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The Rave Rolling Was Definitely Positive
Citation:   Soma91. "The Rave Rolling Was Definitely Positive: An Experience with MDMA (exp117799)". Jan 10, 2024.

T+ 0:00
0.5 tablets oral MDMA  
  T+ 1:20 4 bumps oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:30   smoked Cannabis - High CBD (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 21:00 0.5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
New Year's Eve 2024: First Time Rolling at a Rave

New year’s eve was coming up, and my boyfriend (MD) and I had no plans: we did not intend to spend the evening with our families as we did for christmas. Soon enough we found out that our friends D and A were hosting a couple they had met in Europe and were visiting our city, and they were planning to see a local psytrance DJ at a rave after midnight. And so we were in, knowing that mind-altering substances would be undoubtedly present - in this case, pills and crystalline MDMA.

2023 had gone by with few psychedelic experiences for us. We had both taken some P. Cubensis mushrooms back in April and October with some friends, and that was it for me - apart from one short, glowing experience after being administered propofol for an endoscopy study in September. My partner had used mushrooms a few more times, and had also taken MDMA on one occasion.

For NYE’s dinner we had another friend over, M. We drank one bottle of wine and one bottle of cider, and shared a joint between the three of us from 8:30 pm to midnight, so it was not much. We had prepared a lot of delicious food, and so we were pretty full when midnight arrived - and we also felt tired. The previous day I had attended a big lunch with my coworkers, and my stomach felt uneasy since then. So, after NYE’s dinner my belly did not feel good at all, I felt so full that I thought I’d explode, which worried me. I told myself that if the pain continued the following day, I’d go get it checked out. After toasting we drank some coffee, and later I took a hepatoprotective pill (cynara scolymus). At about 1:30 we headed out to D and A’s place, leaving our friend M at her house on the way.

After a few minutes, D, A, the Europeans, my boyfriend and I headed out to the club, not before distributing the MDMA powder in small, handy Eppendorf tubes. We got there at about 3.00 am and met up with another friend, N, who had already bought lollipops and bubblegum for all of us.

The set was only beginning, and most people were just getting there. After about 30 minutes, we took our pills, which were shaped like Rolling Stones’ tongues and metallic orange in color. I took one half; everybody else took one. For me, it was the first time taking ecstasy in a pill form, I had only taken crystalline MDMA before on various occasions
it was the first time taking ecstasy in a pill form, I had only taken crystalline MDMA before on various occasions
. It was also the first time I took anything besides cannabis and alcohol at a club, with strange people in a ‘public’ setting. I did not know how I would react to taking a pill with an undefined amount of undetermined substance in a relatively crowded place with strangers, and that is why I decided to go with half. At this point it is worth to note that, although these particular pills had not been tested, they were most definitely MDMA, maybe with added caffeine. N was the one who got them from his reliable life-long dealer, and most people in the group had already tested other batches from the same source.

(T: + 0:30 - 4 am): Although psytrance has never been my music of choice, I am having a good time dancing and enjoying the light show. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out dancing anyway so it feels nice. I notice that my tiredness is gone, and I am fully awake, so the stimulation is there. I do not feel any other effects of any kind. Also, my stomach is not bothering me anymore. A is anxious about his high and already takes a MDMA redose with his wet finger.

(T: + 0:30 to 1:00 - 4:00 to 4:30 am): Most of the group redoses with MDMA crystals. I am still feeling nothing besides the mentioned stimulation but decide to hold on for a while. We keep properly hydrated with icy water, the atmosphere is a bit hot so we are all sweaty.

(T: + 1:20 - 4:50 am): I decide to redose. I dampen my pinky finger with saliva and put it inside the Eppendorf tube to get some crystals stuck. I do this 4 times as both my finger and the tube are small. I get out a lollipop to get rid of the bitter taste and keep myself entertained.

(T: +1:30 to 2:15 - 5 to 5:45 am): Still dancing, feeling good, but definitely not high. The rest of the group are going for their 2nd or 3rd redose and their pupils look very dilated: they did get there. They are sweaty and begin expressing their empathogenic feelings, we hug each other forming a circle and then dance caressing each other. MD is smiling broadly and his pupils are huge. I think of doing another redose at about 6 just to see if I get to feel that too. I get out a new lollipop to prepare.

(T: +2:20 - 5:50 am): Just as I am about to redose, I feel it coming full-on all at once. I immediately decide not to dip my finger into the tube. I feel waves of heat and sweat, my body suddenly feels too light, and dancing is like floating. I went from nothing to everything in less than a minute: the steepest come-up hill I have ever experienced, even if the previous lag-time was probably the longest. My body had become weightless, and this messed up my balance perception, so I felt a bit dizzy for a few minutes. I had to keep my eyes closed most of the time, because the overstimulating light show did not help. I felt a slight nausea that thankfully went away quickly - I was somewhat worried because of my earlier bellyache and did not feel like vomiting in the club’s bathroom. For a brief moment I also felt like I had to go urgently to use the bathroom, but this also faded away almost instantly. In spite of all this, I was invaded by a very positive feeling, now feeling more in tune with everybody else. We kept dancing, hugging and rubbing ice cubes and cold water bottles all over our bodies.

As in previous occasions using MDMA, the high came in waves, each initiated by sudden, copious sweating. Luckily, there was plenty of water. I do not recall jaw-clenching, but I was consistently going back to my lollipops, and later, some mint bubblegum. I was profoundly enjoying the dancing, and I moved smoothly at a slow pace - or at least thought I did. I felt that most people around me were more intoxicated than me, and they seemed to be dancing more vigorously. I could only do it slowly, because I felt I’d become dizzy if I moved too violently. I felt like I was the perfect amount of high, and was really glad I did not get to redose. Most of the group kept redosing, although I did not really keep track. Someone got glowsticks for everyone and we made ourselves bracelets, then we moved our arms back and forth to admire the effects. My friend D told me she loved me and admired me, I said it back to her and we hugged for a sweaty minute. My boyfriend and I also kissed, hugged and spoke at times. We also chatted about other friends that were not there this time and realized how much we missed them. I could also observe it at a bigger scale, watching different groups of people hugging each other and talking in each other’s ears, smiling. At one point, N asked a random girl who was carrying a fan to push some air in his direction. She happily did, and he closed his eyes to enjoy the breeze. A dude I did not know rolled a cold water bottle on my back, without saying anything, and it felt great. Everyone was super kind. These scenes beautifully accompanied the dancing, until the end of the set, at 7 am. Interestingly, time seemed to be slowed down this time, opposite to what we usually experience on MDMA.
Interestingly, time seemed to be slowed down this time, opposite to what we usually experience on MDMA.

(T: + 3:30 - 7 am): The set ended at 7 o’clock, so we put our dark glasses on and exited the club, hoping to find a taxi to go back to D and A’s. It was broad daylight, as the New Year is in the middle of the summer in the southern hemisphere, and the sun begins to show itself before 5 am. I was feeling high and at peace. My legs felt tired, though, and so while we waited I sat on the curb. The europeans were really happy, telling us that they thought our city was beautiful - to which we all agreed, we did indeed think that our city was amazing. I was feeling pretty content as well, I had enjoyed the music and the atmosphere more than I would have initially guessed. Eventually the cars got to pick us up. Our driver seemed incredibly nice to us, he asked how we were and confirmed the address by asking very politely in a smooth tone. We later talked about this and came to the conclusion that he probably gets a living from taking druggies home every weekend and so he knows how to treat them.

(T: +4:00 - 7:30 am): We arrived at the house, and this time I definitely had to use the bathroom after the false alarm at the club. I then felt relieved that we were again in a private setting - particularly a setting in which we had already tripped together. N put on some more psytrance music and everyone went back to dancing, not before redosing. I did not redose, since I was still happy with my high. I chose to lay on the floor and feel the cold tiles on my legs and arms while I listened to the music and chewed gum. I was not in the mood for dancing, in fact I would have prepared some yerba mate brew right on the spot and transitioned to a psychedelic breakfast. But I was lazy to do so and also understood that the rest were probably much higher than me and wanted to dance, so I immersed myself in the contemplative state. At times, D and A’s cats came by and let us pet them, which felt great. The dancing would stop periodically for group hugs.

(T: + 4:30 to 6:00 - 8:00 to 9:30 am): We smoke a CDB blunt that MD and I had brought from home. It feels great, so familiar and comfortable. I continue to lay on the floor and close my eyes, at times we all massage each others’ legs, arms, and heads. We talked briefly with each other, I would have liked to talk some more. I did not feel glitchy at all and could decently follow my train of thought. I realized that this was not the same for the rest, although MD later told me that he did not feel too glitchy either. D quits the dancing and we sit on the floor with the cats. Some people kept redosing until all the stash was gone.

(T: + 6:00 - 9:30 am): We needed to smoke some protective weed and did not have any more pre rolled joints - a marked difference to what I would usually experience when tripping with my regular crew - we make sure there is at least 1 pre rolled joint per person for the comedown, and they are all rolled before dropping with no exceptions (see Golden Toke report, exp 116565). This time we had to endure the near impossible task of rolling joints while high. To make matters more difficult, there was no grinder available, and we had to cut the buds with a scissor (this would *never* happen with my usual trip group!). MD was the first to try, he is the expert roller - he had rolled the Golden Joint. After trying for a few minutes he announced he could not do it. He managed to create a cardboard filter and put some weed on the cellulose paper, but the final rolling step was impossible to perform, as his hands were sweaty all the time and the paper kept slipping. D and I then began working on it, and after a lot of effort we were able to produce two very soft, precarious joints. I still do not understand why I could not roll it as effortlessly as I usually do, because I was not sweaty or trembling, and felt focused; there’s evidently some underestimated effect of motor coordination. We had saved the comedown for everyone. We smoked the joints, and the music was changed for something less intense. MD’s hands were so sweaty that he could not even use the lighter, as the flame could not ignite near his fingers. I was feeling great, just on the verge of being fucked up, and I wondered how the rest were feeling after taken 2x or even 3x what I had.

(T: + 7:00 - 10:30 am): Gradually everyone stops dancing and sits or lies on the floor. D says that she should be going out for lunch with her little brothers at noon (that is, 2 hours later) and so she went upstairs to get some sleep. I went with her, as I figured that I would be able to drive home after a couple of hours of rest. As usual, D fell deeply asleep straight away. I rested my eyes and my body, but I did not feel like I fell asleep. I could hear that not much later the music was turned off downstairs. Eventually D’s alarms began ringing on her cellphone; she was so asleep I had to wake her up multiple times. I also had to pee a few times during this period; the one truly unavoidable annoying MDMA effect. MD later told me that A offered the Europeans some ketamine to get to bed, but they refused and I think none was taken after all.

(T: + 9:00 to 10:00 - 12:30 to 1:30 pm): D got up and went for a shower, and I told MD to get ready so that we could also leave with her. I was definitely feeling off-baseline, but not high, and felt like I could drive, so we said goodbye to D and got in the car - the rest of the people were sleeping or had left. Although my mind was clear and relaxed, my body was physically tired, and I could not find my sunglasses at the time, so the short drive under the scorching midday sun was still challenging.

(T: +10:00 to 13:30 - 1:30 to 5:00 pm): We showered as soon as we got home, and smoked a few tokes of a CBD blunt as we laid on the bed and talked about our experience while listening to music. I canceled dinner plans I had made, because I did not feel like going out during the rest of the day. I took 500 mg naproxen, because I began having a strong headache after driving under the sun, and then we napped for a while, using our dental bite plates to avoid any remaining teeth-clenching. I rested lightly, getting up a few times to pee and not falling asleep completely. I was feeling absolutely soft and relaxed, like I was resting on a cloud - very similar to how I felt while I was still under the effects of propofol after the endoscopy.

(T: +13:30 to 18:00 - 5:00 to 9:30 pm): Still in bed, we woke up, and smoked some more while watching some football. Eventually we moved to the living room and prepared some yerba mate. I was feeling a strong afterglow, which I loved. Personally, I consider it the most beautiful part of the trip
I was feeling a strong afterglow, which I loved. Personally, I consider it the most beautiful part of the trip
- still high, but on the ground, with a clear head, enjoying the little things in everyday life like they were holy traditions being rediscovered. I have never felt the much dreaded bad comedown, so commonly reported with MDMA. The strong physical relaxation and the marked appreciation for music was not different to psilocin afterglows. I would say the main difference in this stage between these two substances are the food cravings. With mushrooms we get strong munchies, and the food-related sensory experience is definitely enhanced. This time, we had not eaten anything besides the lollipops for about 18 hours, and did not feel like it either. However I prepared some smashed avocado to eat with toast, because I felt like our bodies still needed it. We played music constantly and even danced, the lightness was still there. We played with our cats, I read some excerpts from PIHKAL, and we just relaxed as we watched the sunset, which was decorated with thunder lighting.

(T: +18:00 to 19:00 - 9:30 to 10:30 pm): My boyfriend said he wanted to give me a massage so I complied. We set on orange-tinted lighting and some electro-disco beats, and he massaged my entire body using essential oils. I will not get into details, but we ended up having very stimulating sex after a long, nice warm-up. At some point, when I was well over, he got a bit rubbery, and so I helped him with a handjob which got him there in a few minutes. Then, the most tranquil, blissed relaxation took place. We listened to music and cuddled under the orange lights.

(T: +19:00 to 21:00 - 10:30 pm to 12:30 am): We got out of bed, had some soft nougat to eat just out of gluttony, and watched some TV as we smoked another CBD joint. We were not feeling tired; in fact we felt smoothly stimulated. However, we knew that once we fell asleep it would go on for a while, and we had to work the following morning. So we decided we should be getting to bed. At 12:30 am we took 0,5 mg alprazolam each, and went to bed. We fell deeply asleep shortly after and got a solid rest until 8:30 am when the alarm went off.

The afterglow persisted for the entire week, in many aspects. The following day, the only physical discomfort was in my neck, keeping it up was pretty tiring. I did notice that my bellyache was completely gone, which surprised me. I assumed that consuming psychedelics that usually make me nauseous would, in any case, worsen the problem. Later I figured that the MDMA-induced lack of appetite probably helped, allowing myself more time to digest what was already there before eating some more. I was eating normally by Tuesday, although I felt full with less food. I had an enhanced appreciation for music, and listened to synthesizer-based dance music almost every day. I also felt full of energy, I biked 80 km total during the working week, and also hit the gym three times. My performance at work was pretty good, I managed to successfully carry out a few synthesis and purification steps at the lab. My sleep was excellent all week, probably the best in the last year. This is wishful thinking - but it seems like the sleeping problems I’ve been having for the last couple of years may be subsiding. Finally, I found myself thinking a lot about the experience during the week, reestablishing a strong respect and appreciation for psychedelic exploration. I discussed the trip with friends who were and were not there. and felt so glad for having them around me.

All in all, the rave rolling experience was definitely positive. The atmosphere at the club was nice and I felt comfortable all the time. The comedown was smooth, and although I would have enjoyed a little more talking closer to the peak, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I am especially thankful for the long, mellow afterglowing state, which has definitely had a restoring, lasting effect on me.

Exp Year: 2024ExpID: 117799
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Jan 10, 2024Views: 15
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MDMA (3) : General (1), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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