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In The Dead Of Night
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Cannabis
Citation:   TheDude. "In The Dead Of Night: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Cannabis (exp13420)". Sep 23, 2008.

T+ 0:00
  oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 0:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
My friend (to be named jb from here on) and I have been active persuants of different natural psychoactives for the better part of 4 months now, and have had multiple experiences with morning glories and the extracted LSA from the seeds.

After several experiments using the water filtration method, jb and i finally decided to go out and buy some zippo lighter fluid for the filtrtation and extraction process, and planned to have a decent trip while camping with friends on spring break - the following day was to be the main course - a strong dose of mesculine from our good friend pedro :)

Anyhow, the past experiments using water filtration had desired effects, but nothing more than mere altered consciousness and some general 'funkiness', so we figured we'd give it one last hurrah and do everything right. Well, after using the naptha as the initial filtration liquid, and then letting the seed meal dry out for several days, we added alcohol (153 proof abc grain alcohol. yuck.) to the seed meal, shook it for the better part of 3 straight hours, filtered out the seed meal, and poured the distinctly yellow alcohol into a pan to dry out for a few days while we were out of town.

Sadly, we came back to see the alcohol had oxidized the pan and it had all turned black in the places where the metal had oxidized. However, me being the economizer that I am, i poured about 3 shots of alcohol into the pan, redissolved everything, and actually managed to filter out almost all of the 'blackness' using coffee filters. Mind you, I just recently had a tetnis shot, and I would never do this again. But, hell, why not, yknow?

Anyhow, the inital set up had been for 3 14gm hits, but through some sloppy handling, and after the oxidation nightmare, john and i figured it'd probably be 2 9gm doses tops.

Boy, were we wrong. Now for the trip.

5pm: I proceeded to down the 1.5 shots of alcohol that was mine.. had a distinctly funny taste to it, even moreso than it usually does. Sat in my stomach oddly, and i say around the campfire with some friends.

5:30pm: jb returned with his girlfriend from work and downed his shots. It's terrible tasting stuff, and we all just sat around not saying much for the next half hour.. another of our friends (r) had brought a 'special' brownie that he had eaten when i downed my dose. He was definitely getting stoned, and me and said friend had just smoked about 3 bowls of kind weed.

6:30pm: Holy cow, it's 6:30? dinner is ready. jb, my friend r, and Ill had proceeded to talk some interesting talk and completely hunker down in jackets. r inexplicably looked like koopa troopa from mario bros. jb hadn't said anything in almost a half hour besides a few affirming grunts and a yes or two to his gf, who was making dinner.

7:00pm: we all left to go to the beach. i was flying by now, but i didn't know if I was necessarily tripping yet. r had brought a huge blunt to smoke behind the dunes, and I was looking forward to that. it was dark and cold out. I had my shoes off, and it seemed to me that my feet had disappeared and I was simply a part of the beach in the dark.

The next 3 hours are a total blur. At some random point on the beach, r says that I wandered off w/o telling anyone (I was there with 5 other people) and I was straggling along the top of the dunes. From there, I remember feeling more energy and power than I ever had before. I looked at the ground.. and the sand was no longer sand.. it was snow! All around me snow was falling, and it was fairly cold outside and my feet were completely numb. I proceeded to yell out to my friends that we were in the middle of a huge blizzard, and I ran across the dunes laughing hysterically. Upon my return, I realized that everything had changed. Everyone was smiling, looking upon my return with rejoice. I raised my hands to the gods and rejoiced to the world, and ran around for a while tripping my ass off.

From there, I eventually ran across the beach and almost went into the water before - JB! - stopped me. He told me he was tripping balls and his girlfriend was tripping him out. I proceeded to tell him I was going insane, crazy, out of control. And then it began happening. For the next half hour, jb and I were lost in the midst of this huge blizzard on the beach, I couldn't find my shoes or my flashlight, and every time I looked up, I found myself in the exact same place where we had been smoking the blunt. this must've happened 5 times, until jb's gf found her way out to find us and bring us to the van to leave the beach.. the snow was swirling around me, and I found myself in the middle of saving private ryan - the shaky camera, the grit of warfare, the rush of the beach - the intense war going on around me was almost too much. we eventually found my shoes and got back to the van, where everyone was completely under the effect of jb and I's trip - as seems to happen when generally sober people are around trippers. r was laughing hysterically at me it seemed, and his head began to spin like the exorcist. The driver of the van was making no sense at all of his words, and jb was speaking to me telepathically under his breath. The dune grass was swaying and growing all around me, and the ground kept tilting back and forth under me.. I swear the entire earth, my whole reality crumbled before my very eyes..

10pm: From here, the whole night I was inexplicably able to read everything going on around me. The power of mine to read minds and tune into other people's thoughts was astounding. jb and I, and we to this day cannot refute it, went about 30 minutes w/o speaking a word, yet we carried on entire conversations about our trip and continued to tune into each other the whole night. I eventually figured out what was real and what wasn't, what my mind was creating, and that reality was still real. I fell asleep in my tent at around 1am, and my tent proceeded to fly away and I went into all sorts of dreamscapes in my little dream-machine tent.

At one point I awoke, still tripping, and had to urinate. It seemed impossible at the time, and seems even more impossible now, but i ventured into the darkness without a flashlight and braved the forest to urinate. It was by and far the scariest and most unnerving thing I have ever done. The trees were growing in the moonlight, and everything seems as though made out of clay and put in motion, like tim burton's nightmare before christmas. After battling the creatures of the night in my ravaged mind, I made it back to my tent, got in my sleeping bag, and went back to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, the most beautiful morning awaited me. I spoke with the squirrells, and after the squirrels angered me for trying to steal a cookie off our picnic bench, I set traps for the squirrels and played mind games with the squirrels for the better part of an hour. I was in tune with all of nature. Birds flew up to me, would look at me funny, and would fly away, the squirrels never left me alone, and a line of marching ants had proceeded to form past my seat on the bench to go after the cookie.

Later that day I ingested the mesculine juice and had a wonderfully spiritual trip that lasted well into the night (as mesc tends to be an incredibly smooth trip) and fell asleep.

Frankly, the moral of the story is that I have zero idea how much morning glory I took (probably around 15gm?), but after doing the filtration process correctly, I have now discovered the most powerful drug I have ever taken. Since that fateful night, I tripped several times, never as hard, but with equally astounding effects of social interaction - the ability to see through egos and manipulate the people around me with my own powerfully tuned mind while tripping is amazing.

To say the least, there seems to be no limit with MG as a tool for tuning your mind to the reality that nobody else sees. Not so much a visual drug, it simply whisks your mind away, and presents an entire world you never knew existed, empowering you to anything and everything possible in the world. Hell, I fell asleep once only 4 hours after taking an 8gm dose, and proceeded to actually *touch* the end of the universe in my mind.. by far the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, in my dreams and even outside of my dreams.

It kinda ends here though.. nothing much else to say, time to hit the sack.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13420
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 23, 2008Views: 6,004
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