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Opening the Door
5-MeO-DiPT & Cannabis
Citation:   pyrotix. "Opening the Door: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT & Cannabis (exp19688)". Sep 21, 2004.

T+ 0:00
18 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:59   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
18mg 5-MeO-DiPT (.33 mg/kg)

At midnight, I eyed the pill with the tannish powder, executing a last-minute effort to mentally prepare myself for the unknown. Even after I swallowed it, the disgusting taste still lingered for some time. We went downstairs to smoke some marijuana in between the ingestion and the onset. My friend Dan was only smoking on this night, so I guess he was a sitter.

As I came up, my skin began to feel numb and my stomach extremely tight. I was still nauseous from the taste when it came on about 20 minutes later, and the GI stuff was already starting to bother me. I had taken a Gas-X as a preventative, and it seemed to take effect as my stomach settled down 20 minutes later. I felt a growing sense of anxiety, and tactile sensations were starting to grow intense. We watched the Yellow Submarine first, which was a very pleasurable experience. We stopped it early and checked out Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I found myself speaking in a british accent and the visuals started to build.

I saw some smoke coming from Dan's kitchen, along with traces of shadows moving across his cabinetry. The couch was warping, Dan's blanket was breathing. The visuals were very Dramamine-esque (lower doses); they seemed to be made of static in my field of vision. I started hearing things as well, and the tip-tap of foot steps was accompanied by a menacing shadow. Throughout the movie, I was having amphetamine-like tangential thoughts about the plot. My appreciation for Monty Python's satire was quite profound as well. After the movie had ended, we decided to take a walk in the woods. Upon setting foot in the woods, the world changed.

Suddenly I was plunged into a different dimension. There was life in every corner of the dark wood; shapes emerged from the tree branches, the stars shone through the delicately interwoven spears of wood above. Some things would appear completely 2-dimensional, surrounded by a bright halo of colored light, such as the outline of the hill across the road.

I was having intense motion trails that were quite long and persistent. Colors appeared much brighter as well. We brought some chairs to a tree house on top of a hill and set up a radio with trance playing. The music sounded so beautiful... At about 2 hours after ingestion, I smoked some more marijuana. I looked up at the sky and a rainbow had placed itself over the original color of the sky. Each beat of the music caused the colors to shrink and swell like a visualization program. This was my first real taste of synaesthesia. I traced images in the sky with my finger and they stayed there for quite some time. I focused on the body high from the marijuana which was exponentially heightened by the foxy. Objects twisted and warped in front of my eyes, and I was feeling great.

We got down from the treehouse and went for a walk on the road. The sky was purple and the stars were visible. I looked up in awe and started to think about clouds, different kinds of them, and a Sesame Street episode I once saw. They asked kids what they think a cloud would feel like... none of them said fog. Elmo's voice was heard aloud at this moment. We walked up the hill and the first house we passed had people in the driveway. This seemed very strange to me at 3 AM in a small suburban hamlet, but Dan assured me they were real. We were about 40 feet away from them, but I could see each person's face coming directly at mine, with sitcom canned laughter playing in my head. It looked like they were 5 feet away, everybody having turned silent and staring directly into my eyes, as if my presence had disturbed some kind of illicit transation. Then i realized they didn't even know we were there. We kept walking.

Dan mentioned something about the sky being pixelated, and when I looked up, sure enough, it was. The stars had turned into 4 pixels, the clouds taking on a mosaic pattern. His mere suggestion caused manifestation, it was remarkable. We climbed a hill which we estimated to be one of the highest in the village. We sat on a damaged chrome bumper that had been bent so perfectly, it made an excellent couch when turned on its side. I looked at the sky and the rainbow effect returned, but this time all of ROYGBIV was represented. An excellent song seemed to come out of nowhere, and even though there was no radio here, I heard the music and felt the vibrations of the bass. The colors in the rainbow sky were twisting and twirling, as I thought about shapes forming on my palm and they actually did. I could feel and see the lines that I controlled with my eyes move across my palm, it was certainly something I didn't think was possible. I stared up into space and felt like I was there.

I was definitely peaking at this point, still on the peak from the marijuana I smoked, and the foxy peak as well. When I looked at things, if they resembled something else, I would see that instead. Repeating objects like cars in a driveway, trees and stumps were repeated. A group of 3 trees multiplied into 15, and I swore I heard them say something. I felt a great connectedness to the woods again, as if the sprites and nymphs which inhabited them were granting me permission to be there, while also being quite hospitable. They were tripping too; they always are, so they knew how I felt.

The walk back to the treehouse was marked by a lot of visuals; patterns, geometric shapes and a lot of warping/breathing effects were everywhere, especially in the trees which seemed much less friendly next to the road. They towered high above us, trying to swallow our minds for research purposes. Dan's face morphed many times, it morphed into Dracula, a murderer wearing a rain slicker, and a blind hag from the play 'A Christmas Carol'. Everything felt quite surreal, and the wind blowing upon my face was quite incredible. We made our way back into the ethereal woods and climbed up the tree. We smoked our last marijuana at 4 hours after ingestion, and listened to some gentle trance on the radio. The woods at this point were completely unreal. I looked around, felt the wind dancing with strands of my hair and felt a great sense of rapture and satisfaction. My entire body buzzed, I focused once more on the 'familiarity' effect of the marijuana and it was projected unto the woods. I felt a part of the woods now, as if our energies had equalized and we were now on the same plane. The swaying of the 2-dimensional trees was a gentle lull that reflected perhaps the cilia in my lungs, beating away solid particles from entering my bronchioles.

We went inside at 4:45 AM and Dan told me he couldn't keep going on marijuana alone. He decided to sleep and left me with some headphones and his computer. I turned on a blacklight and looked at the spider-like design it cast on the ceiling. Suddenly, the spider spread out over the entire ceiling and its abdomen dialated and contracted. I was feeling in a pretty high-energy mood so I put on some high-energy music, a happy hardcore mix. The music sent me into a new realm of closed-eye visuals, they danced before my eyes and were manifested on my skin as tactile hallucinations. I watched the sun rise out the window and was filled with ecstasy. I felt blissful and content, with a tinge of edginess. I decided to try sleeping at 6 AM, and finally got to sleep at around 7:30 AM.


I woke up at 11:30 AM with motion trails still going strong, as well as a headache and the 'chewed up' feeling that I feel after taking MDMA. My soul felt like an empty shell that had been shown the world at the temporary expense of some humanity. This feeling subsided throughout the day and was replaced by contentness and happiness over the success and beauty of the trip. Now, 17 hours later, some visual phenomena linger as well as some trouble finding words, but other than that I feel the effects of sleep deprivation. At no time in the trip did I feel very sexual, and at many times, the enhancement of tactile sensations was replaced with a numbess that covered my whole body. An excellent experience, this foxy methoxy is.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19688
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 21, 2004Views: 7,379
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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