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Boofing Heaven
DPT & Ketamine
Citation:   UristTheDopeSmith. "Boofing Heaven: An Experience with DPT & Ketamine (exp116682)". Sep 29, 2022.

T+ 0:00
  smoked Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Salvia divinorum  
  T+ 0:30 30 mg rectal DPT (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 60 mg rectal Ketamine (liquid)
DPT and Ketamine, Boofing Heaven



TW - Mention of sexuality, genitals

This report in intended to be a thorough description of my experience alone as well as within the larger context of my previous experiences, if you only care about the report itself please skip down the the report section because there is a lot of bullshit you don't care about before and after that. If you want the tldr version check out the overview section. For logistical purposes I am a trans woman in her mid 20s and I weight about 180lbs.



I have experience with a wide variety of psychedelics, mainly tryptamines and a little experience with dissociatives, exclusively salvia, ket, and DXM. Ketamine I have always found to be very relaxing
Ketamine I have always found to be very relaxing
, all I want to do after taking ket is to lay down in bed all cuddled up with a cute show and some warm tea. The bodyload to me feels extremely numbing and buzzy, feeling textures is nice because I can't feel my fingers, just bits and pieces of physical stimuli make it through to my brain, everything feels softer with a hint of sharpness. The headspace is strange, one of the most prominent effect in that area for me is the feeling that my mind is split, there are many people in my head, one controls my fingers, one my arm, one is giving commands to the right people, one is telling them what the commands are based on the more complex operations. Outside of that there are people talking, thinking my thoughts for me, one of them wants a glass of water, tells another and the message is passed on to the right people and then I'm drinking water and through all of this sometimes I'm one of those voices, but most of the time I'm none of them, just observing, watching everything unfold. Like I said before I find it very relaxing, it's the peak of submission, my consciousness just gets to relax because all these new people in my split brain are doing my actions for me. Visuals I have never found to be super strong and I fins them hard to focus on, which is a good description of them, a lack of focus. Vision is blurry and split up, at lower doses I get double vision and a lot of tracers, at higher doses it's like I have compound eyes. My experience is somewhat limited with it though to 6 experiences over the past 2 months to a maximum dose of 100mg at once so far. I have never holed but I've come close. Previously I have mixed it with psilacetin and ethacetin all together as well as nitrous alone. I have tried it both snorted and boofed.

My experience with DPT is more extensive and I love it, it might be my favourite psych as a whole. I find it very religious and I absolutely love its visual style. It is my favourite drug to mix and I haven't found anything that doesn't mix well with it. Psilacetin, ethacetin, DXM, LSD, miprocin, deprocin, a few others I can't remember well, all work amazingly with DPT and they never fail to bring out the best of one another. I've tried it smoked, snorted and boofed, I prefer the lattermost method now although I've only started doing it recently, it's basically snorting but my nose isn't stuffed up for a week. The visuals I find extremely beautiful, second only to deprocin, extremely bright but mostly whites and blacks and dark colours, I find it hard to describe how the dark colours are at the same time extremely bright but it's a trait I've also found to be common to nitrous. I love the visuals of stimulating psychs, machinelike and focusing on huge structures made up of infinitesimal parts, sometimes naturally. I find the bodyload to be very acidlike, buzzy, not vibratory. It is also in my experience the second most dissociating psychedelic next to MPT which is why ket and DPT seemed a natural combination to me.

Salvia and weed also come up in the report. I love salvia so fucking much, and I like to smoke a tiny dose before bed to give me dreams. This is just enough to make my vision wavy, nowhere near a proper dose, I usually smoke it consistently over 15 to 30 minutes so it sticks with me better. I find that even though it's over in like 20 minutes something sticks with me for the rest of the night. Weed I've used a lot, I mainly smoke dabs these days, they last a few hours for me and I've found when mixed with psychs they simply increase the visuals and often turn them pink and green for some reason, add the soft weed bodyload, and make the headspace more welcoming.



I went for a walk to smoke some weed and salvia between half an hour and fifteen minutes before my trip, as stated previously it was a low dose of salvia and a decent dab. When I got home from my walk I prepared my dose of 30mg DPT and 60mg ket, I dissolved them in water and brought that and all my boofing equipment to the bathroom, I administered the drugs and took a shower.

The shower was only 5 minutes but by the end I knew I was fucked up. My vision was fucky and it felt like I had compound eyes. In spite of being a low dose of DPT its contribution was, from the very beginning, extremely evident and superfluous to the experience. I couldn't focus on any one point in my vision, something I'm used to with deprocin, when I'm on deprocin I do everything by touch because everything is moving so I can't focus on anything specific, but this is different, I can't focus because my vision isn't registering objects as well, everything is slowed. I can look to my left and see the soap and its holder, but my brain needs time to tell me what it's seeing and to differentiate it from what's around it, to tell me that thing is the soap, that other thing is the holder, the thing behind it is the wall. This process makes it hard to perform actions because then I might wish to perform an action within my field of view, say grab the soap. Then my hand enters the scenario, it takes me time to recognize, this is my hand, is it touching the soap yet, nope, move it more, is it touching it yet, nope, move it more. This is basically how all tasks present themselves at this point and it makes just the task of leaving the bathroom very hard.

In the shower the sexual effects first appeared as well, strangely enough more conceptually than physically, my breasts and dick were numb, unfeeling but there was a certain eroticism coming from inside me, physical sensations from the bodyload were stimulating enough for me but outside of myself I couldn't create comparable stimulation, but I was content regardless. I got out of the shower about 5 minutes after I got in, I brushed my hair, and dried off and it was a struggle. The headspace now was very speedy and energetic, I felt powerful, like I had boundless energy and all I wanted to do was run and shit, but my body was there to tell me it would be more relaxing to lie down. I struggled more with cleaning up my equipment though, which gave me a bit of stress. The sound of the fan in the bathroom made me a bit more stressed, I could not hear anything from outside the washroom which made me worry for some reason and I began to hear patterns in the sound of the fan which became just a little too overstimulating. I always find ket has interesting auditory hallucinations which are often consistent in their patterns, I don't usually mind them but here it was a bit too much.

I left the bathroom and walked to my bedroom, it was about 2 feet through a pitch black hallway, it was somewhat daunting, distances were different, I was walking in a hyperbolic plane, as I moved objects came exponentially closer and compared to my normal existence objects were exponentially further away from me than they normally would, even the distance from my head to my feet was somewhat extreme. Eventually I made it and immediately realized I needed a minute to breathe, to accept my new mental state especially after the stress I had just experienced. I walked to my bed and cuddled up. I closed my eyes so I could get a handle on what was happening and my stress started to fade away. My weighted blanket felt really good but highlighted that I couldn't really feel anything, there was no tactile sensation really, mainly just my bodyload but I know the weight and softness was good and made my bodyload better even though I couldn't necessarily explicitly feel the blanket's existence.

At this point I was at the peak of both drugs, roughly 15 minutes into the trip, they were stronger than before but I felt very peaceful, all my stress melted away. I decided to get up at this point and watch something on my computer. Remembering what to do too was challenging even on a basic level, my brain was simply lagging. I would say I wanted to watch tv, and then wait for the information of what I wanted to watch to load in my brain, wait for the spelling and the information on how to access the website to load in my brain, it made everything slow but I was contented to wait. Meanwhile I decided to explore the sexual side of the combination more, my erogenous areas were not real, simply a collection of nervous tissues, how they were connected to me was unknown to my body, my proprioception in those places were somewhat lost. I attached the electrodes of my zeus powerbox to my perineum but I found I couldn't feel the current running through me. I enjoyed the experience but decided I'd rather just chill once the trip reached the 45 minute point.

I moved back to my bed and watched tv on my laptop. The visuals and headspace continued. The visuals up to now have been akin to how they started, my vision was split like a compound eye, and the DPT visuals were somewhat ignoring the borders between each cell, rather overlaying over the entirety of my field of vision. Sometimes the visuals in one cell were too overwhelming and bright to see anything and I had to rely on what was in the other cells to figure out what was there. The colours were mostly dark a lot of black and white. Shapes didn't really have a chance to form but I imagine they would at a higher dose of DPT. The headspace here was mellowing but my memory was still a mess, typing things out was difficult and I remember with ketamine I feel like I'm someone else when I trip, I'm not me so much as I'm a person who lives in me. Around an hour and twenty minutes in I was just buzzy, not truly sober but no longer tripping and the intoxication fizzled out from there.
Around an hour and twenty minutes in I was just buzzy, not truly sober but no longer tripping and the intoxication fizzled out from there.



As I had said it was a nice trip, almost overpowering at the start, but slowly mellowing out once the peak is reached at about 20 minutes in and ending at about an hour and twenty minutes in. The headspace is disorienting and relaxing while simultaneously stimulating and speedy with boundless energy. Movement is hampered as the instructions for walking are harder to gain access to and the world feels hyperbolic. Tactile sensations are limited as the combo is extremely numbing, but weight feels good. Sexual stimulation is more difficult to create due to the numbing but the combo is extremely erotic and in the future if my goal were to explore the combo in that way I would add 5-5-MeO-DMT to ramp up the internal sexual sensations. The headspace felt somewhat irreligious but that might change if more DPT were introduced. The visuals were very much what one would expect from a combination of the two, dark colours, but bright, blurriness, geometry on the verge of forming. In the future I would increase the dose of DPT while keeping the ket at that level to get better visuals. If you try this combination be aware of the issues others have with DPT and do the combination in a quiet, safe place with people you know. I do not think this would be a good combo for a party.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116682
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Sep 29, 2022Views: 946
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DPT (21), Ketamine (31) : Alone (16), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3)

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