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They Called It a Frolic...
Ether, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   Quixotico. "They Called It a Frolic...: An Experience with Ether, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp22963)". Erowid.org. Dec 5, 2006. erowid.org/exp/22963

T+ 0:00
15 ml inhaled Ether (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 1.0 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:45 1 oz inhaled Ether (liquid)
  T+ 6:00 4 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
Everyone mentions the 'fear and loathing in las vegas' ether scene- I find that cliched and it gets annoying when you try and tell someone the experience because all they wish to know if 'it is like the movie'. That said, I am an avid fan of many drugs and chanced on some pure labrotory grade ether. I managed to obtain an eye dropper and an amber bottle from an herbalist, this is what I kept it in. (It should be noted that the substance is extremely flammable and should not be transferred near so much as the possibility of flame, - even something as small as friction or static shock can set it off explosively. It will corrode some plastics on contact I have found.

After carefully managing the ether into a safe environment, I splashed approximately 15 ml of ether (2-3 small eyedroppers full) on a cotton poly blend hankerchief and held it partially over my nose and mouth (allowing air to pass through while still inhaling the fumes). I noticed a slightly heady buzz and the onset of a light buzz. I repeated the process three times in five minutes. After this, I found a cottonball in a neighboring cottonball jar. I placed the same amount of ether on this, and wrapped the 'coin' in the hankerchief; it lasted much longer against evaporation than the previous method. In this manner I became completely intoxicated after repeating the process twice more in the new method.

The fumes are strong initially, and then wear down. The more fumes you inhale, the 'sharper' the sting will be in your lungs. This feeling is the ether. It is important to keep the kerchief breathable and in a position that can be easily removed. (safety)

I find breathing deeply through the kerchief works better instead of taking 'hits' like one would from a joint. This is personal preference. 'hits' produce a much weaker effect.

I like to smoke cannabis a little more than most. So this event was no exception. I went for a stroll to test out the effects of the ether on my person. It was afternoon, dry, about 90 degrees or so. I also took a cigarette containing approximately 1 gram of cannabis sativa (e spicy chronico). I made sure to wash my mouth out with a little water, and to wash my hands and face after dealing with the ether. Depending on climate, it can stick around and catch you on fire if you are smoking or dealing with fire in close proximity of when you do the ether. Its nasty stuff for the most part. I have a high tolerance for cannabis and usually resist even the thought of a cough, but I found that the ether significantly disabled my operative lung capacity temporarily. I found it hard to breath for about 6 hours after the binge. After that, I resumed normal breathing capacity.

The ether had taken effect before I had made it all the way outside. As I walked along I felt peculiar. Almost drunk, but calm and warm. It was not a disturbing or 'anxious' drug at all. Despite what other accounts have stated I experienced no nausea. I attribute this to the quality of my ether. Whereas others have concocted their potion's from starter fluid and other nasty industrial and commercial products, mine was made professionally and standardized scientifically for quality. It even felt 'clean' if you will, as much as inhaling anything can be that is.

The most prominent effect I noticed was an inability to put ideas into words in the proper order or syntax. Classic anaesthetic drug effect if you remember when they took your tonsels out they try and get you to count backward and eventually you can't do it. This is what started to happen in the back of my mind. It was not overwhelming, but noticeable. I felt clumsy and numbed, a very warm and friendly feeling. My mindset previous to the drug had been maligned- it had been a very rough day and I was frustrated. That feeling was gone, I garbled a few words out to passing strangers who gave me the whimsical look of the village idiot.

After the marijuana had been smoked, I began to feel an intense synergy. This was the strongest disassociative high I have experienced in conjuction with cannabis up until this point (excluding opium) it should be noted that I have not attempted any of what are considered 'hard' opiates (ie heroin or oxycoton).

I returned from my walk in less than an hour and continued the binge. I started up with the original dosage, and proceeded to do the remainder of the ether over the course of the next two hours in similar dosage style as affore mentioned.

The synergism was strong still from the marijuana. I continued my ether, and soon reached the debilhitating stupor known as the 'second plateau'.

I recieved visuals multiple times during the evening, they began approximately twenty minutes after smoking the marijuana and consisted mostly of 'light trails' and illusions of the nature. At one point I thought the night sky was actually a bunch of different points of multi-colored light. The drug makes you lethargic if you keep doing it of course, thats why they used it in surgeries. I received a number of active hallucinations at the peak of the ether binge.

I consumed exactly one fluid ounce by inhaling 15 or so ml at a time over the course of approximately three hours in conjunction with marijuana. I layed around, finally after I could collect myself I managed to smoke a little more cannabis and eat some food. Good move. I was still in a heavy ether stupor and now I had mixed good sativa the second time and supplemented food. What followed was an extremely powerful and giddy high.

I waited an hour or two more until I was sure that the effects of the ether were under control. I had a bottle of bourbon lying about, I did 4 1.5 oz shots. After that I was incredibly intoxicated. I drank the alcohol approximately 3 hours after my last dose of ether. It did manage to synergize. I was extremely intoxicated. Note the extreme danger of mixing anaesthetics and alcohol- I was very certain they would not interact harmfully because of my experience with my own body and familiarity during 'intense' binges- I don't reccomend this to anyone else. I was drunk, ethered, and high. The balance works well. I couldn't do much walking. I had to saunter, which eventually conjolled itself into a waddle. The ether made it very difficult to move when combined with alcohol. I noticed a definite lack of motivation.

The psychological effects of ether are peculiar. It is honestly like no other drug that I have ever done. Anaesthetics remove you from yourself and place you as an observer in your own subconscious. I found it very therapeautic and relaxing.

My language was discoordinated up for 3 to five days in conjunction with chronic marijuana use after the binge. It was especially impeded in conversations in foriegn languages.

The ether left me 'disassociated' for approximately three days. (this of course is not the 'active' length of the drug, just how long I felt its effects over my mind directly as a chemical presence).

I learned from this that there is no replacement for real quality. I attribute the extremely pleasant nature to the pure quality of the substance I obtained. Also, that I increased dosage gradually for the entire time. It is important if you are interested in doing the substance that you are familiar with the chemical safety required, and the dangers.

ETHER IS EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE ESPECIALLY IN ITS LABROTORY FORM AND ALL ITS FORMS. Also, it is very bad in regards to negative physical effects on health. Its basically cancer juice- don't do it without understanding that you place yourself infront of serious physical harm by doing so. I do not advocate its usage on a regular or even semi-regular basis. Ether is extremely addictive and I found mysely wanting more, and more, and more. This can result in asphyxia or death.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22963
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 5, 2006Views: 32,058
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