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Vibrant and Energetic
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Vibrant and Energetic: An Experience with Galangal (exp1912)". Jun 19, 2000.

0.25 cups oral Galangal (roots)

After reading the postings of experiences concerning Galanga, I went down to the local asian grocery, and asked the clerk about the root. I got a similar response to other people's stories... The clerk grinned, laughed, and led me to the Galanga. They did not have powdered galanga, just the root, so I bought two oz. and ground it myself, using a coffee grinder.

I mixed about 1/4 cup in a cup of OJ and downed it. I noticed very little effect, but I seemed a little anxious and irritable. It was so slight that I almost suspect it was a placebo effect. However, starting about an hour later and lasting nearly a day, I was wired. I felt very vibrant and energetic. Sort of like a large dose of caffeine without the shakes and negative effects.

Kinda fun, I guess. I hesitate to think of it as a 'drug'. I guess I really cannot be certain whether or not the experience was truly attributable to the galanga or not, but I plan to try it on a regular basis.

Exp Year: ExpID: 1912
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2000Views: 28,454
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Galangal (24) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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