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A New Dream
Datura & Cannabis
Citation:   fly by high. "A New Dream: An Experience with Datura & Cannabis (exp17479)". Feb 7, 2023.

2 bowls smoked Datura (leaves)
  2 bowls smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  half bowls smoked Datura (leaves)
  half bowls smoked Cannabis (flowers)
This little experiment worked out great for me. It was a Friday night and nothing was going on around town and the apartment complex was dead, so I crumbled up some dried jimson leaves I had from back home and smoked 2 bowls of this stuff through my roommate's and my water bong. It hit pretty smooth at first, then tasting the leaves was much more obvious after about the third puff. At first nothing happened so I chilled and put in Cake's 'fashion nugget' and waited till 4:20pm. I was pissing like a bandit in the time between smokes, at the magic time I smoked down two bowls of pot and chilled for a little bit, enjoying the high. At about 5pm I broke up more jimson weed and combined with the real weed and smoked a bowl. This sent me into a relaxing state. I closed my eyes and was consumed by the music that surrounded me. I could see many different patterns and designs in my imagination, it's hard to describe because I've forgotten a lot of the details.

I remember talking out loud, to nobody in particular, to anything that would listen. I remember looking into the bathroom mirror and combed my hair the opposite way and pretended to be that 'new' person. That lasted for a while, then my mind began thinking about my future and what I had to do to make it turn out good. That night was very refreshing, I had many totally 'real' dreams, in which I'd wake up to pee, and then fall asleep again with a new dream. This happened all night. The next morning, I didn't feel many side effects. I was a little light headed, and seemed lost well I was doing my grocery shopping but nothing noticeable. This experience was more like a quest than anything else. I'm definitely doing it again.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17479
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 7, 2023Views: 510
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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