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Citation:   Bong Man. "2C-Enchronicity: An Experience with 2C-E (exp19165)". Nov 25, 2002.

T+ 0:00
16 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:59 1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 5:40   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I had acquired some 2C-E by chance a short while ago and had been waiting for a proper time to test it out. On Friday November 15 evening, I made up my mind that if nobody came home soon I would give it a try. Half an hour after that someone came home and that idea went out the door. So then I found myself, a week later contemplating the same thing. I decided that I would take it today and that I would take it during the day so that I could listen to music in my room without keeping anybody awake. I just wanted to test the waters a bit and see what 2C-E was about before I stepped into deeper waters with it, so I measured out 16mg, which I expected not to be too overwhelming based upon the other reports I had read online and in Pihkal (both of which I always consult before trying a new substance). I expected a fairly mellow experience with plenty of time to enjoy my music collection.

Little did I know that the universe had different plans for me. This experience had somehow been waiting for me or maybe I just caught up to it. Regardless, I was not ready for what was about to happen over the next 9 hours. I wrote 5 pages of notes throughout that time which is FAR more than I have ever written before. I will try to reconstruct these notes into the most fitting experience report I can come up with, but understand that the hardest thing for me has always been to express myself, especially so when talking about these types of experiences, but here it goes:

November 22, 2002

3:50 p.m. - I consumed 16 mg of 2C-E mixed into water. Not too much of a flavor. Then I took a nice bong rip of some kind California bud, as I usually do after ingesting psychedelics. It's really good for helping me relax into the experience, which is especially helpful when taking a new one. Then I just sat back in my chair, started playing an mp3 disc on my computer that I had just made a couple days previous, and waited for it to start taking effect.

4:10 p.m.(t+0:20) - Can already start feeling effects enough for me to want to lay down. So I got off the chair and lay down on my sleeping bag and let the music start to soak in as it slowly starts to transform into a multidimensional catalyst for propelling me into new areas of my own psyche.

5:05 p.m.(t+1:15) - At this point I am significantly higher than I expected to be at any point within the experience and it is hardly over an hour into it. The song 'Floatilla' from Spacetime Continuum's 'Sea Biscuit' album comes on and all of a sudden just because of the intensity of the song I am forced infinitely deeper into the experience. It is so overwhelming that I vomit, which I was not expecting from this substance. I continue vomiting for a good 3 minutes and when I'm done I expect that this is the plateau and I will just have to ride it out till the end.(Little did I know...)

5:18 p.m.(t+1:28) - It is getting even more intense and more overwhelming. One of the most pleasant and warm feeling tracks I have in my collection, 'Singtree' by Solar Quest, was playing and yet still I wrote this in my notes: 'I wonder why this is so unpleasant.' I tried just lying there and soaking in the sound and soaking in the universe, but everything was just so overwhelmingly unpleasant. I was constantly shifting position, never able to get comfortable in my body or in my mind. I thought surely if this endured I would go crazy.

5:33 p.m.(t+1:43) - 'SO INTENSE!' It took a great amount of effort for me to even write this. Listening to a song by Shpongle called 'Room 23' which has a sample that I'm not exactly sure what it means but somehow it described how I felt right then, 'COMPLETELY GESCHTONKENFLAPPED!' I consider smoking some pot, but when I try to actually accomplish this I find it is far too much of a task for me to try to undertake in this condition.

5:44 p.m.(t+1:54) - I wish I could describe to you what the music I was listening to sounded like because it was the major part of the experience. To hear music transformed in this way has been the most profound catalyst for change in my life and I only wish more people could experience this, which is I guess why I have devoted most of my free time to collecting only music that I find synergistic with the psychedelic experience. At this point I also wrote, '10 seconds of the numinous'. I can't specifically remember what my experience was but if I wrote it I'm sure it happened. If I remember correctly (which is quite trying) I lost that connection with the numinous because of my efforts to write it down.

5:55 p.m.(t+2:05) - At this point I am lying naked on top of my sleeping bag and I write, 'Letting the Breath of the Universe blow on your naked body', for this is what is happening to me as I listen to an incredible song called 'Journey to Samadhi' by Mystical Sun, which I believe is a Hemi-Sync remix. It was truly amazing. As I lay there with the universe blowing its breath onto my naked body the pulsing hemi-sync tones vibrated their way into my brain and coursed throughout my awareness, leaving me a blissed-out, pulsing and naked in a dark room with the universe breathing ever so gently onto me.

6:02 p.m.(t+2:12) - Now I am not so blissful, but yet I am not in a negative state either. I am constantly shifting emotions. Every few seconds brings me into a different state of mind. I write, 'I can't believe how many different ways this can make me feel, it's almost unbearable.'

6:07 p.m.(t+2:17) - At this point I am starting to re-associate myself. Things are still very intense, but at least it is not TOTALLY overwhelming me. I write, 'LOVE IS what kept me sane but is not the end.' For a long time I have met people who say that LOVE is the only real thing there is or that GOD is LOVE or that LOVE is underlying everything. My own experiences show me something different. Love is powerful no doubt, but it is only one aspect of the universe. And though it most definitely was what got me through the roughest parts of this experience my experience still tells me that it is not all there is. At this same time I have a revelation as to the different scales or levels of reality that I find myself aware of and having to deal with and I write, 'So many levels to manage'.

6:19 p.m.(t+2:29) - I'm not quite sure exactly what it was I noticed but this is when I realized that something strange was happening and that things were falling into place too perfectly, too often to just be chance happenings and I wrote, 'I had no idea today was 'Destined to Take 2C-E day''

Having continuing insights and revelations which would be terribly hard to explain and lengthy, and I would probably barely get you to understand what I was talking about anyways.

7:04 p.m.(t+3:14) - I became aware of all the little 'fairies' (for lack of a better word) at each level that make things work.

7:09 p.m.(t+3:19) - I write, 'It's interesting to find out that you were supposed to be doing this right now, and that you've even made an entire mp3 CD experience to make it happen.' The CD I had made a couple days previous had turned out to be a PERFECT soundtrack to the 2C-E experience. I could literally notice things fall into place around me like puzzle pieces. Now I write, 'WOW! This has truly been one of the most profound, hardest to get through, confusing, trying, intriguing, seductive, disturbing, overwhelming, transcendent, paranoid, afraid, joyous, Universally Loving, compassionate, warped experiences I've ever had, and somehow as long as you get to happily ever after nobody seems to raise much fuss.' But it was still going.

7:20 p.m.(t+3:30) - 'Everytime I go to smoke pot it still seems like a crazy idea' I would never realize how high I was until I actually tried to make it happen. But whenever I would get around to actually trying to pack a bowl I found myself incapable.

7:26 p.m.(t+3:36) - I start to write, and am about to proclaim that I might possibly have more respect for this substance than I do for LSD, then I quickly thought about how truly transformative my early LSD experiences were and stopped what I was writing mid-sentence and just wrote, 'Nope'.

7:35 p.m.(t+3:45) - The music finally ends and I turn on the TV and start watching The Simpsons. It is an older episode but I get immediately sucked in. I have always found the flow of The Simpsons to be very psychedelic and have thoroughly enjoyed watching them now during several diffent psychedelic experiences.

After the Simpsons I turn off the TV and start playing with my mp3 mixer. I mix together a set of music that I came up with some time ago, but still blows me away everytime I do it. This took up a good hour and a half almost and kept me thoroughly occupied and amused. After this I put 'Waking Life' in the DVD player and was about to start watching it when I suddenly found myself not too intrigued by this idea since I've seen the movie a lot and am already imagining most of the scenes. I turn it off and find the decreased light in the room very pleasant.

8:49 p.m.(t+4:59) - Sometime during what I wrote in the previous paragraph I stopped and wrote, 'I would just like to note for myself now, so I can't say that I didn't know it was coming, but I have A LOT of humility still to be learned in the future.' This somehow was very important for me to understand and make note of.

9:30 p.m.(t+5:40) - I lay back and start listening to one of my favorite CD's of all time, 'Alien Dreamtime' by Spactime Continuum with Terence McKenna and Stephen Kent on didgeridoo. This is the first time since the effects of the 2C-E started that I was actually able to smoke pot. Boy did it feel good. Now I am also starting to notice the frequency of noticed synchronicity raising significantly.

Certain quotes jump out at me from the CD and stick with me:

'The ego is a product of pathology' I look up 'pathology' in the dictionary and find out that it means, 'a departure or deviation from a normal condition', which means that what we call the ego is not part of the normal state of things. I also become intrigued about 'the inner worth of the self' and about the fact that 'the felt presence of immediate experience' is what 'holds the community together' and the fact that 'nobody can sell you this experience and nobody can buy it from you and so the dominator culture is not interested' which calls for a 'breaking out of the silly myths of science and the infantile obsessions of the marketplace'. along with much more.

At this point I do not have anymore specific times that things happened at to reference so I will just note a few more noteworthy things and then wrap it up.

As I mentioned, the synchronicity level just kept getting greater and greater. Much of it is beyond my capability to explain and beyond that it was happening faster and in more abundance than I could possibly have written, even if I had a hundred hands. I wrote, 'Synchronicity all around. This was truly meant to happen... More than I can write.' One of the only synchronous things that was going on that I feel I can explain somewhat had to do with my screensaver that I had running while I was listening to 'Alien Dreamtime'. It is an amazing screensaver called Mandala, which I would reccomend to anyone to download. (Just search for Mandala and screensaver on Yahoo! or something). As Terence's voice would come in the screensaver would change, and then just as a new tone would come into the CD a new layer would creep onto the screen through the other layers of psychedelic visuals. This would happen constantly, evolving with the music and with Terence's spoken words. When he started talking about his first DMT experience the screensaver pictorally took me through it, starting with the chrysanthemum, then bursting through it into a domed, indirectly lit space, which soon became elf-creatures, crowding towards the middle of the screen.

All of this played itself out before my eyes as the music enveloped me and Terence's words sparked with new meaning. Now matter how much I listen to this CD it somehow updates itself to my current situation and is able to explain things to me in a new way. Meaning and Language truly are two different things and truly 'The further in you go, the bigger it gets'(On so many different levels).

The only other insight that I wrote down and that I can specifically remember had to do with an idea that has been coming up repeatedly this year in my trips about making a movie. It has been made painfully clear to me that the great majority of people in this country do not get much of their influence from reading books and that most of their influence comes by the way of movies and television and that if I truly want to get any messages out to a majority of the population that will probably be the way I have to go about. And the the insight I had that night was that it must be done in a way that sober people can easily conceptualize it and psychedelic people can soak into it.

I don't remember much of what I did after that, but eventually I put on 'Waking Life' and fell asleep while watching it sometime around 1:00 a.m.(t+9:10). If you actually made it all the way through this report, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read what's on my mind and I apologize for making it so long, but I really feel like I need to get this out before I forget it.

So in closing let me just say, 'There's a button somewhere inside each & every one of us that gives you a look into the other side. And that's the button that resets the compass that tells you where you want to sail. Good Luck!' Thank you all!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19165
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 25, 2002Views: 60,479
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2C-E (137) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2)

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