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Was I Dreaming?
Cannabis & Alcohol (Beer)
by ThatGuy
Citation:   ThatGuy. "Was I Dreaming?: An Experience with Cannabis & Alcohol (Beer) (exp21623)". Dec 1, 2006.

1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  9 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


It was New Years Eve. I was over at my girlfriend's brother's house to celebrate the end of the passing year and the coming of the next one. I am a college student and have been a consistant drinker for the past couple of years. I can handle my alcohol very well. I have also smoked weed a total of about 15 times, mainly over the course of last summer and handled it pretty well although I was not a huge fan of it, it did take me to a level way beyond I could reach with alcohol. I had mixed the two on a couple of occasions with successful results. Weed gave me a sort of mind drunkness while beer gave me a body drunkness.

Things were completely different this night. I had put back about 9 or 10 beers and it was alittle past the new year. I was pretty buzzed but not drunk. D and J, two of my friends who were over decided to smoke weed with my girlfriends brother and some of his friends. My girlfriend's brother and his friends were all heavy weed smokers and presumably had some very strong stuff if it got even _them_ high.

I decided to watch but as the bong was passed to me I decided, 'What the hell?', and took not even a whole bong load, although it was a 2 foot bong. I then decided to walk downstairs and see what everyone's up to. I saw two people who were playing cards who were pretty messed up and just sat down and watched them. Almost instantly, probably no more than 3 minutes after taking the drag I began to get my tell tale sign of being high, objects seemed like they had a strobe light turned on them. When movements occured I would only see 1 second then it would appear in a different place. I also was starting to get angry of how these people were playing their game. They were playing High/Low and I easily know how to play it but it wasn't making sense and began to confuse me.

I decided I better find a place to chill to ride this one out because this is going to be a strong one. I then started watching someone play a video game and loved it. Sitting there feeling all perfect and watching this interesting game were all I could ask for. Then the problems began. My friend J came to me and said I should check out D, he's acting hilarious.

I followed J back upstairs to where we smoked and reality began to dissolve. When I got up there D, who I was very close to, was staring into the corner of the room just naming off random colors not responding to anyone. This completely freaked me out. What freaked me out more was that I saw him go completely white as if scared to death, turn to me, and tell me he needed help. I had no question this happened and knew I needed to act on it. This of course did not happen, it was a hallucination but I didn't think my one hit could give a hallucination. I didn't even think weed in general gave full out hallucinations.

I told J that D needed help. I just turned and began walking downstairs as if in a dream. About this time I was pretty sure this was a dream. I figured I must have passed out while watching the video game. I then thought, 'Well, the dream wants me to get some help so get some help I will.' I wandered to the phone and called 911. Somehow I managed to convey the message that we needed an ambulance for D because he was sick. J is just standing there confused and possibly cheering me on, laughing like it's his job, tossing in the occassional 'Oh man, this is not good.'

The operator then asked me where I was. I didn't know the address or the developement so I began to tell them the directions from my house. All of this made perfect sense at the time. My girlfriend then walked up to me and demanding to know what I was doing. I told her D needed 'emergency response.' She realized what I said and began freaking out.

She hung up the phone and told her brother, the owner. He began cleaning all the beer cans up in expectation of the cops coming since there were many underage drinkers. They called back a few minutes later and he told them that I had been drinking and D was fine.

I then began to realize that this was real and not a dream. This scared me even more because if I was this messed up off 1/2 a hit, and D and J both took many hits then they must be so much more messed up than me. D soon passed and they convinced me he was ok. We then had to hide in the bedroom in case the cops came. My girlfriend stayed with me for a little bit and everything seemed all right but when she left to check on D, I began panicing. I closed my eyes and began seeing all kinds of colors and felt as if I was spining backwards.

I opened my eyes and watched the two other people in the room for a brief time. Their conversation seemed to not make any sense at all and time seemed to slow down to a halt. I also heard what they said over and over again in my head. I seemed to go from moments of no interal dialogue to over-analyzing everything.

After the cop problem was solved and we figured they weren't coming everyone began to head off to sleep. I was still unbelievably high. Because of the time when my girlfriend left, I would not let my girlfriend leave. She is very understanding and loving so she stuck with me. I was afraid time would slip back into a halt and I would go completely nuts if she left so I actually felt like I had to hold on to her. I held onto her for about 3 hours before falling asleep.

The next morning I was still alittle confused, life seemed kind of unreal and unimportant. I also felt there was more that we weren't seeing. About night time the next day I began to feel normal. This was a terrible experience and completely turned me off pot and all other drugs execpt alcohol. I felt so powerless and had no control over what I was doing and would never want to feel that way again. The only plus to this experience was a closer feeling to my girlfriend who I saw in a time of panic.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 21623
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 1, 2006Views: 9,037
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Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Bad Trips (6), Large Group (10+) (19)

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