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'67 Years!'
Citation:   Anthony. "'67 Years!': An Experience with Cannabis (exp13456)". May 31, 2020.

1.5 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
It was me and my good buddy Jeremy, on a Tuesday afternoon, right afterschool. We went down to the basement, pulled out the bong we had made a week before, weed, and lighter from the ceiling tiles, and locked the door. We lit up, and started hitting the bong pretty hard. We both got pretty giggly, finished a bowl, filled another. By the second we were both pretty fried, only I didnít know it. Jeremy kept reaching for the bong and missing it, saying 'Man, I'm sooo stoned'. To which I replied 'No you're not, neither am I!', then I proceeded to laugh hysterically. I still didnít realize I was high. We eventually smoked 3 bowls of bud.

My legs and back became sweaty, felt cold and tingly. We decided to move upstairs, to chill in his room. As soon as we got there my world fell apart. He was chillin at his computer desk, while I was losing touch with reality. Time seemed to shift backwards and forwards at the same time, in slides, like the old projectors in school. I kept felt like i was falling, I panicked, I felt hot, feverish, my heart was racing. All this happened very fast, I was giggly one minute, freaking out the next.

I started yelling to Jeremy 'Help me, I'm freaking out. I know we're both stoned, but I'm serious: I'm freaking out. Time is wrong! I keep falling! Help me!'. Him, being stoned, just told me to keep my voice down, cause his father had just gotten home. So I decided to get help elsewhere: AIM. I started IMing people, telling them I was freaking out, and needed help. Jer's dad came up the stairs yelling 'Whose goddamn bag is that down at the bottom of the stairs!?'. It was Jeremyís, he went to go get it, but I thought it was mine. 'Its mine! MINNNEEE' I yelled. His dad looked at me funny and said 'No, its Jeremyís'. He left. We went back down the basement.

At this point I was pretty messed up. I kept blabbering about the secret names of things, and changing them into hats. I would say 'Look at this shoe, its secret name is wankle-doff! POOF, its a hat'. I then put it on, cause i thought it was a hat. The sober me was still there, but it felt like I wasnít in control of my body. I kept saying stuff about 67 years, such as: 'I've been your teacher for 67 years, you've been my son 67 years, you've been going out with Tamara 67 years, Iíve been your father 67 years..' etc. Only none of that stuff was true, of course.

Chris, Jeremyís somewhat righteous brother came down. He immediately knew something was wrong, and Jer told him, in a very stoned voice 'Chris, Anthonyís STONED, mann'. Chris was cool about it, he sat down and tried to tell me that the false things I was saying were wrong. I started freaking out,I thought I was Wolverine, Jerry Seinfeld, Cashius Clay, and the actor who played Morpheus, on the Matrix. I also started mentioning stuff along the lines of 'Chris donít leave me, I love you like a brother man, dont go off to the Naval Academy without me, goddamn you, donít go to the NAVAL YALE ACADEMY!!'. Also, for some stupid reason, I kept saying and motioning how I wanted to fuck both Chris and Jeremy's girlfriends, I repeated this a bunch of times. I'm lucky I was stoned at the time, or they (at least Chris anyway) would have beat the shit out of me. This continued for another hour or so, but felt like days. During this time my mother called, but somehow as soon as she called I sobered up for 2 minutes. The only thing I said wrong was 'Oh, we're just watching computer'. Instead of 'watching TV'. But after that moment of not-being-freaked out, it started right back up again.

The freak-out stopped as abruptly as it had started. One minute I was wolverine, the next I was sober with the munchies. Jeremy sobered up a while ago, we went to eat pizza, and that was that. We both agreed that we had smoked way too much, and that next time we would smoke less, no more than a bowl a person.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13456
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 31, 2020Views: 789
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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