Ketamine, Opium & Cannabis
by mort
Citation:   mort. "Arrested: An Experience with Ketamine, Opium & Cannabis (exp14519)". Sep 21, 2004.

12 tablets oral Pharms - Propoxyphene
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis
  50 mg IV Ketamine
So one night I was smoking opium as usual at my dealer's house when a stranger shows up trying to sell vials of ketamine. I nearly shit myself for I'd heard much about this substance, and bought a gram (liquid) on the spot for $60 US. However being already high on opiates I decided to save it for a more appropriate opportunity.

The next day, I'd dried up about half the vial, in preparation for the Tool concert I was about to attend.. However, I was the designated driver, so I only did a tiny little bump which I barely felt on top of all the weed we were smoking, whereas my friend really got off and could barely walk back to the car. I got back from the concert around 1 or 2 am and sat around pondering what to do with the K. I only had about 4 hours before my parents were awake and I was anxious about getting sick, so it suddenly came to me that I could do an IV injection - after all, I'd been flirting with IV opiates for a year or so prior to this, so it wasn't anything new. So I filled a 1cc syringe with 100mg and shot 30mg of it into my vein.

WOW. As soon as I pulled out the needle everything exploded into blackness, then I was in a faint hyperspace type area. As soon as my motor skills returned I shot the other 70mg and had an experience similar to John Lilly's Cosmic Computer ('A Guided Tour of Hell', _The Center of the Cyclone_) in that I felt like simultaneously a small part of and the whole of some great cosmic order. In contrast to Lilly's trip, it was beyond all polarity of good or evil. Of course words can never do an experience like that justice.

When I came down, I started to conceive of these giant turbine-like extradimensional structures dimly perceived by astrophysicists as 'strings' which non-corporeal, non-temporal 'beings' used to manipulate this reality. However this experience set off a severe manic episode where I was convinced that something terrible was going to happen that Wednesday - I pretty much realized that anything can happen at anytime, at any place, to anyone or any amount of people, in any way. Anything is possible. And so I projected one possibility onto one time, and it led to general insanity. Thankfully it didn't last too long, and I pretty much just chilled out and gave away the rest of the K. A couple of weeks went by and I had a significant amt of money stashed, and was pretty bored, so I called up the dealer and got two more vials.

Well, this precipitated a binge between my friend and I. I couldn't resist ketamine on a daily basis, but the reason I submit this report is because whereas most people get addicted to nasal or IM administration, I almost exclusively did ketamine intravenously. Part of it was the whole ritual of seeing the blood trickle into the syringe, followed by near instantaneous propulsion into a state beyond any human conception - others have written enough about that, I don't need to. I did do IM twice, once in my friend's treehouse and once in Galveston beach. I found IM injection to be more of a hassle, leaving my shoulders sore and giving my nausea and a prolonged hangover afterwards. IM was a more integratable experience but also did not give me the really far out, N-dimensional spaces that 70mg+ doses IV gave me.

At this time I also had ready access to numerous opiates, mainly high quality, $50/gram black opium. On more than one occasion I mixed the two and found that Ketamine and opiates definitely don't mix. The opiates seem to dull the more interesting effects of the K while worsening the physical load. A word to the wise.

This daily usage didn't continue long. One day, me, my friend who was also shooting K with me (although he stuck to IM), and a couple other friends decided to drive down to this farmhouse in Texas that we had permission to use - as there was a meteor shower that night the likes of which wouldn't occur again till 2099. We got there and it seemed chill as fuck, not to mention that we could already see plenty of meteors streaking through the sky. After smoking a bowl (pot was another drug that was constant during this time, but I don't feel it deserves mention beyond that at it wasn't something that really intoxicated me anymore at this point) I went to the car and filled up 2 syringes, 100mg IM for my friend and 50mg IV for me (I'd taken about 12 Darvon and so was taking it easy that night).

After shooting up, I spent the normal time in my extratemporal dimension, and then all of a sudden I was being dragged around by strangers and asked all kinds of questions. I only felt love for all living beings and tried to communicate that to these ones, but they ignored me. It was a good thing it was an IV dose because I came to my senses pretty quickly - in the back of a fucking POLICE car. Don't even remember how I got arrested, but my friends who weren't on K thankfully gave me the account later. Apparently a neighbor who was ALSO out watching the meteor shower thought we were burglars and called the cops, so they showed up with like 4-6 pigs. My friends saw them coming from a distance and tried to find the ketamine on me but alas, I had left it in my car. From then on, it was just a matter of the cops intimidating me into submission. For humor purposes I'll relay some of the conversations:

Hick cop: 'Son, we need to know what this 'ketamine' stuff does to you'
Me: 'Dude.... it activates the EIGHTH CIRCUIT OF THE BRAIN.'
*cop slams door*

Anyway, getting arrested on Ketamine was a fucking trip. It didn't turn out too bad, I've more or less gotten my life together now, though I would do it again if I had the chance. And thankfully I managed to avoid a felony possession charge; since the search was illegal they compromised and gave me a misdemeanor possession charge.

In summary, IV ketamine use is a whole different bag than IM. It's fast and furious, and the comedown is extremely rapid with little nausea or even discoordination. I think the potential for addiction is greater as it's much easier to do repeated doses.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 14519
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 21, 2004Views: 47,276
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