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Satan Trying to Take Me to Hell
LSD & Cannabis
by JohnB
Citation:   JohnB. "Satan Trying to Take Me to Hell: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp13049)". Mar 23, 2021.

Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  Several hits oral LSD (liquid)


It all started around 5:45 P.M. I drove to this house, intending to just get really stoned. My friend, call him A., said I should come over and chill out for the night. A teacher had taken two exchange students, S. and R., and we went to their house. She had a place for them to stay and never went in there. I did not know S. and R. very well, but they seemed cool. When I arrived, S. was there by himself, and we rolled a fat blunt an smoked it. Then A. got there and we smoked some more. I was feeling great.

At about 6:15, I don't really know but all of this seems right, A. took out a vile of acid. He had already taken a few hits and offered me some for free. I was broke but he said it was all good, so he poured some on the lid of an altoids can. I ate it and everything was going good and we left to go rent The Wizard of Oz. We returned and started to watch it and everything went fucking intense. I told A. and S. that I could not listen to Floyd and watch that movie, that I was losing my shit and we turned it off.

My arms were numb, and huge surges of energy were pulsing through them. I had a cup from Whataburger, and it broke because I was shaking it saying over and over, 'this shit is intense!!' By 8:00 or so I snapped out of a daze and R. was there and he had some weird trance music playing. I just sat there with mind blowing thoughts racing through my head, and constant waves of numbness where I couldn't hear or speak or do anything. I started freaking out and saying let me go to my car. They would not let me but I was sure that if I got to my car, I would chill out. I didn't want to drive, I was just freaked out by people and the music.

I paced back and forth, and finally asked S. if I could lay on his bed. He said sure and from that point on it seems like a dream. The end... not really. That is the boring part. It seems so much like a dream, but I remember every detail like it was yesterday. I jumped out of S.'s bed, and started screaming. 'JESUS CHRIST!!, JESUS CHRIST!!' I thought I was going to die. This is about 9:00 pm. They tried to calm me down, but I would not trust them. I thought they were Satan trying to take me to hell. All of their attempts to make me sane again had failed. There was no way I was going to hell, so I had to repent before I died. I would look up at them as if to stop, and they would tell me it was alright.

Thoughts crossed through my head that it would be better to go with the devils, but I thought that they were tricking me.
Thoughts crossed through my head that it would be better to go with the devils, but I thought that they were tricking me.
I screamed and yelled and the teacher called the paramedics. I jumped off the floor and ran out the door and hit R. as I tried to beak through their grasp. R. got his baseball bat and hit me with it and then it was a struggle with the cops. A. said that it took 3 cops to put me on the stretcher into restraints.

And then I went to the emergency room. I remember when I first got into the hospital, I completely calmed down. I thought it was all over and I was fixing to go to heaven. The air was cool, there were men in white clothes walking around me, but then I saw the police and tried to get up and realized I was in restraints. I freaked the fuck out. I began to thrash and cus and yell. Then they put me under.

All I remember about that was a dream, where I went through the 9 stages of life. I don't know how many there are but I know that in my mind there was nine. I then went through birth, and death over and over and over. And every time I was at birth, I just remember a dark tunnel that I had to push through. After thinking the tunnel was me struggling in restraints for hours and trying to break them.

When I woke up at 6:30A, Sunday, I had stopped thrashing for quite sometime. But I couldn't move without being in a lot of pain and every breath I took felt like I was just recovering from getting the wind knocked out of me. My lab report showed positive for marijuana, and everything else was clean so the doctors were stunned. They thought I had a seizure but I told my parents what I did when I got home. They didn't flip out that much and I drove to school the next day and partied that weekend. Peace out JOHNB

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 13049
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 23, 2021Views: 777
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Cannabis (1), LSD (2) : Various (28), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Bad Trips (6), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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