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Psychedelic Rushes
TMA-6, GHB & Cannabis
by ikm
Citation:   ikm. "Psychedelic Rushes: An Experience with TMA-6, GHB & Cannabis (exp22660)". Erowid.org. Jul 10, 2003. erowid.org/exp/22660

T+ 0:00
40 ug oral TMA-6
  T+ 5:00   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 8:00 2.0 g oral GHB


Substances: ~40mg TMA-6, 2g GHB at t+6hrs, weed smoked at tail end of peak
Setting: In the living room of my house with 2 friends

We’d been planning on trying TMA-6 for a while but it kept getting put off due to having to set aside a day. On this day everything worked out and we each took about 40mg in a glass of water. I felt first effects a few minutes after taking. This felt like something big. After 10 minutes I could feel an amphetamine like buzz – it felt like the initial phases of MDMA and I was getting the butterflies in stomach feeling too. After 20 minutes we decided to get a video out – 24hr Party People – which we hadn’t seen. Me and my friend X started off on our walk to the video shop. We both felt floaty and were getting tingling rushes. Houses were no longer houses but objects to look at. The sky was looking particularly good as the sun was setting and the last few rays were catching the clouds. I was feeling incredibly good by the time we reached the video shop – still feeling like an MDMA comeup.

Once in the video shop I had to register. This was quite difficult as I had to fill in a form and sign it while rushing and feeling the psychedelic effects starting to kick in. I hate dealing with people while fucked and when finished the massive relief brought me up a lot. The effects were still quite speedy with only a little trippiness to it. At this point I though TMA-6 would make a pretty decent club drug.

By the time we left the video shop it was about 40 mins since we took it. We were still getting rushes and each rush brought on more effects. We were both pretty glad to leave the shop – my mate had crouched down in a corner and pretended to look at videos so he didn’t have people looking at him. The walk back was pleasant – the sky was slowly changing colour as the sun went down and all the houses seemed more colourful. The cars packing the streets added a bit of noise to proceedings. Both me and my mate agreed that this substance felt amazing at this point.

When we got back I made some cups of tea and we put 24hr Party People on. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s the story of Tony Martin, the bloke behind New Order, The Hacienda and The Happy Mondays and tracks his life in a documentary style from the 70s to the 90s. It starts off with the Sex Pistols, moves through Joy Division, New Order and then into the birth of acid house music in the late 80s before his downfall and the closure of the Hacienda. I noticed the first visual effects when I made the cups of tea and noticed the patterned kitchen floow was moving slightly up and down. As we watched the film we got drawn further and further into it. We became connected with Tony Martin and it felt like he was taking us through is life. As we were watching the psychedelic effects were building quite rapidly. I was getting large colour shifting and patterning effects – colours on the TV were bleeding into each other and I was getting a sort of stuttering vision with massive tracers. This was about 1hr 30 to 2hrs into the trip. As the film continued so the effects intensified. It was getting quite difficult to follow the film.

By the time the film was reaching acid house we were about 2hr 30 into the trip and were at a peak. The TV screen was smearing so much it was often difficult to see. Colours bled off the TV into the surroundings and lights left massive tracers when I moved my head. Straight lines curved – looking up the walls curved over my head. The carpet was rippling up and down. Objects were shrinking and growing at random. Lights seemed incredibly sparkly. All this was combined with big MDMA style rushes. The film seemed incredibly trippy – the stuff going on was a bit hard to believe so we decided we’d watch it again when sober. (The film actually is quite unreal at times – I’d recommend people watch it).

Towards the end of the film the bloke in it sees God, who happens to look exactly like him. Then someone says something about God making man in his own image. This flipped us totally as we decided that God must look like us and so in some way we were actually our own God. This made perfect sense and was quite an earth-shattering revelation. We discussed this at length.

After the film finished we put some tunes on – Jimmy van M (prog house) which suited the drug ideally. I always find progressive house to be some of the best music to trip to as it is quite intricate and takes you on a journey during a set. The music seemed incredibly clear and beautiful.

During the peak wandering round the house was great fun. Just like on 2C-I the walls all curved over me making me feel like I was living in a cartoon house. Any surface with more than one colour on it would ripple and wave. Going to the loo was pretty interesting as the toilet kept changing size and the tiles on the wall were moving around. I noticed that black text in a newspaper would expand and contract as if it were being switched between plain and bold text.

After 5hrs I was still peaking. We were smoking a bit of weed and each toke would bring on a rush and an intensified wave of effects.
At 6hrs I felt the effects start to drop off for the first time. However they did keep waving back in and out of intensity for several hours afterwards. Each time I smoked some weed colours would start to move around and the floor would ripple a bit. At 8hrs I decided to take 2g of GHB. This was a good decision. I love GHB and on the tail end of psychedelics it seems to add an emotional, empathetic feel to everything. It also makes me talk and stops me from sitting in a quiet introspective hole which often happens and though interesting can get a little lonely. I felt it building after 20 mins and was peaking nicely after an hour. Me and X talked crap for a while before I felt tired and decided to go to sleep.

Getting to sleep was interesting as the effects were still quite noticeable – my ceiling was moving and I was having long thought trains which looped round. I got a bit of sleep and woke up feeling quite drained. This lasted the whole day and I still felt a bit drained the day after.

This is a 2,4,6- substituted compound as opposed to 2,4,5- . The overall feeling was quite similar to 2C-I (a 2,4,5-) compound. TMA-6 had a more “speedy” edge to it and definitely took far more out of me physically though I didn’t get any bad body load effects such as nausea. The visuals were indistinguishable to 2C-I for me though

Note - When I tried TMA-6 I'd tried 2C-I once and had done 2C-B about 9 months before. Trying 2C-I again there was a lot of difference. TMA-6 definitely produced more mental effects than 2C-I or 2C-B. There was a bit of confusion and more moments when I could feel a bit of paranoia creeping in.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22660
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 10, 2003Views: 13,446
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TMA-6 (270) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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