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Hawaiian Hell
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   skunk_numero_uno. "Hawaiian Hell: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp12095)". Jan 8, 2021.

8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)

Last night I had the most fucked up drug experience of my life. It is really difficult to get acid or shrooms, or any psychedelic drugs where I live, so I am always looking for alternative ways to trip. I have tried morning glory seeds a number of times with one semi-successful attempt; definitely not worth the effort of swallowing over 100 seeds. Anyway, I read that Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds are much more potent so I ordered some last week off the Internet. The ad said that the seeds were among the finest. I did not take this as seriously as I should have.

At about 3:00 I was on my way home from dropping my sister off. I decided to eat the seeds, off of which I had previously scraped the fuzz. I popped one at a time into my mouth, chewed thoroughly and swallowed. I did this over the course of about 10 minutes. The seeds did not really taste bad, certainly not as hard to choke down as morning glories. By the end of the 15 minute ride home I began to get that 'Oh my god, something bad is going to happen' feeling. I pulled my car in and kind of staggered over to my front porch, feeling like I was going to throw up, pass out, or both. I hadn't eaten anything all day and my mouth was dry so I scooped some snow off the ground and ate it to calm myself. After a couple of minutes I felt pretty decent again and went inside.

At this point I still felt a little nauseous and it was difficult to walk. I made it to the kitchen and drank some fruit juice. Then I went into the living room with a bag in case I threw up. I didn't have any kind of distinct hallucinations, but everything just felt weird somehow. The TV started to make me sick so I went up to my room to lay down. I slept for about an hour or two before my girlfriend called. I talked to her for a bit and that made me feel a little better.

Then I went down to eat dinner. I was not hungry but I figured I should eat something. I was still all dizzy and it was really confusing to walk around. It was somewhat difficult to talk too, and the light really bothered my eyes. I could hardly answer my parents and sister when they talked to me. I ate a small piece of chicken after chewing it for about five minutes straight. Now I really felt something bad happening. This began the worst part of my 'trip.'

I dashed upstairs to the bathroom and turned the exhaust fan on so my parents wouldn't hear me if I yakked. I began to hyperventilate and I bent over the sink with my head in the basin, trying to calm myself. I turned on some cold water and soaked my face. I started writhing around on the bathroom counter with my head in the sink. My stomach was wrenching and I wanted to throw up but I couldn't. I sat down on the floor and my hands started to get that pins and needles feeling. It got worse and worse to the point where my hands were totally numb, but feeling pain from the inside. I got up and ran them under cold water to no avail. The numbness and pain began to travel up my arms.

By this time I could not move my hands with out a very strong effort. My thumbs and ring fingers kept coming together like I had cerebral palsy, and my hands and elbows bent over and were twitching. I couldn't move from my elbows down. I was really starting to get scared. I tried to make myself puke but I couldn't even straighten my finger to reach the back of my throat. I thought I might need to have my stomach pumped. Finally I decided I needed help. I opened the door and called to my parents.
Finally I decided I needed help. I opened the door and called to my parents.

When my parents came up I almost told them everything. I almost told them I wanted to go to the hospital and get my stomach pumped, but then I thought about it and figured that I really didn't want that to happen and I should just relax. My mom wet a washcloth and put it on the back of my neck. I just told her that I thought I was going to throw up and I couldn't move my arms. Having someone there to talk to really helped me mellow out. I sat on the toilet with my head between my knees and I drank a little water.

I sat there for what felt like an hour before I got most of the feeling back in my arms and I was able to move and pick things up again. I went downstairs in the living room and watched TV for a bit. I was kind of laughing at jokes that I knew weren't funny, and I'm not sure why. I drank a soda because I figured it might settle my stomach, but it did the opposite. I ran upstairs to the bathroom again, but this attack was only about 1/4 of the hell I went through before.

I wanted to sleep it off at this point, but I was afraid I might puke and choke on my own vomit or something. I laid down on my stomach on my bed and heard music from my sister's room. It sounded unusually cool and I suppose if I had eaten maybe half as many seeds as I did, I could have enjoyed shit like that the whole time. Finally I guess I fell asleep. I woke up about 4 hours later and felt pretty much back to normal. I had sort of a body hangover, though, and when I tried to go to sleep again I couldn't get comfortable. I went down to the living room and slept the rest of the night on the couch.

I woke up this morning still having a body hangover, but other than that I was fine. It felt good to eat. I was supposed to go skiing today, but I decided against it. Despite this hellish experience, I did gain something out of it. I really love my family a lot and my parents are awesome. They didn't even accuse me of taking drugs or anything and they came up right away to help me when I asked. I am very grateful for this and everything they have done for me and am trying to think of some way to make it up to them.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12095
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 8, 2021Views: 1,039
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Health Problems (27), Bad Trips (6), General (1), Families (41), Alone (16)

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