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A Twelve-Hour Trip
by Dino
Citation:   Dino. "A Twelve-Hour Trip: An Experience with LSD (exp14788)". Jul 20, 2005.

3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This all began one weekend in Miami, Florida. I had met a couple of people online and they all seemed like a pretty legit bunch of individuals. We had all planned to check out a movie at coconut grove (from dusk till dawn) while tripping on what I believe were white blotters. I had arrived there about 8:00 PM to meet 4 people. The names I do not remember quite clearly, but there was a girl, 2 brothers named Don and something else, and a guy I named mime, because he had a black and white shirt striped shirt on.

When I had arrived I found out that Don (the first time tripper) had taken 3 or 4 hits. The rest of the gang had taken 2 - 3, I myself had taken 3 once I got there. They were all tripping before me, for they had taken theirs about 30 - 45 minutes beforehand. As we began walking towards the theater to buy our movie tickets, I noticed that Don was acting kind of strange. Walking next to me he kept on asking where we were. After repeatedly telling him that we were at the Grove about to watch a movie, I knew something was going to happen. Everyone else thought that he was going to be ok, and they were all laughing about and having fun. Once we finally arrived at the theater Don was quite confused with his surroundings. He constantly kept asking me where we were, and what we were doing. I told him everything was going to be ok, and to just relax, soon we were going to be in the theater and everything was going to be fine.

The movie didnít start until another hour so the gang and I decided to go smoke out under a tree somewhere in the grove. Don kept on asking me where we were of course and what were going to do. By this time everyone was answering his questions and telling him that it was going to be ok. After all of us smoked out and chatted for a while we walked back to the theater. I began to notice that Don wasnít acting himself at all anymore. He had a bath of sweat on him and he acted quite stuperous. By this time I was already feeling the effect, but my thoughts were on Don the whole time hoping he was going to be ok.

Once we arrived at the theater and gave the movie guy our stubs, I couldnít get my eyes of Don, I had a feeling I was going to look after this guy the whole night. We walked straight to the movie and sat down. I was sitting down next to Don, and his brother was next to him. In front of us was the girl and mime. 10 seconds through the intro of the film I began to noticed that Don was quite confused and worried. He kept on looking around and asking me where he was and what he was doing there. I told him we were about to watch a movie and everything was going to be ok. It seemed that my voice went out the other ear for he kept on asking the same questions real loud to the point were people were staring at us. I told the gang that this wasnít going to work out and that we should leave the theater and find something else to do. After agreeing we left as quick as we can and tried to figure out the plans for the rest of the night.

After walking some distance we noticed that we were in the wrong place at the moment. It was a busy Saturday night and Don couldnít control himself and he looked very confused and disoriented, so we had decided to go back to his house and hang out in a park until we all sobered up. The girl and mime went out to get the car, and I stayed with Don waiting at a water-fountain, while his brother stood a distance from us because he had a book-bag full of weed and people were staring at us, including police officers.

As I was waiting with Don for the car, he kept on calling people names that were passing by us and asking me where we were. Looking at him I noticed that he was in another world, and people didnít seem the same way to him anymore. He wore quite baggy pants and they kept on falling down his legs so I had to assist him by holding them up to his waist. By this time I was fully blown tripping and feeling great. Hundreds of people were passing by just staring at us and pointing. At one point I had forgot about Don's pants and they were down to his ankles while he was falling over into a water-fountain we were standing by. After a while of waiting I finally saw the car pull up and we literally dragged Don on the ground to the car and sped off into the next adventure.

By this time it must've been 11:00 PM as we drove to the park to sober up. Donís head was on the girlís lap talking weird stuff, and his brother was next to them feeling guilty about the whole situation. He kept on rambling about how it was his fault that this happens, how his brother is going to become a vegetable and heís never gonna do drugs again and etc. etc. After finally arrived at the park I noticed that the girl starts crying real badly. Earlier in her years she had an abortion, and while Don was on her lap rambling about, he mentioned something about an abortion which triggered her memories and made her cry. For about an hour she sat alone in the parking lot while me, the mime and Donís brother were talking about what were going to do. Don was in the backseat of the car staring at the ceiling with his eyes wide open, which really freaked us out as we tried to slap him out of it. Of course that didnít work so we began think of how were going to take him out of his state. His brother mentioned to me that he knew a guy up at the beach who sold rohypnol and he could come down and give Don some, thinking that it would make him fall asleep, so he can rest and wake up all bright and shine in the morning (bad idea).

His brother went to nearby phone and called the rohypnol dealer and he came as quick as he can for he knew Don quite well. I soon found out that he dealer himself was on special K, cocaine, alcohol, pot, and whatever else you can think off. When he arrived he tried to get Don out of his zombie state by talking to him and slapping around but that of course didnít work. So he tried to slip a rohypnol into his mouth but he was unable to swallow the thing. So we all decided to skip the idea and just carry him to the middle of the field and hopefully sober up by time the sun comes up. Now Don is about 200 - 250 pounds I believe, so carrying him was no easy task. While we were dragging him to the field, lo and behold a security guard stops us asking what we were doing. Donís brother reacted quite quickly and told him that his brother was drunk and he had to sober up before going home, because his parents would not approve of the situation. The security guard being surprisingly understanding accepted the story and told us to proceed as long as we did not make a disturbance.

Once we arrived in the middle of the field and plopped Don on the ground we celebrated by smoking a nice relaxing bowl, which followed with what we were going to do about this zombie minded individual next to us. Soon afterwards the dealer had to leave and asked if any of us wanted to buy roofies. None of us bought any except for the girl who took hers right away with a couple orange juice gulps.

Right now it mustíve been around 1 - 2 in the morning, the mime told us that he had to depart for he had a curfew and had to go home. We all said goodbye with a peace pipe and he fled off in his car. Soon thereafter the rohypnol began taking effect on the girl and she passed out. Donís brother and I were in another world right now for LSD and weed make a perfect combination for an altered state. We continued to smoke bowl after bowl until we got interrupted. Interrupted by something I had never seen before. The girl began to seizure in her sleep rolling around, shaking, sitting up and falling back down repeatedly. After she stopped, Donís brother and me were stupefied by the whole experience for none of us had ever seen that before. Soon thereafter she began doing it again in a much more violent motion which pretty much scared the hell out of me. She then began to sit up with her eyes closed swinging from side to side as if possessed by demons. But somehow she knew what she wanted to do as she struggled going in her book-bag and taking out her sweater. We watched for 10 minutes as she struggled to put on her sweater with eyes closed, until Donís brother finally decided to become a gentleman and assisted her. Afterwards she fell back down to the floor and continued her seizures.

After smoking bowl after bowl while watching her twitch and stop, twitch and stop, Donís bro and I decided that we were quite hungry and wanted to get something to eat. He mentioned to me that there was a 24-hour convenience not too far away, about 5-minute walking distance. So after talking about it and smoking over it if we should leave these two zombies while we go out and get some food, we decided to do it. As we walked away we constantly looked back to eye our zombie friends to see if they were not walking about into a tree or into a lake.

The walk to the convenience store of course lasted about 2 hours even-though it was only a couple of minutes. Once arrived there and having the lady on the other side of the glass, ask us what we wanted, we were stumped. 5 minutes later we still stood there decided what to get as the lady began to squint her eyes out of curiosity. Soon after my tripping partner blurred out that he wanted donuts and paid the woman. After another 2 hours of walking back to the scene we noticed that Don was sitting up looking at the stars which surprised us both while the girl was still lying downÖ Twitching in her usual manner.

Donís brother told me that he had to go home, for he was only 14 years old at the time and told his parents that he would arrive home in the middle of the morning and his parents would freak out if they didnít seem him home. We had a very close moment as he told me to take care of his brother and try to wake him up from the state he was in. We smoked our last bowl together and he walked off leaving me in charge.

As I sat there smoking the fine green next to a tree I prayed to God that if these two were to sober up Iíd never trip again. I began to speak to Don and throwing rocks at him to surpress my boredom. I remembered Don rolling his own cigarettes and asked him to roll one to see if he was all right. After asking him numerous times and screaming at him he finally responded by looking at me. Surprised and very relieved to see life in him I told him to stand up and walk around while I bitched at him for making my night a misery so far. I told him to look at the girlÖah, now I remember her name. It was Alicia. I told him to look at her and see how fucked up she was and that we need to sober her up as soon as we can. By this time the sun was coming up and it wouldnít be long until the community would be walking around their dogs and doing their daily routines of jogging to stay healthy. Of course he was still mildly in his state of tripping and unreality that I repeatedly had to tell him to snap out of it. I told him to pick up Alicia and shake her into submission so she could wake up and hopefully sober up before we would be noticed in the middle of the park.

Daylight was up and Don assisted me in picking up Alicia while I smacked her face over and over and over and over again. I accompanied the slapping with pinching and dropping her on the floor to awake her. Her face felt numb, cold and swollen as I slapped her with one thing in mindÖto become sober. Soon afterwards she began to cry which was quite a relief for both Don and me. She cried and complained how her head hurts and that she couldnít take it anymore. We told her to walk around and sober up. Don mentioned to me that there was a pool not too far away and she can put water on her head to for some kind of relief. We assisted her to the pool and fed her donuts to fill her stomach with food and get her senses back.

The time now was 8 - 9 in the morning and she had finally sobered up. The village was walking their pets and running of that fat they needed to lose. My online friends were up and about, sober and conscious talking about their experience as we walked to Donís house to find his brother relieved at the sight of us. We entered the household only to see Donís parents asking him how his night wasÖto which he answered it was all-right, we had fun. Afterwards I have never seen those people again.

Next week came around and I broke my promiseÖ Iíve been tripping monthly since that day. I guess the only thing I have learned from this experience is how to handle the situation when another one comes upÖstay calm, do not leave them alone when bad tripping (although I didnít quite do that) and help out however I can, it had crossed my mind many times to take them to the hospital, but for my own safety I didnít. Maybe I should have done that instead, Iím just glad it all came out in a good way, but I doubt it will always come out that way in the near future.

Exp Year: 1996ExpID: 14788
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 20, 2005Views: 13,048
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