A Fear Response to Sleep
Caffeine, Kratom, Silene capensis & Cannabis - High CBD
Citation:   Psychedcopath. "A Fear Response to Sleep: An Experience with Caffeine, Kratom, Silene capensis & Cannabis - High CBD (exp116675)". Erowid.org. Sep 30, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116675

T+ 0:00
2 cups oral Coffee  
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Tea  
  T+ 0:00 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 3 - 6 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00   oral Silene capensis (tea)
  T+ 11:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis - High CBD  
  T+ 12:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis - High CBD  
  T+ 13:00   oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
As I write this, I am still experiencing a very strange and unpleasant response to what seemed to me an inoccuous combination to try.

I had similar but less severe results the previous night, but had written it off as a kratom dosing issue as I ran out of gelatin capsules and am unaccustomed to the toss & wash method of imbibing it.

However, today's experience has me thinking there is a strong and unpleasant interaction (at least for me) between kratom and silene capensis (also called xhosa, or african dream root). I threw my back out a couple weeks ago so I have been taking kratom for the pain, in fairly small amounts. I started the day with my usual 2 cups of coffee between 10 and noon, and went about my day, also having a couple cups of homemade thai tea in the early afternoon. Upon returning home from an errand that left me especially sore, I drank a beer and decided to start in on the kratom, tossing and washing (with water) smallish amounts a few times over the afternoon and evening (I did not measure precisely, but I estimate my total dosage to be somewhere between 3-6 grams, spread out in small doses). I also drank a few cups of tea that I made yesterday from silene capensis root and a bag of throat coat herbal tea for taste. I felt much more of a stimulant effect from the kratom than usual, seeming to stack as though I were taking more stimulants with each redose instead of approaching the sedative threshhold. I had a bit of an upset stomach, so I smoked a CBD joint around 9pm, and then took a walk and smoked another around 10pm. The CBD seemed more psychoactive than usual, but I knew to expect this from previous experiences with silene capensis and cannabis.

Throughout the evening, I had grown increasingly wired and tense, with brief pangs of anxiety. I hadn't slept well for a few days, so I figured tiredness and the unexpected stimulant effect were to blame for this, so I attempted to take one last kratom dose around 11 with a small amount of creatine mixed in, as that seems to help me sometimes with muscle tension. The negative effects seemed to worsen after that last dose.

For hours, I felt extremely wired, jittery, and unable to sleep. I stayed up reading a book, seeing if I was able to sleep (and failing) every time my eyes got too tired to focus on the words easily. As the euphoria wore off and the exhaustion set in, I began to feel progressively more anxious and disoriented. It is now 5am and my muscles feel very tense. I'm having odd, fleeting body pains, but the "trip" aspect of the experience seems to be dissipating. I'm exhausted to the point of feeling extremely disoriented and unwell, but I seem to have some sort of anxiety response every time I start to drift off that jerks me roughly back to alertness, and I still feel very physically restless. At this stage it still seems less unpleasant to just stay alert, so I decided to write this account. My chest feels tight and uncomfortable, and I feel like I have to focus on taking deep breaths to not feel short of breath, but I believe that is an anxiety symptom, as my heart rate seems to have stayed fairly normal throughout and my blood pressure has also seemed entirely normal, and those symptoms seem to be fading as I grow more calm and centered.

I believe it is the combination of the kratom and the silene capensis that was the root of the unpleasant and unexpected effects for me. I'm a large (6'6") male and I have idiosyncratic reactions to a lot of drugs.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116675
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Sep 30, 2022Views: 651
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