. Warmth thorough the body is spreading. Hands a bit unsteady. No visual or mental yet beyond what the hit of pot I took is doing but I do feel the drug in my body.

9:34 AM: Not much more to report. There is a definite alert but it is difficult to define. Itís active but very slow in developing. But so far there are no foreseeable negatives to this trip. No nausea and no unpleasant body load.

9:37 AM: Mentally I am starting to feel it very intensely. There is some time dilation allowing me to look into current activities (listening to music, typing on this keyboard) deeper. This feels different than other psychedelics. Well it feels different than 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7. This seems to come on in a Ďdifferent wayí though I am at a loss as to how describe how it is different. Just a very different feeling, Interesting. Iíd call this a definite plus-one.

9:43 AM: This feels like a psychedelic without the fireworks so far. I feel an Ďopened mind.í I definitely feel it in my body, as there is that warm Ďphenethylamineí feeling but no visuals occurring as of yet. Not too many mental games either. Just pure opened-minded thinking is what I experience. I really like this so far. It is getting very difficult to type though. Spell-check is going to be needed for this one.

9:52 AM: Much of the same. Seems to slowly be growing in strength. I have a feeling this is going to be a long day.

10:00 AM: Still not much more to report. I am very relaxed. I almost feel sleepy. But I am still only at plus-one and the nature of this drug is still undefined at this point. Again though, there is no discomfort.

10:11 AM: Iím so relaxed Iím starting to fall asleep I think. I wonder if 2C-T-4 is like 2C-T-7 in that some need to take heroic dosages to feel it. I know one person who took 60 mg of 2C-T-7 and felt nothing! Maybe I am like that with 2C-T-4. Iíll stay at this level though; Iím not going to take anymore. It could also be that it takes a long time to develop and Iím just not used to it. Wait a second; it has only been just over an hour since I took it! The other 2C-Ts Iíve tried take several hours to really build up. Iím sure this one is no different. I just realized that I am experiencing some enormous and extreme time dilation. I feel like Iíve been here for hours. Patience my son.

11:54 AM: I seemed to have almost fallen asleep. I went into a trance-like state where I had very little awareness of the outside world. I awoke suddenly feeling very sick and made it to the bathroom just in time to vomit what looked like last nightís dinner. Now I feel better and am tripping fairly hard. Not sure Iíd call this a plus-three. Not sure how to classify it; I am just tripping and its not mild but not exactly overwhelmingly intense at this point. There is some visual brightening, but not like that of 2C-T-2 or 2C-T-7. Some trailing on moving objects. No real body-load that I feel, which is a good thing. My hands however are very unsteady and almost trembling. No emotional enhancement or insight, but I am not particularly looking for that sort of thing.

12:18 PM: Very dreamy and trance-like in nature, I almost seems like I keep falling asleep. But Iím not sleepy. This is almost dissociative in nature. I keep opening my eyes and forgetting where I am or that I am even tripping. This is a very strange material.

1:32 PM: I just got out of a nice shower and experienced some very interesting visuals. Now there is some of the color enhancement of 2C-T-7 and 2C-T-2, but this material does not produce the crazy breathing, morphing, and flowing of all things in view like T2 and T7. I observed the wonderful site of seeing all objects painted in beautiful pastel colors. Nice trails too. Some nystagmus. Sitting in the tub was nice, but my mind seems empty. I canít seem to go anywhere with this trip. Potency-wise, Iíd say this is a full plus-three, but one very different than a plus-three on other psychedelics, There is so little going on to say why it is a full plus-three. But I know Iím tripping hardcore and could not drive car or interact with people in the outside world.

3:27 PM: Went back into a trance-like state for the longest time. My mind was everywhere but nowhere in particular. I truly feel dissociated from myself on this drug, well at least at this dosage. I will be eager to explore a much lower amount if there is to be a next time. Iíve never felt this way on any psychedelic, and this seems so different than the reports of 2C-T-4 in PIHKAL.


That was as far as my journal went. I spent the rest of the day listening to music and eventually interacted with my roommates when they came home. It was an interesting trip, and the drug turned out to be very different that I had expected it to be. Although not the most insightful experience Iíve had to date, it was worth my time to explore this material just to see what it had to offer. I think the best part about the whole experience was that 2C-T-4 turned out to be very easy on my body compared to 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7. I experienced little stomach discomfort except for five minutes of sudden nausea and vomiting: Somewhere around the second hour of the experience I suddenly came out of this dream-like state and strongly needed to puke. After I emptied my guts, I was fine for the rest of the evening. It was a very mental psychedelic as opposed to being sensual/sensory. One of those deep-thinking trips, with little fireworks or glamour to it.

While the intensity of eighteen milligrams wasn't too much to deal with in terms of me being able to ďhandleĒ it or not, because I went into this dissociated state, I felt far too out of my body for insights or for the possibility of gaining much from the experience. I'll wager the 'sweet spot' for me with 2C-T-4 is between eight and twelve milligrams but I'm sure dosages will vary from person to person. Iím not too sure if I really like this compound or not, but I will probably take 2C-T-4 again just to see what a lower dosage has to offer, and I will probably go for ten milligrams. That amount might just make for a nice, introspective walk outdoors with someone close, or for taking the sights and appreciating them with an opened mind. But I donít think 2C-T-4 is going to set the world on fire, at least not my world.

One final comment is that the trip didn't last as long as the literature suggested it would. It wasn't seventeen-hour experience I was expecting. There was noticeable drop around the sixth hour. From the eight hour on until I went to sleep I was plus-one at best. Only some residual effects remained at the twelve-hour point.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23166
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 22, 2003Views: 22,393
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