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The Perfect Recreational High
Leonotis leonurus
Citation:   wayward scholar. "The Perfect Recreational High: An Experience with Leonotis leonurus (exp22193)". Mar 19, 2003.

3 hits smoked Leonotis leonurus (flowers)
[Please note that I'm a lightweight when it comes to just about any substance. Biochemically 'average' individuals will likely need higher doses to achieve the effects I describe below, but always start small!]

I had received 60 grams of dried Lion's Tail from an online vendor over a month back, which unfortunately contained mostly foliage and stems. My several experiments with smoking the foliage in a pipe were only somewhat successful, as the licorice and burnt-rubber flavor was unpleasantly strong, the smoke real thick and hot, and the only effects I perceived were mild sedation. However, sucking and chewing the leaves consistently got me a nice sedation without the respitory charring from the smoke, but again little else. Like a mild opiate, but nothing MJ-like that I could tell.

However, I was feeling adventurous over the last couple nights (a weekend), so I decided to try smoking the flowers. I was able to sift only ~20 of the red tubular blossoms (of various sizes) from the bag, but it was better than nothing :-P. I won't bother to estimate their weight.

My health and mindset at the time: Physically healthy with a positive outlook. College work was piling-up, but I didn't feel too stressed at the time. I hoped that the Lion's Tail would make the weekend nights really enjoyable (flowers smoked at night each time). Had consumed caffeine, ginseng, and small quantities (16 mg) of ephedrine much earlier the first day (but only caffeine-ginseng the second); stimulation had largely worn-off before I smoked.

Dosage: Approx. 3 good hits each night, which used up all the flower material. Each hit required 2-3 crumpled flowers, which burned to ash almost instantly (inhaled smoke while applying direct flame to material in pipe). Hits taken in ~1 minute intervals, for the most part.

The smell/flavor of the smoke was similar to that of the foliage, but thinner, milder, and sweeter. A taste I quickly acquired.

Effects (identical on each occasion): Initial effects came-on very rapidly during the first or second hit; similar to MJ's upswing. Lightheaded and lightbodied feeling (difficult for me to describe) followed by simulataneous relaxation and increase in energy, followed by a rapid mood-lift [basic MJ effects for me]. Some increased 'pressure' feeling on face, as reported by others, which disappeared in a short while. No unpleasant or 'toxic' feelings noticed. My mind seemed to remain clear and function normally (thoughts didn't race or slow down. crazy thoughts were lacking). Colors/lights brightened in intensity and refinement somewhat, as they do whenever I use a psychedelic. I was surprised at first and REALLY liked it.

After drinking alcohol while on LT, I felt unusually lucid and in-control, as with MJ. Significant quantities of booze did not put me into the dreamy trance it usually does along with MJ, however.

Now, some words on how the effects specifically differed from MJ. First, I did not experience the blatantly hallucinogenic visuals I get from a strong dose of MJ (seeing colors, mild surface-patterning hallucinations, CEVs, etc). Second, I experienced no increased anxiety or enhanced introversion; in fact, I became unusually confident and extroverted while in public with friends (restaurant and shooting pool). Third, the other senses did not seem to have been altered in any way. Fourth, lethargy was lacking. Fifth, no apparent alteration of short-term memory or impairment of attention-span in regards to external stimuli.

Overall, Lion's Tail blossoms granted me much of the ideal 'recreational' aspects of the MJ experience, while denying me the 'trippy' effects of MJ. I believe LT flowers provide the perfect high for all situations that would make a MJ-influenced person uncomfortable.

Duration: Uncertain. 3 hits worth provided at least a few hours of significant effects, but it was difficult to figure when it wore off completely. In any case, I was set for the night each time.

Blessed be anyone who finds a bounty of the flowers for sale. For now, I have a whole lot of foliage to boil...

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22193
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 19, 2003Views: 189,812
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