Sleep Walking
by Km1
Citation:   Km1. "Sleep Walking: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp21737)". Apr 16, 2006.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:31 6 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)

I had been reading reports online for about a week about the drug Nutmeg. I heard good and bad about it, and I also heard someone say not to use it unless you were experienced with drugs. I had done marijuana about thirty times, and I figured I would try nutmeg after I had used LSD. On the day I took nutmeg, I had read some more reports online and figured I would give it a try cause no one would be home for more than thirty hours. I heard someone else mention not to try it alone, but I had no one else to do it with, so oh well. I wasnít looking to get too high, so I didnít want to take too much. I had ground up a large amount of nutmeg the day before figuring I would try the substance eventually. I didnít really plan right for this drug as I knew I had things I would have to do in the upcoming hours and days, but oh well. In the future I will plan more accordingly.


As soon as I woke up that day, around 10:45 AM, I considered trying it knowing no one would be home for quite some time. I read some reports online and decided to take the substance around 12:55 PM. I had heard that the taste was unbearable, and I heard lemon might help out that taste. What I first did was take some cold tap water and put not quite a tablespoon of lemon juice in it. I then put a little more and a half tablespoon (I thinkÖit may have been a teaspoon, but I highly doubt it.) of nutmeg on top of the water and it just sat there. I mixed it up with a spoon and began to drink the concoction. Its taste was more than horrible. I canít explain the flavor. Itís just bad. Its smell wasnít good either and its texture is very rough and doesnít feel all that great going down my throat.

I got most of that drink down, but the taste forced me to try something else. I took some more nutmeg, this time just a little less than half a tablespoon (again, I am nearly positive tablespoon) and put it in a pot on the stove. I put with it some hot tap water, about a teaspoon of sugar, and the same amount of lemon juice. I allowed it to get hotter over high heat. I was attempting to make something like a tea out of it. I whisked the mixture while still on the stove for about two minutes. As it got hotter, I considered drinking it. After about 3 minutes or slightly less on the stove over high heat, I poured it into a regular old clear glass and noticed a lot of the nutmeg had not broken down at all and fell to the bottom. I needed to fix this, so I took a pop bottle and poured the 'tea' into the pop bottle through a funnel. I put the cap on the bottle and shook the bottle. After a brief shake, I removed the cap and began to drink the warm mixture. It wasnít bad, but it wasnít good. I got most of this down also, but then I gagged on it and some came flying out. I allowed myself to recover for a moment and continued drinking some more of it, but again gagged, and decided to stop.

About twenty minutes later, (T +0:20) I decided I hadnít had enough and that I needed more. I contemplated what else would aid in making the taste better. I thought that perhaps mixing it with something spicy would help to take my mind off the flavor of the rancid drug. I took a can of vegetarian vegetable soup (I am a vegetarian, youíll see I mention other vegetarian items throughout the report) and mixed it with a can of water like the recipe calls. I put a freshly cut-up cayenne pepper with it (no seeds), about a quarter teaspoon of cayenne powder and just a little more than a teaspoon of nutmeg. Upon eating the entire can of soup, I would have digested about a full tablespoon of nutmeg. I cooked the soup on the stove on high heat. I allowed it to come to almost a boil and took it off and put it in a bowl.

As I ate the soup, it tasted okay, with only a hint of nutmeg. I wondered if the spiciness of the cayenne pepper and powder would alter the effects, in either a good or a bad way. As I continued to eat the soup, I concentrated on the spice to it, and not the bad taste of the nutmeg. The more I concentrate on the nutmeg, the harder it is to eat, digest, and fulfill the high. As I looked at the soup, I noticed small bits of nutmeg in the spoon and I put it into my mouth. I chose not to chew the food, but to just swallow it. The only thing I did chew was the large pieces of carrot and potato and that is just quickly mashing them and then swallowing fast. As it cooled down, I ate faster. Iím not sure why. I notice the soup is rather dark, more than usual it seems. It is very hot, and spicy, and I only taste a hint of nutmeg. More than a half hour after taking it initially, no effects had hit me yet. I tried to swallow a piece of potato whole and it got slightly stuck in my throat and I tasted the nutmeg around it and soaked into it. It wasnít good, so I forced it down my throat faster. The bowl of soup was just about half gone at this point.

I got the urge to urinate, so I did so, and took the soup with me. While walking into the bathroom, I noticed my head was a little lightheaded, like the effects of marijuana on me. I didnít eat any of the soup while in the bathroom, but I did look at it and notice the small pieces of nutmeg resting on the top. I stirred the soup up so the nutmeg didnít all rest on the bottom. I continued to spoon the mixture into my mouth, one after another as it was getting colder. I questioned the fact that the hotness of the soup might cause me to pee more often and have the nutmeg leave my system faster. Time would only tell. I needed to finish the soup before it got cold, so I tried drinking it straight from the bowl, like someone would do with the milk after eating cereal. It tasted of nutmeg horribly, so I stopped and continued to eat it like I had been.

I tried to close my eyes while eating it and that seemed to help a little. Doing it this way I can concentrate more on the spice to the soup, and not the nutmegís flavor. The soup was almost gone, and I considered trying something like it again in the future, but modifying it a little. It had the beginnings of a good way to mask the taste, but Iím sure more is possible. I finished the soup and I noticed some of the nutmeg remains in the bowl, but out of the original over a teaspoon, not way more than a very small part wasnít ingested. I needed milk to help with the spiciness and to aid in the overall taste. I got upstairs and looked in the fridge and decided to go with some water and some mountain dew instead if the original milk plan.

I could still taste the nutmeg lingering in my mouth and throat and I burped occasionally and it too tasted of the rancid product. With such a taste, it canít be taken often. I might never take it again, unless its effects are a lot better than I anticipate. Being my first time, I consider many things and wonder what certain things I eat and do will effect the process, either positively or negatively. I guess I'll just have to find out. It is nearing an hour since I first ingested the product, and close to twenty minutes since the soup was finished. I considered brushing my teeth and using a mouth wash to take the taste away. I figure it was worth a shot.


While in the bathroom, I decided that I need to pee again, so I quickly released some more fluids and then decided just to use the mouthwash. Overall, my whole body felt better as my mouth didnít have the lingering taste anymore. I also noticed that the feeling I had before of mild lightheadedness was gone, and may have only been a figure of my imagination. Also while in the bathroom gargling mouthwash, I noticed I needed a shower. I figured it might be the key to making the effects come on quicker. I really donít have any other drugs at my disposal, so this will be just about nutmeg and how it effects everything.

Itís an hour past when I took the substance to begin with and still no effects. Since I finished the soup, I have taken three pisses. All in pretty good amounts. It definitely went right through me, but the solids arenít effecting me yet.

I decided to take a shower at 2:10 P.M. (T +1:10). I shaved afterwards, and also took another piss. Itís now 2:30 P.M. (T +1:30). Nothing going on yet, but I expect that something happens within the next hour. I left to watch Manchester United versus Chelsea on Fox Sports World, and hope that United looses, but I doubt they will.

The match didnít begin until 3:00 P.M., so I quickly added my feelings as of 2:45 P.M. (T +1:45). I feel slightly tired. I feel I could fall asleep very fast right now. I never sleep midday, but right now, I feel relaxed, and feel that I could fall asleep. I get the same feeling while on marijuana, but I donít have the jitteriness or the weird feeling in my body of that drug. This seems like more of a pain killer/relaxant as of now, but itís early as most effects take hours. Weíll see what happens as I proceed further in the interaction.

The time is now 3:36 P.M. (T +2:36) and nothing has really resulted. I ate a veggie burger with lettuce, mustard and some nutmeg on the burger (both sides) and on one side of the 'bun' which I then put mustard over. I didnít taste anything, but then again, I didnít have much. It was just a few pinches, nothing more than a ľ teaspoon Iíd say; and thatís a little high I think. I also made a Veggie pot pie that was already packaged and put some underneath the filling and some on the top, nothing more than another ľ teaspoon.

I decided that I would take a few hits or marijuana to try to speed up the process, I took an old joint I had, not sure how old it was and I lit the end and took a few crappy puffs off that. Then I took a glass bowl I had and proceeded to put a small piece of weed in the bowl just to cover the whole. I was able to light that a few times and get one or two good hits. All said in done, I took about 6 hits, one was nice, the others were small and really didnít get much smoke. But, I was out of marijuana, so it had to do.

Itís 3:41P.M. (T +2:41) and nothing has happened yet. My mouth is drying out a bit from the marijuana I smoked about 10 minutes ago. I remember that I didnít finish the soup until about 45 minutes after I first drank the nutmeg with things. So, really, cause thatís where I got the most, that should start to kick in a little. I will have a little more mustard and nutmeg because that seems to taste okay and is a good way to get it into my body. Plus, Iíll be eating my pot pie in about a half hour, since thatís how much time is left. So, to the mustard and nutmegÖnot much though, maybe a Ĺ teaspoon, perhaps a little more. Iíll let you know what happens later.

Itís 3:49 P.M. (T +2:49) and a just ate another Ĺ teaspoon of nutmeg mixed with about a tablespoon or a tablespoon and a half of mustard, it masks the favor and taste quite nicely. The pot pie is about down to 20 minutes remaining, and there is only about a ľ tablespoon total on the potpie and the burger. So, my recent amounts will total about ĺ tablespoon, which is about a ľ of a tablespoon. So, all said in done, I have just a bit more than a tablespoon in me, plus the few hits of low grade marijuana. I expect this to start kicking in nicely within the next half hour. If nothing does, Iím really going to begin to wonder if this will work. I might have needed more at one particular time and not spacing it out as much.

My head hurts just a bit and I am becoming aware of my fingers hitting the keys on the keyboard very well. I am noticing that I can tell exactly what the key is feeling like. Perhaps it is starting to kick in some more. Iím not having a hallucinogens at all, even with closed eyes, but I expect those to start within 5 or 6 hours perhaps.

I went upstairs, at 4:04 P.M. (T +3:04) to check the progress of the pot pie. 10 minutes remain. I needed to pee again, so I went into the bathroom to take care of that and I missed the light switch and I hit the fan switch. I decided to see what it was like in the dark. The only bit of light was some from the crack in between the door and the door jam. It was a little strip, but it helped out finding the correct spot on the toilet to pee. As I was looking down, peeing, I blacked out. The lights all the sudden disappeared and it was as if I was going blind. I stood there continuing to pee, without another light for a few seconds, then I moved my head up and the lights came back. It was very odd.

Itís 4:26 P.M. (T +3:27) and still nothing. I just finished the veggie chicken pot pie, and it wasnít bad, but the best way to eat it so far was the mustard, no doubt. When, and if anything happens, Iíll report.

Itís 4:55 P.M. (T +3:55) no effects yet. When I walked down the stairs, the vision seemed to be a little slow or messed up, not nothing really. Everything still looks fine. I have been eating some chips for the past few hours on and off. I donít know if all the food I have been eating is stopping the process, or what but this hasnít been a much of anything. Granted I didnít take what I was supposed to (0.75-1.25 grams per 10 pounds of body weight) but I wasnít looking to get very high. I knew I had some thing to do in the upcoming days, so I just wanted to feel a little something. But so far, nothing, at least nothing really, really bad. Iíll report back if anything happens, or doesnít happen for that matter.

The time is now 5:33 P.M. (T +4:33) and nothing still seems to be the case. I have just walked around the house and Iím getting quite bored. Iím here alone, which Iím sure doesnít help anything. I think I really needed to take more to feel any effects. I highly doubt Iíll do anything tonight except maybe get a felling like Iím on a decent amount of pot. Weíll see what happens, but I expect the peak to be near as I didnít take a whole lot, and Iím not feeling anything so far. Perhaps Iíll feel nothing.

25 minutes later now and Iím really tired. The tired I get after my smoke marijuana. Perhaps it is starting to hit me, except really late. Iím not sure. Itís been about an hour and a half since I finished taking nutmeg, its possible. Well see and Iíll keep reporting.

6:20 P.M. (T +5:20) Iím pretty tired, like the tired I get from marijuana. Perhaps this will work, just on a delay. Maybe, Iíll start seeing hallucinogens coming up in the hours ahead. Looking back on how much Iíve taken, Iím surprised Iím not feeling the effects. Itís been two hours since Iíve last consumed some and it might be beginning to kick in. More reports to follow as things do or do not change.

7:04 P.M. (T +6:04) and let it be known its about (T +3:30) since I finished eating all the nutmeg I had today. I think that this still might work. I just listened to some classical music that I usually donít really like all that much, but today it was good. Iím contemplating if I should have some more since I wont see my mother for about 31 hours. If I could think of a way to eat about another tablespoon, Iíd do it. Iím thinking of ways.

7:33 (T +6:33) and Iím starting to feel it. I took another tables spoon. I put one tablespoon into a blender then put chocolate almond ice cream on it. I also have this other ice cream called orange blossom surprise which I put a few scoops in. I also put milk and some lemon juice, a small amount and some water in ( I ran out of milkÖ.). And a lot of raspberries. Blended it and it covers the flavor nicely. Currently I feel pretty much like the high I get from Marijuana again, with the jitteriness of the body. I like itÖ

Hereís the recipe:

1 tbsp. ground nutmeg

1 tbsp. lemon juice

two scoops of orange blossom ice cream

about 10 scoops of chocolate almond ice cream

about a cup of milk

ľ cup of water

2 or 3 handfuls of raspberries.

Itís 8:08 P.M. (T +7:08) and I just finished the ice cream mixture thing. I need to wash my mouth out, it tastes a little too much like nutmeg. I need to brush my teeth some, or something. This taste isnít good, but itís not horrible. The more I drink, the worse it tastes. EwwwÖAgain, this time I just used mouthwash, mint flavored. Perhaps mint takes away the taste, it sure does in my mouth. In the future, Iíll use that. Anything is worth a try. This time I feel my head lightheaded again, and it feels like it might work. Iíll try to wake up by 5:00 AM or so, so I can see some neat hallucinogens.

Its nearing 9:00 P.M., itís really 8:40 P.M. (T+7:40) and itís been (T +0:45 ) since I finished up the once ounce mixture. My mouth and throat seem to be drying out. Perhaps this is the lead to the constipation that I can have? Iím starting to get the marijuana high feeling. This stuff doesnít have any THC? This is a cool high so far, Iím interested in the peak. This could be bigger than marijuana.

Itís about 10 minutes later and Iím feeling like a marijuana high. Itís not perfect, like Iím not fully high, but itís nice. Iíve never been on acid, so if I see any hallucinogens I wont be able to compare themówhich is too bad. But Iíll try acid sooner or later and then compare the other way around. Iím sure they arenít as big and often. Probably just mild. I hope that they start with this much. Iíve had nearly 2 tablespoons today.

10:15 P.M. (T +8:15), but itís only (T +2:00) since I finished up the one tablespoon crap in the ice cream. From this point on all times in parenthesis like this: (T +0:00) will be based around after I finished the ice cream mixture. Iím still having a feeling of high. I am not seeing any hallucinogens at all.

10:45 P.M. (T +2:30), still feeling a little high, but nothing more than that. Beginning to wonder again if Iíll get the hallucinogens like most get. My eyes are bloody shot and my pupils small. My mouth, throat, nose, and eyes are dry. I have popcorn in the microwave done, Iíll go get it.

11:05 P.M. (T +2:50) and I am going to go lie on my bed, drink some water and listen to some classical music. That would be okay.

11:10 P.M. (T +2:55) I went to the bathroom first to take a small pee. I closed my eyes as I stood over the toilet and I suddenly started to fall backwards. I got my step and did it again. Fell backwards again. It was odd. I did it yet again and I went forward. Then forward again. Then again. Every time I close my eyes I either fell forwards or backwards. Amazingly interesting.

I set the alarm for 3:00 AM just incase I fall asleep, I want to see what happens at that time which will be about 7 hours after taking the full tablespoon with the ice cream.

12:30 A.M. (T +4:15). I finished listening to a Classical Music Station and then I listened to a CD of my winter concert last year for band. During sitting in bed, I felt very heavy, especially in my extremities and in my eyelids. Upon looking in a mirror, I see that my eyes are very bloodshot and are very dry. I eat some popcorn I made over an hour and a half ago. Itís still good and keeps the saliva flowing in my mouth and helps the nose stay moist. I feel tired sort of and my body is heavy and my head hurts from it being so dry and it slightly giving me a headache.

12:45 A.M. (T +4:30). Iím getting bored, nothing to do, I donít fully remember what I was last doing, but my feet are a little tired. Iím not sure. I think Iíll be going to bed and try to get up in a few hours so that I might be able to see some of these hallucinogens a little. Who knows. Iíd like to be up at about the 8 hour point. Something makes me think that will be the best part. Iíll get to bed with the clock set for 5:00 AM. For all we know, I might wake up prior to that. Weíll just have to see.

8:45 A.M. (T+12:30). I woke up a few times during the night. I never saw any hallucinations, at least I donít remember any at all. I know I woke up at 5:00 AM because I set my alarm. That was cool to look around but I just felt a little high then. Same with the next times I woke up, 7:00 AM and about 8:30 AM when the phone rang. I decided to get up after that. Here I am. I want it to also be known, I had some pretty weird thoughts going through my mind before I fell asleep. I remember them being like dreams, except, I wasnít asleep yet. They were very much like dreams in that they were like real situations I have been or might be in, except parts of them are just wrong. Some thoughts got mixed up and came out different. Just like how I perceive dreams. They were cool though, the second one was greatÖ.I donít remember it though. I looked in the mirror upon writing this and my eyes were totally blood shot and my body feels very dry on the inside. Mouth and eyes, nose, throat and lungs. It all feels really dry. I drank some water about 20 minutes ago, but thatís not doing anything and didnít except right at the beginning.

11:30 A.M. (T +15:15). I just woke up. Iím staying up for good now. MY eyes are still as bloodshot as all get out. My eyelids feel heavy. My body feels tired and weak, but itís not as bad as last night. I wish I could get more sleep, but Iíll do that tomorrow night. I need to eat some good food now. I havenít really eaten in a while. After those chips back at the beginning, Iíve had two Oreoís.

1:00 P.M. (T +16:45). I still feel high. I still feel dried out and parched.. My burps and farts are really dry and seem to be just dry heat. My eyes are still bloodshot and they hurt. My body is tired. I need some more sleep, but I donít have the time to sleep anymore as Iím set to go help referee a soccer match.

1:30 P.M. (T +17:15). I leave to go watch the soccer game. I was supposed to be a lineman. One team needed more players, so I played for them. We totally dominated. I think my eyes were really bloodshot and I was acting stupid so people probably thought I was high. And I was. I played the game well, I worked well with them and got two goals for them. I had a teammate who scored 5 goals and we went on to a 7-1 rout. Both of my goals were of top quality.

5:00 P.M. (T +20:45). The match finished and I felt fine other than being really dry. I noticed that the whole time. I have been really dry in the mouth and the eyes. I feel okay, Iím not tired even though I played a 70 minute match. It was our plan to go watch a professional game after this, so we headed for that soon after the match was over.

7:00 P.M. (T +22:45). We arrive at the match. Iím really tired and Iím parched so much. During the match I notice I am almost falling asleep while watching the match. And time seems to be going really slow. I am usually very attentive during the matches, very alive and awake, screaming and shouting. On this occasion, all change though and I felt fatigued and didnít really wish to even be there.

11:15 P.M. (T +27:00). This is now. I got home, I personally didnít drive, but being in a car is horrible. I feel like I am going so slow. Itís not cool. But this is an interesting experience. Iím really, really tired so Iím going to be like I guess I should. Iíll crash for hours and Iíll wake up tomorrow sometime. Hopefully this will wear off. I can hardly remember what reality feels likeóif what I know as reality, is really reality.


This was a very interesting high. I remember parts of it very well, however other parts are very vague. Oh well. It was interesting. The positives of the drug were minimal other than a nice body buzz. It felt alright, nothing to write home about though. I got some other people to try this as a result of my use. They reported similar results.

The negatives of this drug outweighed the positives, in my opinion. The taste of the nutmeg is still terrible. Through my experiments on this day, I determined that eating it with mustard is the easiest way and Iíve yet to find anything better. The mustardís cool, yet sharp taste masks the rancid flavor of the nutmeg quite well.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 21737
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 16, 2006Views: 57,897
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