Seemed to Boost Alcohol Effects
by BlP
Citation:   BlP. "Seemed to Boost Alcohol Effects: An Experience with Valerian (exp12575)". Oct 30, 2003.

  oral Valerian (extract)

Someday I have bought dried, sliced (not powdered) Valerian Root. There was 50 grams of it, as I remember. It has peculiar odour. I threw everything in a cup, mixed with water and started to drank. The taste wasn't unpleasant, but after every swallow I had vomiting impulse. I cannot manage to drank all the cup, and consumed only about 30 grams. I haven't noticed anything, sleep was normal, even nausea wasn't present.

Later I tried again with Valerian Tincture. This time it was product from good, reputable company. The tincture had about 60% ethanol. The bottle has 100 ml. First I take one gulp, and... I was mildly buzzed for about half an hour. I'm sure that it wasn't normal alcohol effect, because dosage was to small. To be sure I gave one gulp to my friend, and he verified my feelings. Anyway, next day evening I mixed rest of a tincture (about 80 ml.) with water, and drank. There was only mild vomiting impulse, but alcochol scratched my throat. I drank about 50 ml. of tincture with water and had enough. I go to my room and sat at bed. I felt strong alcohol buzz and was very calm. For 30 minutes I was just sitting at bed, without thinking of anything, without any worries. It is true Valerian acts very calming and is powerful herb, but it has side-effect: lack of motivation.

After those 30 minutes I went asleep. This night I had about 20 (yes, TWENTY) dreams. From most of them I just remember scraps, but one of them was very realistic: I dreamed that I awoke at the middle of the night with poisoning from valerian. It was so real, that I started to explain myself to parents, probally like I would be doing it normally.

Valerian seems to boost the alcohol effects. It was not experience, that I want to repeat. No, nothing bad in experience, just valerian doesn't react like relaxant, rather more tiresome it is (but maybe it was effect of mixing with alcohol).

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12575
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 30, 2003Views: 6,059
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