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Fun with Weird Phens
2C-I, 2C-C, & Cannabis
by Phlipper
Citation:   Phlipper. "Fun with Weird Phens: An Experience with 2C-I, 2C-C, & Cannabis (exp20590)". Jan 20, 2003.

2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  10 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  34 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)


Having a free afternoon, I orally ingested approximately 10mg (+/- 2mgs)2C-I; waited roughly 30 minutes before similarly ingesting 34mg 2C-C. I'd eaten granola with soy, and drunk green tea 2 or 3 hours before. I had not taken any other drugs beforehand, though I did smoke one or two bowls of kb during the afternoon.

I've not found 2C-I to be particularly visual (compared with 2C-T-2 and San Pedro). 2C-C, which I'd only insuflated previously at doses between 16 and 20 mg, was not overly visual either. I wasn't sure what to expect with this combo.

Less than thirty minutes after eating the 2C-C, everything started to melt and swirl. Visually, outrageous. I attempted at T+45 to run some music off my computer, and instead found myself completely transfixed by the swirling visuals on the screen. Keep in mind, there was nothing visually intersting on the screen, it was simply something bright to focus on, the visuals flowed out of/around the screen.

I experienced the sedating quality I've heard about 2C-C (which I hadn't the 2 times I'd snorted this drug). I noticed that my eyelids were half closed, as if I were falling asleep, or perhaps 'nodding off' (I noticed this at various times). For a period, I wasn't really able to do anything because of the overwhelming visual show.

I'd noticed, the other couple of times I'd tried 2C-C, that besides the euphoria I experienced, there was definitely an intersting sexual component to this drug. I decided to explore this during my 2C-C/2C-I experiment. Needless to say, I was blown away, completely.

I won't nauseate you with the specifics, but the trip focused copletely on masturbation. I've had sex and/or masturbated on most of the drugs I've tried, and this combo beat them all. I was turned into a dirty, depraved animal. I think I would've consented to sex with an aging hippo had I been given the opportunity. I will not try this combo again without a sex partner.

There was a mental cloudiness to the combo, more so than with other phen. experiences I've had. It seemed as if the physical sensations and the outrageous visuals distracted me from thinking clearly, if that makes any sense.

I also experienced no body load. I noticed no upset stomach, or twitchy muscles, jaw clench, or other forms of tension (I find that I usually do experience some form of body load with most drugs). The comedown was far more gentle than 2C-I alone is for me. The whole experience lasted roughly 6 or 7 hours.

I will certainly try this combo again, though next time I will take 6mg 2C-I/14-20mg 2C-C. I think taking threshold doses of each would make for a very enjoyable experience. Though I didn't feel any negative side effects, I feel as if there must be something incredibly unhealthy about this combo, because it just felt too good.

I've given this mix to one other person, my partner. He noticed mood lift and incredible visuals, lots of 'multi-colored swish swish' as he described it. He enjoyed it more than he did either of these drugs alone. Also, he did not explore the sexual side, so I can't comment on that.

Take care, people.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20590
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 20, 2003Views: 18,225
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2C-C (262), 2C-I (172) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1)

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