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Cautionary Notes
AMT & Cannabis
by Garuda
Citation:   Garuda. "Cautionary Notes: An Experience with AMT & Cannabis (exp12721)". May 1, 2002.

T+ 0:00
110 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:00 1.5 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)


T+1hr - This is my third experiment with AMT within the span of 1 and a 1/2 months. Following my previous experiment, I determined that the properly effective dosage for me lies within the 100+ mg range. Accordingly, I have again taken approx 100-120mg. Virtually identical to the last experiment, I vomited at the 30 min mark, again 10 minutes later - but this time I vomited again about 20 min after this. And it was not until after this last vomit did I begin to feel my strength returning and became confident that nausea was gone. During the time I was resting after this last vomit, I became completely aware of the fact that AMT is not a good substance to take more often than a few times a year. It is my contention (based upon the rapport I have established with my body's intuition and instinct) that although AMT is not neccesarily poisonous - it is nevertheless alien enough to produce a violent and possibly damaging purge from the system.

I say possibly damaging because the strain it put on my body has definately increased since the last time I took AMT one week ago, and I daresay that any further experimentation with this substance on my part will cease for at least a month if not more so or entirely altogether. The damaging nature of this compound is quite obvious to my body. Upon the third and final vomit of this experiment, I suddenly began to feel much more under the influence of the drug. It is now clear to me that the trip produced and the long duration thereof are the byproduct of the body's attempt to physically flush this compound from the system. The tryptamine nature naturally results in a 'trip' experience, but it should be noted that DMT, which naturally occurs in our brain - is quite related to AMT at the molecular level and possibly its evolutionary superior. It stands to reason that DMT is much less harmful and much less atagonistic to life itself, as it is found all over in the natural world in plants. AMT is a synthetic compound made in a laboratory by humans with elemental calculators. Even now I am realizing more and more the healing power of cannabis. Let me tell you it is essential for dealing with AMT.

However, these findings will not cloud my objectivity in this instance. in keeping with my original plan for this experiment, at about the 2 hr mark I am going to ---

T+2hr30min - yeh I wandered off there... just finished watching 'Tombstone'... that movie kicks ass!! Anwyays.. I was planning on going into active meditation for an extended period of time while under this compound. Let us commence now.

T+5hr - Well. It seems as if this drug makes meditation very easy, and of course too easy. Nevertheless, since I know I am not going to be using this substance again in a long time, I can take advatage of its supernormal abilities in terms of concentration. I was very easily able to achieve 'internal silence' to a huge degree, and maintain it rather well. In some respects, it would make it alot easier if this drug were not so complementary to personal evolution. However, I would say that LSD is much safer - as the amounts taken are in the micrograms. AMT works surprisingly well, but I think it is legal because the DEA wants it legal. AMT is not an efficient or safe psychedelic. It is clearly an effective one! But that doesnt mean that it is safe by any means. It seems I must trust mother nature, and let her provide my psychedelics. And yes it will not be easy now that I know how very powerful AMT is.... But it is clearly not researched enough for me to warant further repeated usage without sufficient resting periods. This and my body's intuition are saying 'no more'. I do feel that actual physical healing will take place after AMT ingestion, due to the damage it causes. Whether this healing is beneficial or not is something I cannot discern... in other words I cannot guess at the true damage to the system, if any. All I am going on is gut instinct. I could be wrong... but I am not going to risk myself further without more research on this drug. Its quite clear to me why LSD is illegal. Here is another reason.

T+6hr - This drug can make for a very succesful bout of introspection. It is almost uncanny how powerful your mind is on AMT. Extremely conducive to meditation. Boundary dissolution is very subtle and almost unnoticable. Yet the expansion is clearly felt and open to exploration. Thoughts are easily dissolved and the power of the brain beyond mental, emotional or sensation structures is attainable with little effort.

T+7hr - Smoked a little weed and now Im in the zone. Still very much tripping. I have now resigned myself to fully enjoy this experience since I will not be repeating it any time soon. Its too bad, but there are many other options.

T+8hr - Playing my keyboard is extremely involving and fun. I spent an hour simply noodling away. The overdrive effect is so bitchin to hear I just couldnt resist it!

T+9hr - Aspirin just made me trip harder. There is also no doubt to the jitteryness of this drug. I just found myself pacing in my apartment. Drinking soda doesnt seem to help - I think the caffiene is also magnified. I have been thinking alot about drugs tonight, pondering my nasty habit with cigarettes and so forth. For some reason I never see myself giving up drugs entirely, yet I want to find this kind of chi force intoxication constantly. I believe it is possible to achieve this through Chi-gung or Tai-chi, but unfortunately I must hold off on this until I have the money for it. All in all learning this kind of mind/body power ultimately appeals to me more than ingesting a substance and having it given to you. However, only time will tell.

T+11hr - wow... still going strong although Im drifting into a sleepy state.. Been listening to music for a while... very enjoyable.

T+ 2 days later - Well, this trip on AMT was decidedly different than the last one. The love saturation was not present, and instead I found myself investigating the darker sides of the human psyche. However, it was clearly prompted by the media materials I was enjoying - I listened to 3 different Legendary Pink Dots albums, and also saw a few movies... each of them portraying the strange and eerie forces which mortal man might not want to tamper with. Oddly enough, I was able to completely objectify myself and therefore remain fearless throughout these inner journeys even at times of great intensity. Also, the knowledge and experience I gained through this trip seems more pertinent and valuable than that which I recieved the previous trip, when I was saturated with love and happiness. Alot of this knowledge centered around human history and the effects it has on our lives, and how it was shaped from human minds to begin with. Investigations of power and so forth. There was also a significant portion dealing with immortality beyond the death of the physical body. They all tied together at various points.

Anyhow, I still stand by my resolution to wait at least a month before trying this again... and even then it will only be a test to see if my body has healed since this last time. If it has not, Im afraid I will have to cease experiments with AMT altogether, although it would be a shame since it is so useful to inner exploration.

[Other notes - I drank a few cans of soda this time, and it had a clear effect on my ability to get to sleep. In other words, the caffiene was magnified immensely. It made me restless and jumpy. I also had cottonmouth all throughout the experience, which I attribute to drinking half the amount of water I did last time. It seems hydration is a definate issue with this drug. I also cannot stress how important cannabis is - the healing and calming effects are emphasized and provide balance to the overall experience.]

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12721
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 1, 2002Views: 13,761
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AMT (7) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), General (1), Alone (16)

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