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This Is a Drug Like Others Are Not
Mescaline & Cannabis
by CoCo
Citation:   CoCo. "This Is a Drug Like Others Are Not: An Experience with Mescaline & Cannabis (exp13350)". Nov 13, 2004.

600 mg oral Mescaline
    repeated oral Mescaline
    smoked Cannabis


For the sake of self preservation, Names will be in the format of the first two letters repeated twice (i.e. pet names) this is due to the fact that I like to be anonymous and there are lots of us. I will be COCO. I am 18 years old, yet fairly mature and experienced in several kinds of drugs. I am what you could call a strong tripper. However I have never done Mescaline or Peyote prior to this report. I live with my uncle who happens to be very laid back and understanding. He has had some experience with Mescaline so I figured tripping in his presence would be helpful.

This is going to be long and hard to explain because my memory is already failing me in the fine details. But I want to get this all down so others can use it before I forget completely.

Friday 3pm - I have just got home from a short day at work. Earlier in the week, wednesday I think I was informed by local neighborhood dealer ALAL that he could hook up some mesc, needless to say I am always excited about the opportunity to try new mind altering substances. ALAL explained that he wanted to do some with me so I was looking forward to today since wednesday. I leave home after showering to prepare for my trip. I go to a computer store and buy myself a computer so I can have two so if we feel the need to play or use them we can. I head over to the mall to buy munchies/glowsticks and other various trip toys, as well as get a haircut.

5pm - Finally get home, drop my stuff in my room and phone AL. I spend my time waiting for him by trying to get my computer networked with my other, and set up my trip station for the night.

6pm - ALAL arrives with his girlfriend CRCR, I was not expecting to trip with her, but this does not bother me except for the fact she is not a very experienced tripper. I welcome them both into my home. After sorting out payment, we prepare our drugs. Me and ALAL were informed one pill would be a good trip, but after weighing them at 700mg and comparing it to published doses, we discover that this is quite a heavy dose. Being overconfident/foolish in my abilities, I decide that we can probably handle this amount. But to be on the safe side, we shave approx 100mg of our doses.

6:30pm - Me and ALAL have ingested 600mg of Mesc now, CRCR has decided to wait until we are started to trip to take some. We have pre-prepared her 300mg. We are simply chilling. I am hoping to finish setting up my computer before this drug kicks in.

7:15pm - It has been about 15 minutes since the first alerts have went off. I can start to feel it ok now. ALAL is commenting about how this drug is accelerating quickly. Still not too strong, we decide to write how we feel in my trip book.

7:20pm - Me and ALAL are definitely starting to feel it now. Not too intense yet, But a ++ already for sure.

7:25pm - I am astounded. I have went from thinking this drug is kicking in to being amazed at the fact I can hardly think already. It is +++ now, in only 5 minutes. Time is becoming stretchy. I am still trying to work my computer but it is getting horribly difficulty. I am having so much trouble focusing. I can not even walk well anymore. Everything feels so weird. ALAL says he is starting to feel it strong now.

7:30pm - CRCR takes her dose now at our repeated suggestions she does so. i.e. - oh my god this is ... whoa.... take this. Me and ALAL are starting to trip hard. I expected this to be horribly visual but the changes in sensory perception are very subtle. Everything is fucked up, but more because I cant understand it that it actually doing anything. I REALLY CAN NOT WALK NOW. I move to go to the bathroom and my vison flanges horrible. I get about three frames between my bedroom and standing in front of the toilet. I can not even remember leaving my room. I can remember what is happening at the time, but looking back at it my memory is skewered. choppy even.

8:30pm - By now I am definitely tripping strong. Me and ALAL have decided music sucks on this drug. I have so much problems moving. ALAL does not appear to be having a good time. He is definitely lost. He does not know how to handle this kind of trip. I am very disassociated. I am trying to relax ALAL but it is hard in this condition. I tell him I love him a lot. CRCR tries to explain something to me about leaving but I cannot comprehend it well. She leaves and I let her. I should not have done this but it is too late as she as gone and I cannot even remember her leaving. Me and ALAL are tripping HARD. We dont know why CRCR has left. Has she left? Was she here. We spend the next hour trying to handle our respective trips. I am doing well but I feel as if I have to take care of ALAL or he will lose it. He is vomiting a lot, and very very very lost, but still not having a bad trip. We spend an hour looking for CRCR in my house and wondering where she is. Where is my uncle, he was here an hour ago.

9:30pm - CRCR has returned. I almost didnt hear the knock on the door. I am still tripping very hard. But I can almost handle this level. Me an ALAL are so relived CRCR has returned. It is as if a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My uncle is home now. I tell him I am tripping on Mesc, Me ALAL and CRCR all talk to my uncle.

11:00pm - We have come down considerably. But are still tripping. I can think better now. ALAL is still vomiting, but mentally feels better. CRCR does not like this drug at all, but is not having a bad trip. Apparently she went home to get some comfy clothes. Although she lives only a block or two away it took her approx an hour. Wow.

12:00 - ALAL and CRCR are sitting in my room deciding whether to sleep or not. I have opted to watch tv now. I cannot make sense of anything but the cartoons are fun to watch. Time moves so very slowly. But after it has passed I feel as if it had not been long enough at all.

Saturday 1:00am - ALAL has come out to watch tv with me. We do so for several hours. We watch Independence day, Fantasia, And the Hobbit. The two latter are excellent.

5:00am - ALAL has passed out a couple of hours ago to my discovery. I still feel off baseline. I decide to move about for an hour or so doing nothing. It still causes euphoria.

7:00am - CRCR has awaken and left to go home. I finally fall asleep next to ALAL.

11:00am - Me and ALAL wake at almost the same time. I still feel weird. We decide that this is definitely a drug like others are not. This is a drug we say.

12:00pm - ALAL has opted to leave. I am ok with this since I am tired. I fall back asleep.

1:00pm - KUKU phones me. He wants to come over. I decide it would be interesting to relate my trip with other friends. I say yes. I fall back asleep.

3:00pm - KUKU and NANA have arrived. I wake up and let them in. They have acquired some 'e', I have done this kind with pure MDMA and felt that it was mostly acid.

4:00pm - After some debating we have decided to trip again at my house. KUKU and NANA take a hit of 'e' each. I wait to secure some more Mesc. I have decided I like Mesc a lot, but wish to try it with different companions to see.

5:00pm - KUKU's girlfriend RARA has come by. She will be tripping with us, but decides to not do any drugs since she is scared to do E if it is acid. I dont blame her. I still have not obtained Mesc.

5:30pm - KUKU and NANA are finally starting to feel the 'e' a little. It is not too strong apparently as they are dissapointed. I decided now is a good time to get Mesc.

6:00pm - I have obtained Mesc now. I decide to share some with KUKU since he is my good buddy and is not tripping as much as he would like. He seems interested after I explain my trip. Or my lack of explanation of my trip. I take 250mg and he takes 250mg. To my great amazement RARA has decided to do some. This is amazing since she is afraid to do E or acid, and has only done shrooms and pot. We give her the remaining 200mg.

7:00pm - Like before we start to feel it around T45 and it kicks in good at about T1hour. KUKU says it is overpowering the E/acid a lot. But he likes it. For me it is a not a lot weaker, but more like the afterglow of yesterday. I do not achieve the insane intensity I did yesterday. However I almost like it more at the lower doses. RARA is astounded at this drug. She keeps saying that she loves this drug.

8:00pm - We are all tripping good but mellow now. Except for NANA. We all feel like he doesent belong. I feel bad for him, but he is taking us all down. I like him, but feel maybe he shouldnt be here tripping with us. Me RARA and KIKI are all trying to sing with the music or make our own with our voices. We do this for much time. It is so much fun. I am not afraid to try and sing. I feel so uninhibited. I am me, and I like it. I am happy. I am still trying to make my other computer work. I think I have formatted it now to install a new os. It is hard to work with. I am glad I have one that works.

10:00pm - I have been in my room forever it feels. KUKU must leave soon, thankfully as a favor to me he is taking NANA with him. RARA has drove here and still can not drive. I like her a lot, so I am glad she is staying here with me alone, I am looking forward to burning out with her.

11:00pm - KUKU and NANA have left. Me and RARA talk for some time about deep things. I did not know she was such an intellectual person. I feel like I have bonded with her deeper even then her boyfriend. It makes me happy. We decide we are such deep friends that we transcend love or lust. We order chinese food. Eating is a chore. It is my first meal since lunch time at work yesterday. I still have not left my house for longer than 10 minutes. Me and RARA decide to do Mesc again tomorrow. I still do not feel sober.

Sunday, 12:00am - Me and RARA decide to smoke some weed. After smoking a large bowl. I feel fucking stoned in the weirdest way ever, We go back to my room and RARA keeps saying its starting all over again. We attempt to write an experience report right there. I decide not to submit it in this state without reviewing it sober first.

3:00am - Me and RARA have talked late into the night. I am so tired now physically. My mind wants to be awake but I can feel my body shutting down. Me and RARA try to watch a movie, She falls asleep so I take her to my room and we go to sleep.

10:00am - I awake to a beautiful girl lying next to me. Now my memory is really messed up. RARA wakes up at about the same time. We talk about the previous day.

12:00pm - Me and RARA are both excited to trip again. I phone ALAL for some more mesc. He seems reluctant to give it to me. I dont blame him. I still dont feel sober. I cant walk well right now. We pick up Mesc and go to a close mall for more glowsticks and some drinks. Juice and pop. As well as some massive incense.

1:00pm - Me and RARA split this pill into two 250mg each. We both take it with our pop. We feel happy and ready to trip.

2:00pm - I still feel so weird that when the trip starts it does not feel like it has to cross a large line from sober to tripping. We are tripping nice and good like before. Me and her talk and move and we are fucked. We do nothing at all and have a good time. My memory is sooooo broken I cant remember anything well. I am still trying to make my computer work. All I can think is that im glad I have a no questions asked warranty.

3:30pm - Me and RARA take the remaining 200mg between us, it is put in apple juice and we both drink half. It tastes not bad. but not good. KUKU shows up unexpectedly with NANA, I am a little upset that NANA is here. And a little upset that KUKU is here because now I must share RARA with him. I am jealous but on a different level entirely. I was just happy tripping with her. I am ok with this though and make them welcome. Me and RARA's trip goes much like yesterday. Except KUKU and NANA are not tripping. I feel so mashed.

7:00pm - ALAL drops by. He has picked up a lot of drugs. Including some more Mesc, I convince him to give me another pill telling him that I will not do it because I have to work tomorrow. Honestly I do not plan on doing anymore today.

8:00pm - ALAL KUKU and NANA all leave. RARA stays because she still does not want to drive. I am happy. Once everyone leaves talking becomes so much less forced.

11:00pm - RARA is still here. Easily enough she convinces me to do more mesc. We toy with the idea of doing another 300mg each. We decide on only doing another 150mg each.

Monday, 12:00am - RARA is tripping again. I am soo far off baseline that I dont even feel the drug kick in. I feel like this constantly. I cant think but it doesent bother me. I almost like this state. I am upset a little I have to work tomorrow. I dont know how this will work.

3:00am - I am coming down from the last last trip I think, I have such a strong hangover its like im still tripping. I fall asleep.

3:30am - RARA leaves now, so I wake up. I can not sleep anymore. I have to work at 6:00. I still feel so high.

6:00am - I still cannot sleep. I tell my uncle I am not coming to work. He understands. I finally go to sleep.

12:00pm - I wake up because RARA has come to pick up her car. We talk for a couple minutes. She leaves. I go back to sleep.

8:00pm - I sleep until 8. I cannot remember eating forever. I have not left my house for more than 20 minutes this whole week. I still cannot walk. I cant remember the weekend except for bits and pieces, My body hurts. Im not hungry for some reason. I cant think. I cant see.

11:00pm - I still am not close to baseline, when does this go away? I decide to write my trip. I still feel fucked up. And you know what? I like this drug. I think its my new favorite. I lost my weekend and I havent been this happy or content for a long time. I think im going to sleep now. I have to work tommorow. Later.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 13, 2004Views: 81,963
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Mescaline (36) : Glowing Experiences (4), Multi-Day Experience (13), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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