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An Unusually Good Trip
by Jen
Citation:   Jen. "An Unusually Good Trip: An Experience with AMT (exp13692)". Mar 12, 2008.

1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  1 line smoked Cocaine (freebase)
  50 mg oral AMT (capsule)
  1 line smoked Cocaine (freebase)
  1 repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  1 repeated smoked Cannabis  


A good friend of mine and I arrived at the rave around 11pm. When we pulled up, we were told they were having some parking problems and to roll around for a few minutes and come back. The party was being held in an old farmhouse so we figured the gravel roads woudld be a perfect place to pull over and do a little pre-party partying. B cut us out a decent rail of Ketestat Ketamine. Waited a minute for that to kick in and decided to burn a foily (cocaine mixed with baking soda and water, spread on a sheet of foil and then smoked).

Feeling great we go back to the party, and start asking around for rolls. Surprisingly, the only ones around were some bunk butterflies and these capsules of AMT. I had heard of it, but no one we talked to had taken any before. The guy we got them from said he heard they were like a roll and a trip at the same time and would last about 12 hours. And that he had heard they were the shit. Whatever. Anyone selling anything says their shit is the shit. Just as the K and coke wear off, we decide to go ahead and eat the capsules as still no rolls had shown up.

I down the AMT with a beer. About 45 minutes later, I still feel nothing, which I thought unusual, considering most pills I take are doin' their thing about 20 minutes after I drop. Decide to refill my beer at the keg thinking the capsules were bunk. Halfway through chugging that down, I start to feel kinda funny. No visuals, no nausea. Just that something was different. I couldn't put my finger on it. About 2 hours after I dropped, walk outside to the Porta-Potty to go to the bathroom. Funny thing. I couldn't go. Stand up and puke. And puke. And puke some more until I'm throwing up blood. And now I am tripping nuts.

Fells like I'm on about 3 hits of some dam good acid. No visuals, just the feeling of being in a movie and knowing what everyone else is going to say or do before they do it. Colors are brighter. But the nausea feeling still hasn't gone away. I feel like total shit while tripping nuts. Not a fun feeling at all. Having had one bad acid trip last year, I start to get a bit worried, like 'Oh shit, what did I just put in my body and why' feeling.

Go upstairs and find B. He says he doesn't feel good either. Need to get out of the crazy party enviornment, like NOW. We go outside to the car and burn the other foily we brought along. We just wanted something to get rid of that horrible feeling. Didn't work. B pukes. We go back inside and B about kicks the shit out of the guy that sold us these. We were not expecting this. Neither of us puke off MDMA.

About 3 hours after we took the AMT, my body starts to relax. the nausea goes away, and though I'm really frying by now, I actually start to enjoy it. Getting mad visuals and my jaw is clenching like crazy, but part of my brain understands it's just the drug, and the paranoia disappears completely. I can manage talking to friends, and cut out bumps for other people. Get some light shows, (one by someone I know is an undercover...that was crazy)and am having a really good time. Stand up to go to the bathroom and get the craziest visual I have ever had. I watch as my waist on down detatches itself from the rest of my body and walks off, leaving my upper half standing there watching as my legs walk down the stairs by themselves. Whoa. I am terrified my mind will not be able to deal with this and shit will start to go very badly.

Amazingly, even though I am totally ridiculous at this point, something is still telling me to relax. It was like part of my brain was totally unaffected by the drug and would only let my mind wander so far. Boosts my ego that even after a bad acid trip I can still deal with myself. Yeah me. The night keeps getting better and better.

Make it down to the Porta-Potty. Still can't pee, but no nausea. All of a sudden the 4 walls of the Porta-Potty disappear and are replaced by people. Don't like that. Getting really claustraphobic. Decide to get out of there, but spend the next 3 or 4 minutes feeling around in the dark trying to flush the toilet. Remember you can't flush in a Porta-Potty. Woops. This makes me laugh. I walk out of the john laughing my ass off. I realize people are looking at me, but it felt so good to laugh, I didn't care. About 6 hours after taking the AMT, my mood elevates to an incredible level. Like I'm rolling, but better than that. More natural. Just glad to be me. Glad I have good friends at the party watching out for me. Glad I'm tripping so hard. Glad the 50 didn't shut down the party. Just so dam happy I'm about to bust.

The party winds down and the guy who threw the party invites the crew and VIP's out to breakfast. If you've ever tripped before, you know how bad food sounds when you're frying. No good. Can't deal with normal people right now either. I know I looked way cracked. Home is about 2 hours away and there is no way B can drive. So we find the most ghetto looking hotel we can (so they don't ask too many questions) and check in around 7am.

We spend the next 12 hours just dealing with ourselves and smoking a blunt now and then. About halfway through the acid like effects seem to go away and now I'm rolling. Rolling hard. I've eaten 5 pills in one night before (alot for a 105lber) , but this was more intense.

Gradually we come down and go to the store to get some food and milk cuz we wanted to be done tripping. It had been about 20hours since we first ate those capsules. Enough was enough. Missing sobriety by now. The milk does its job and we fall asleep for a much needed rest. Feel great the next morning. After rolling that hard, I'm usually E-tarded as hell. After tripping that hard, nothing makes much sense the next day. But we feel fine.

We were not prepared for the ride AMT took us on. Overall, it was a great time. The first few hours were horrible (the coke did NOT help), but after that it's a really fun trip. There was a numbness in my mouth the whole night I didn't much care for, and the nausea was no fun, but I'm sure the beer didn't help that out much. Next time I would be prepared for the length of the trip. And the intensity. It is not for someone not used to psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 13692
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 12, 2008Views: 8,035
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AMT (7) : Glowing Experiences (4), Multi-Day Experience (13), First Times (2), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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