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Pleasant, Relaxing
Poppies (California Poppy) & Cannabis
by BlueJesus
Citation:   BlueJesus. "Pleasant, Relaxing: An Experience with Poppies (California Poppy) & Cannabis (ID 16425)". Jun 11, 2003.

0.5 bowls smoked Cannabis (tar / resin)


It was monday night, I was bored and had some california poppy extract (extracted with 60% alcohol). It was time to smoke before going to bed, but I was not very tired at all. So I scraped some resin out of my broken pipe and put it in a bowl, along with 4 drops of the california poppy extract.

The first few hits sizzled like cooking eggs and produced a pleasant tasting smoke. About 10 mins later I had toasted the hell out of the bowl (very hot pipe!). I noticed a pleasant relaxing opiate-like high. Only opiate-like not really like any opiates I have tried. It was less euphoric and more bodily relaxing, my limbs felt very heavy, and i was very relaxed. I also had an unexplanable head buzz that was cool and lasted for about 15 mins. The effects were far beyond placebo, the two definatley mixed together well. For brief moments I could feel myself floating away into anasthetic and colorful realm. This is when the head buzz was acting.

In short it was a pleasant experience. Very relaxing for the day after a being nervous for no reason. I can't say I recommend people putting liquid extracts on weed and smoking it, but I had researched califonia poppy and found no known interaction or overdose cases. Just allergic reactions. I still took a gamble, but in this case it did not harm me at all. It was a very pleasant weed buzz mixed in with a odd opiate-like (without extreme euphoria) head buzz. But, still i would rather take hydrocodone or smoke opium than this stuff.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16425
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 11, 2003Views: 36,824
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