Fifth Circuit Jamboree
5-MeO-AMT, Cannabis & Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by Jiva
Citation:   Jiva. "Fifth Circuit Jamboree: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT, Cannabis & Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp22002)". Feb 16, 2004.

5.0 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
  2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  50 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
Time for a new research chem. We'd done alot of research ourselves and decided to try 5-MeO-AMT, or Alpha-O, this time based on the TiHKAL entry. Shulgin states with 4mg orally, 'A wonderful drug for interacting with others and formulating ideas. It bestows a remarkable ability to multi-task mental activities. No hang-over the next day, in fact quite the reverse. Can't wait to try 5 milligrams.' So, we tried 5mg.

After fasting for 6 hours or so, my friend (Pan) and I took our capsules at 7:30 in the evening and busied ourselves preparing the setting.

After 90 minutes we were pretty sure nothing was going to happen, but kept our hopes up and continued our conversation.

At 2 hours we both experienced a bit of gas, and mine found me hobbling off to the rest room. This guerrilla bowel movement turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. And in its midst I noticed, to my delight, that the old shaggy rug on the floor in front of me was rippling a bit. So, I finished things up in there, and went back to the room where I found that everything was glowing with that beautiful aura I see on a healthy amount of cannabis. Pan welcomed me with a big grin of mutual understanding.

Conversation roared on with awesome fluency. No memory problems. No spaciness. Nothing bad at all! To celebrate this joyous moment, we smoked a bowl of very fine cannabis. This increased visual and audial hallucinations, gave us that sense of calm it always brings, and made things all the more jolly!

One interesting thing to note was that we never went into 'trip time'. I always had an approximate idea of what time it was.

A housemate came in and joined our session of free thought. It was beautiful, hedonistic jive that went on for hours. He noted that we were especially 'On the ball'.

After his departure, the trip was still raging and we layed on the ground and decided to smoke another bowl. After partaking in the sacrament, we wondered if we could take this any further. Fishing through my bag, I brought out a little sack of 10x 'Lady Salvia' Salvia Divinorum Extract (not the best I've had, but not bad). Pan took the first hit and quickly passed it on so I could catch up to surreality with him. The experience wasn't terribly different than while not tripping, but effects went well with the Alpha-O.

A couple more hours of talking later we both came down with headaches and passed out at about 5 in the morning (9.5 hours after ingestion).

This was a very social, very active trip. Anything hallucinogenic was on our terms. Not profound or heady at all, but great idea flow!!! We attributed the headaches to dehydration, seeing that we forgot to drink anything for the whole experience. Shulgin was right, I could even pull this one off at school or on the job (not that I'd recommend it)! We will definately be doing more experiments with this one.

Have fun and be safe!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22002
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 16, 2004Views: 13,840
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5-MeO-AMT (104), Salvia divinorum (44) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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