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Gentle and Not Pushy
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Gentle and Not Pushy: An Experience with DOM (exp1864)". Jun 15, 2000.

10 mg oral DOM (liquid)

8.30 am, I wake up and drink the transparent, yellowish liquid supposedly containing 10 mg of DOM. I'm in my usual grumpy morning mood, but I'm confident it will improve and provide a better set for the trip. 20 minutes later I'm starting to feel the first symtoms attributable to the drug, such as hot and cold flushes and a slightly irritated stomach.

A bit later I eat a light breakfast in hope to get my stomach to settle down a little. Around 10 am I'm still feeling a bit nauseous, and now the trip has started. Moving and transforming patterns on the walls and in the ceiling, multidimensional and brightly colored. My thought are a bit driftey, I can only focus on one thought for a short moment, and my hands are a bit shakey when I try to take a few notes. I'm feeling quite positive and confident, however. My fingertips feel a bit numb, more so than with other psychedelic non-amphetamines. Not sure that I'm particularely fond of that.

I put on some music and hop into the bathtub. I spend about 45 minutes philisophying and digging the music. There's a general feeling of things being a bit flat, colors are bright but not glowing, and so is my mood. It's more of a content feeling, being satisfied rather than euphoric. Sometimes I almost forget that I've taken a drug, as there is little interest in the visual and other superficial elements, more on the essence.

Around 11.30 am I decide it's time to go out, it's really sunny outside, but the air's a bit stuffy. The weather forecast says there will be a thunderstorm tonight, I figure I better enjoy the sunshine while I can. I take my bike and go for a ride around one of the lakes, pass a beach, and as I look at the people there, there's one kid who seem to stares at me who kind of looks like an owl. I'm getting the giggles, and after that everyone is looking like an owl.

It's time to take a rest from riding the bike, so I go into the forest and look for somewhere to sit. I find a couple of large rocks that look appealing to sit on. When I sit down I find out that I have a few small cuts around my ankles, probably from some sticks. I had not felt a thing, something that I'm not too enthusiastic about. There's no feelings of being one with nature, at least not yet, so I decide to go to my usual 'trip hill' instead.

When I get there I lie down with my eyes closed and sunglasses on, there is some interesting synesthesia going on, corresponding patterns in regards to distance and volume and other characteristics of the sounds I hear. The most interesting 'looking' sound comes from a moped that passes by on the bike road below the hill.

Suddenly I hear someone saying something, I turn around and see a drunk old man that I had not heard coming. Wonder what he wants? He asks me if I've seen someone around, as if anyone would come up here. I guess he just wants to talk. Once I break the ice, he starts ranting about how the ice-cream truck makes too lound noises, and that there's poisonous artifical sweetening in the ice-cream, and he'd never eat that. He doesn't seem to mind poisioning himself with tobacco and alcohol though. I can't help laughing, and when he starts whining about how farmer's just whine all the time it's just all too much, so I decide to go back home. He too did look like an owl, or at least he reminded me of some large bird.

1.30 pm, back home and I lie down, relax and listen to some music for the next few hours. Roky Erickson's lyrics seem particularly meaningful, especially the ones on the 'Never say goodbye' disc, that he wrote and recorded when he was in Rusk Mental Hospital during the early 70s.

3.30 pm, I feel involuntarily back to normal at times, the self-exploratory head-tripping is overwith, replaced with a more contemplative state of mind. Around 6.30 pm I decide to go out again for an evening swim in the river, a 15 minute bike ride away from home. Stay away from heavy traffic as usual, take the interesting bike roads through cosy forests and other places. Spend a few hours at the beach, enjoying the rather cold, but refreshing water. I'm almost alone, and it's a really beautiful scenery with the sun glittering in the water and the pine forest I had to go through to get to the beach. I'm really close to baseline, even though there's still some swirly patterns with my eyes closed. There's some dark clouds in the sky and I get back home right before the thunderstorm starts. The cosy 'thunderstorm' atmosphere is augumented with some spooky and melancholic music.

The feeling of being just slightly off baseline tapers off during the next 6 hours or so, and I fall asleep around 5 am.


My subjective experience is that DOM differs a bit from DOB in ways such as being a bit more gentle, not as pushy and less numbing. It might be a case of better set and setting, but I still think the small difference in molecular structure played atleast a small part. For me it seems like DOB and 2C-B have a bit more of a slightly stoned, drowsey feel compared to DOM and 2C-T-2. Another thing that I can't really be sure of is the absence of muscle stiffness and aches in the end of the trip, something there was lots of in the end of the DOB trip.

Exp Year: ExpID: 1864
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 15, 2000Views: 29,857
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