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Warp Speed Into Hell
Lsd & Cannabis
by PimpdawG
Citation:   PimpdawG. "Warp Speed Into Hell: An Experience with Lsd & Cannabis (exp16026)". Erowid.org. Jul 14, 2002. erowid.org/exp/16026

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (gel tab)
  T+ 0:45 1 hit oral LSD (gel tab)
  T+ 0:59   smoked Cannabis  


I considered myself to be quite experienced in drug taking but nothing could prepare me for the dose of reality or should I say unreality that I had experienced that night.

I had recently scored some orange geltabs the night before and was quite excited to take them. None of my friends had any money as usual so I was flying solo that night. I had taken one geltab around 8:00 pm and went with my friends to go smoke some blunts down by the pool in our town. I had begun to get impatient around 8:45 since I did not feel anything happening yet. So stupid me drops the other geltab around 9:00. NOTHING. Hours passes and I didnt feel shit. I was pissed. So me and two of my buddies go back to my place around 11:30 to chill and smoke some more. We started playing SuperMario Kart when all of a sudden I started laughing. I knew this wasn't any ordinary laughter. I turned to my friend and said, 'yo man i think im starting to trip' they were all shocked since it had been a couple of hours since I took the two geltabs.

I felt it slowly creeping up on me and I didnt want it to sneak away. So I ran to my headphones and started blasting the Jimi Hendrix experience full volume. I sat in my chair watching my friend do some crap on the computer and I was really entertained when it really took a turn for the worst. It was around 12:30 that I was into about the 11th song on the cd and jimi's guitar was blasting pscychedelic sounds into my ears and it just sent me flying into another world at warp speed. I flung the headphones off my ears and kept hearing these loud sirens going off in my brain. My legs and my arms went completely numb along with my mouth. I started to freak out. My vision was all distorted like if i was looking through a fun house mirror. Everything looked far away from me. MY arms, legs and feet looked as if they were 30 ft. away . My head felt detached from my body and I was completely numb. I thought since I couldnt feel my body that if I leaned against anything using my hands, that my elbow would snap at the joint. I was freaking the fuck out!

I kept telling myself that this was just a drug and that it would go away soon but nothing would help me. My heart was racing , beating a 1000 miles per second. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My body started shaking like if I was having a seisure. I pleaded to my friend( who was drunk) to help me but he didn't do shit expect tell me, 'you got what you asked for' Lousy friend huh? I was so scared that i was going to die of a heart attack. I wasnt delusional about my heart. It was really beating to the point that i felt like i was going to die. I looked in the mirror and saw my skinny dead like face and it just made me even more scared. I layed down on my bed and tried to calm myself down by covereing my face with a pillow so that I wouldn't see any more frightening images. Meanwhile my drunk freind passed out on the mini couch i had in my room. It was around 2:30 when my heart finally calmed down but my body was still spasming and shaking uncontrollably.Around 6:00 I tried to go to sleep but my body was still shaking. I spent the whole time I was laying down just thinking how the hell did this happen to me? It was so strange how it seemed as if I wasn't gonna trip at all to having the worst trip of my life.

I have always been affected since that night. Ever time I smoked after that night I would always get real tense in my back and my legs would start shaking like a little flashback . Smoking was never the same for me. =( Ive tripped a couple of times after that but I always prepared myself for the worst. Here's a lil hint kids, 'keep a couple of potent xanax pills near by just in case if u ever start to freak out to the point that u feel like u are about to die.' Remember always know your drugs and be safe.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16026
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2002Views: 4,989
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LSD (2) : Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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