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What A Surprise
Citation:   444_Chocolates. "What A Surprise: An Experience with LSD (exp23078)". Erowid.org. Feb 12, 2006. erowid.org/exp/23078

2 hits oral LSD (gel tab)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I had been researching LSD online for months during my senior year in High School because I had a strong desire to take LSD and experience all the effects I was reading about.

The summer came, and we were out of school until college. About the second day out of school, I discovered some LSD at 9 AM in the morning. Whether I had eaten breakfast or not I don't remember, but i would guess NO. I was shocked looking at the two little green gel tabs, I put them in my mouth without hesitation and felt them disolve. OH WOW i thought before any of the effects kicked in, I just ate something that's going to make me trip for hours and hours seeing everything I've ever wanted to!

Here I will give my previous drug experience:
I had smoked endless amounts of pot just about every day starting about mid-junior year. I had eaten ecstacy about 5 times and I always felt uncomfortable getting an unnatural ecstatic emotion, and ecstacy is just bad for you, I say, and so does the evidence showing severe brain damage. Also at that point I had had one fun yet mild mushroom experience.

I sat down at the computer to play an online game. I played about 15 minutes until the anticipation really kicked in. I started getting shaky and VERY ANXIOUS. I turned around and saw fishing poles in the corner of the room, they were taller than ever before and they towered over everything! At this point I figured I should go check things out, it's coming on. I got down on the floor and looked at my imitation oriental rug to see what was seen in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the pattern rose off the carpet, my eyes were really starting to play tricks on me.

I need a shower. I get in the bathroom and the towels are breathing and pulsating, my vision was wacky. I could see small areas blown up very big and nothing other than my immediate vision. At this point I'm lost in my visuals and I'm in the shower feeling fucking great. I see a drop of water on the shower curtain and think, 'what would life be like inside a drop of water?'

I'm out of the shower and decide to play my bass guitar. I put on Rage against the Machine's - Battle of LA. I am really feeling the music AND the the LSD...what a suprise! I'm softly inserting undertones on my bass, and I see the neck and strings all waving, up close, big, out of proportion, completely and utterly awesome! The anxiety is still there, STRONG, I'm trying to enjoy myself but the LSD is so freakin powerful!!!

I start hearing audio hallucinations and at the same time visuals of lights turning on and off, plenty of color. The audio hallucinations sounded like the devil. Voices outside sounded like rumbling thunder. At this point I really need to talk to someone. I call my Mom at work. As soon as I start speaking I sound very loud and unusual, my Mom asks if I'm alright...what am I supposed to say, 'Well I'm on LSD!' No, that's not right.

Now I REALLY need to leave my house or else the anxiety will drive me into a wall! I go outside with the phone and a cigarette. The side of my house looked like it was expanding in the upwards and downwards directions. I get in touch with my friend, who I'll call N, and I go to his house down the street to meet him and another friend A, whom were and are two of my best friends.

When I get there I'm talking very loud and I say I think I've eaten some LSD. After a while, it is abundantly clear to them that I have. They stick by me and keep me relaxed. We drive over to a friend's house I'll call E, another best, and he has a friend chillin there. I wasn't feeling too high at this point, but everything on my mind was affecting me.

I call my Mom again to talk, I tell her what happened, and she wants me home immediately. This was something I had to struggle with, I didn't wanna go home I'm out enjoying a high what good would coming home be if i'm going to get in trouble??? I decided to stay out and told my parents I would be safe and home later that evening.

I go have a quality conversation with my friend A. He is a very experienced tripper of LSD and he comforts while we talk about jokes or funny experiences while the other people are out somewhere. They get back and I go for a ride with my friend N, we talk and I tell him how horrible the situation I'm in is, and that I'm in trouble. He ensures me that he is there and will help me.

We get back to E's house and then another friend shows up, he wants to smoke. Five of us head down the street to another friend's house to smoke. We sit out back and smoke dank bud out of a bubbler. My high starts to come back a little but the plateau had worn off a while ago.

My thinking goes on auto-pilot. I would think about the ramifications and harmony that come about through conversation. I decided not to speak after my thoughts flew right past the conversation.

I come around after taking a piss and declare that on this day I am fucked up! At this point I feel sober enough to talk. I start to relax and my anxiety goes away. The trip slowed down and I started coming back to baseline.

I decide it would be good to go home around 5 PM. When I go home I see some more visuals, talk with my parents, and make ammends. Almost a year has passed now. Since that summer, in the way of drugs I've decided not to touch cocaine, not to take LSD, ecstacy, heroine, ect...be careful, especially of the big ones...i'm serious

I hope you enjoyed reading this and learned a few things...

From my personal experience...

Eating LSD at 9 AM: expect a freaking trip (see above) ^^.
Gel Tabs are potent, handle with care. I ate some 2 hits of paper/blotter about 2 months later and it wasn't a quarter as strong.

Have friends & people you love to be with.

Think before you do LSD, don't think about everything you want LSD to be. Look at the reasons you wouldn't do LSD as well, understand that they aren't negatives for no reason. Thanks you Erowid for being an awesome site! Peace. =)

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 23078
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 12, 2006Views: 43,950
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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