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Station Nightmare
by Sven
Citation:   Sven. "Station Nightmare: An Experience with Cannabis (exp13482)". Mar 25, 2002.

0.5 g oral Cannabis (tea)


I come from Germany so I guess there will be a lot of mistakes in the whole context - I want to appologize for that first. Okay I have to admit that I smoked weed a lot of times before but because I am not a smoker I really didn't get that high (because I didn't inhale it that deep and that long). I wanted to give it a last try because I really thought Marijuana is just boring and I couldn't imagine why people like that small not very intensive kick so much.

Me and a friend used about 0.5 g weed with tea. First we heated it in a microwave - then we started drinking it. Actually I tried to take weed oral like 2 times before which failed both cause I didn't eat it at all or I forget heating it - whatever this time should really be the last if it doesn't work... It was midnight when we used it so I know we should have got one hour left before it will have an effect on us but I doubted it anyway so we headed to Hanover City. It was an early Tuesday morning and nobody was on the streets when I first felt that something must have been changed - it was kind of more interesting and funny to look in all that windows of the closed stores.

Then we entered the station and it really went further very fast. So after a short while all was very funny and ridicolous. Walking was getting a problem because it was very hard to use one step for the other. Then we left the station again and get outside. We tried to talk to some people but we weren't able to do it - we only could make some noises and our converstion was getting more and more difficult maybe every 10th word was kind of sensible. 3 guys realized us and started laughing about us because we were behaving like robots - we just made noises and keep on walking. By the time one of them get the idea to rob us I got an unpleasant feeling and we went back to the station (btw we must have been crossing that station maybe 50 times that night!). Now I lost time and place control I mean I forgot in which direction we were heading and I wasn't able to speak one sentence because every time I forgot the beginning so it was no use.

To find the right way and walking itself were that hard that a short distance seemed to be like a long travel - the same with the time.By the time that I realized that 10 minutes really didn't pass by I got in panic and I was like: 'Does it ever stop again and all will it be okay? Maybe the drug dealer used some LSD on the grass and I will get mad...'

By that time I really felt like going to the hospital especially as we get so thirsty and the mouth were that try I can't tell...I was on heat and I didn't know wether I will get an heart attack or maybe I couldn't breathe anymore - but we found a book store which were opened by night so we entered it. We have been there like some hours before but there it was just cool. I just told the woman we only want to rest and get some drink and we won't make any trouble but then I saw her using the telephone - I got the paranoia that she would call the police... 40 minutes passed by and some people were supervising us - I realized it although they must have thought I couldn't take notice of them. My friend was sitting on a chair trying to read a book what of course was impossible - we didn't talk a lot anymore... I was walking and walking and walking arround the furnitures and talking to myself that I really don't have fun anymore and I want it to be over by now...

I wasn't that hungry anymore when I got the idea that my friend must be the devil because he rejected recognizing me and only sometimes I felt like he was back when he said: 'It's all cool - nothing to worry about'... suddenly two police men arrived and I got really angry cause that dumb woman really called them so we tried to leave the store and the police men were cool so all were cool... now I started coming down but then my friend wanted to drive and I jumped out of the car and took his keys cause I was afraid to die so we just hang out about another hour before I could accept driving home... after all this trip was really high and the following trips we made were more or less good but there were none what I would call a bad trip again... if I wouldn't have had that experience again I probably wouldn't use it anymore but now I really learned to use that stuff and we really had much fun but this is not the topic...

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 13482
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 25, 2002Views: 5,475
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Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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