Hexagons Everywhere
Citation:   SakuraWakura14. "Hexagons Everywhere: An Experience with DMT (exp116627)". Erowid.org. Sep 16, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116627

2 hits smoked DMT
    smoked Cannabis
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August 2022. Me and my friends, Z and J were having a sleepover at B’s house. We decided to explore the world of psychedelics by trying DMT. B and I had done substantial amounts of research on these substances prior and were taking them in a very spiritual manner, on the other hand Z and J didn’t really know about psychedelics and how they could be spiritual and stuff like that, they just thought of it as any other drug. B had self extracted DMT from acacia wood he ordered a few days ago before the night. We didn’t eat much that day to maximise the effects of the substances.

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Meaning of life: Hexagons

My DMT experience started at 12:04am. I was the first one to try DMT, I had Z, B, and J trip sit me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and B packed the bong with roughly under 35mg of DMT in between layers of weed and lit it. I haven’t ever used a bong before, but it seemed simple enough. I tried to inhale the fumes but it burnt my throat, it tasted kind of bitter and sour. I held it in for a couple of seconds and leaned out the window and emptied my lungs outside in the cold air. I didn’t feel much after the first hit, B held up the bong for me and I and tried to suck in the fumes again, I went towards the window and tried to exhale. Almost immediately I started feeling heavy in my legs and really calm, if felt like gravity had loosened its grip on my body.
Almost immediately I started feeling heavy in my legs and really calm, if felt like gravity had loosened its grip on my body.
This is my first time doing psychedelics and writing a trip report, but I'll do my best to explain the infinite things I saw and experienced with our limited vocabulary.

Time felt like it was going fast but also slow, the linear timeline disintegrated and it felt like time started moving parallel relative to a sober mind. My thoughts were racing and I could feel the blood flushing around my head. I could not “feel” my body anymore as if someone hooked me up to the anesthesia you take before undergoing surgery or at the dentist. The ground felt really squishy as if I was standing on sand on a beach. Visually I started seeing hexagons appear everywhere, on the walls, on my hands and the faces of the people around me. I didn’t really seem to mind because I expected some sort of visual distortions before I took DMT. I have also watched countless “DMT trip recreation” videos on youtube. Plus I knew that my friends were watching over me and having a good laugh. I could see the pieces of the wall being made of hexagons almost like how you can tell the rectangles in a lego building, whenever I moved my head around, the hexagons would smear while the edges turned a tint of purple. I felt as if my mind was trying to render this image but was lagging every time I moved so I decided to lay still.

I felt as if everything in my field of vision was in focus, as normally you would focus on one point and the rest would be somewhat gaussian blurred. I remember moving my hands in front of my face, and seeing multiple different hand variations trailing behind the movement I made. At this point I remember feeling really mellow and calm but also anxious but in an excited way. Laying on the bed and just feeling myself sinking in infinitely into the mattress felt almost therapeutic. Noise sounded very clear, It could be compared to the audio enhancing feature on the Airpod pros, I couldn’t hear the background noise, like people walking or the floorboards or the bed creaking, only the voices.

I closed my eyes and I saw myself travelling through a colourless but brightly outlined tunnel with many vivid patterns, It was somewhat scary as I quickly opened my eyes. It was like going down a rollercoaster, the same rush you feel in your stomach when you experience the several g-forces on your body. After trying a few more times I decided to keep my eyes shut for 10 seconds. I closed my eyes and saw weird triangular distorted fractals. I couldn’t tell if I was going IN or OUT as you could tell in the youtube recreations, I realised that watching those videos did not help me prepare at all. It was a weird feeling as “you could see 360 degrees without having to move your head”. I could “control” where I looked and the visuals would turn that way. I saw eyes appear and weird geometric patterns. I realised that the 10 seconds would have been over and opened my eyes. Everything now looked pastel and like it was from a cartoon or Disney movie, the tiny details and creases on the bed were gone and everything looked blocky and flat.

The concept of time at this point was absolutely gone. I didn’t know what “5 minutes” meant, I remembered that B told me that it would only last about 10-15 minutes but it felt like I was tripping for an hour. I could communicate with other people surprisingly well, at least relative to my mushroom trip. But I found it really hard to explain things I was seeing to my trip sitters, as they were asking me many questions. I can’t blame them though, I would have probably done the same if I wasn’t the first one to go. Anyways, describing things to them was like trying to explain a blind person the concept of colours and what they are like in hindsight. After I finish looking around at my surroundings. I felt like I needed to close my eyes and go back one more time. This time very focused and actually trying to look for something. I closed my eyes and went through this weird but interesting hyperspace, for what felt like an hour. By the way, my friends were recording me and after watching the video, I think this is the point I passed out mid-sentence on the bed. Back to the hyperspace, I saw an entity, which looked like a very dark stick-figure but a hexagon for its head, who was talking to me in this weird “pitch language” I could not understand. The best I could describe it is, instead of pronouncing syllables like you do in English, or well in any other language, it was producing “notes in different pitches”.

Unfortunately I can’t remember what he told me as frankly I wasn’t even trying to listen as I was already over-stimulated, and my brain didn’t have any more room to make sense of the entity. I tried to look away to another side of the tunnel but the hexagon man was fixed to my point of view. Even though I don't remember what it was trying to tell me. The entity was the embodiment of “courage and willpower” for me, It didn’t feel hostile, but as if it was trying to give me wisdom. That is when the hexagon man faded and mixed into all of the other geometric mess. I immediately opened my eyes, It was like I was in two different realities: one with my eyes open and one with my eyes closed. I didn’t feel overwhelmed because I knew that it would be over in a small amount of time, and that I was on a substance and the experience was just in my brain, and not reality. In hindsight while writing this, I feel very hesitant to go beyond this spectrum, where you forget that you are on a substance and believe everything you see is real. My friends started to ask me questions and for me to draw on a book we prepared earlier to write down things that come to mind while we were lit up. The page looked “real” even more real than reality, if that makes any sense.

One of my friends asked me “what is the meaning of life” and I proceeded to outline one of the hexagons I was seeing on the page, it was quite funny to me and my friends and that helped lighten the mood since I passed out. Then I was asked something about the universe, and I attempted to draw a black circle with rings around it, I was trying to draw the concept of a black hole, with entities protecting it and deciding what goes in and what comes out. Nothing was allowed to enter by itself, It was an “invite only zone”. The only way to be “selected” was to believe hard enough and have a very strong “want” to enter it. At the time that is what came to my head, which probably had meant nothing to my friends. I was feeling as if I was watching myself answer my friends questions in a third person view. I wasn’t the one making the decisions of what to draw, I was just doing it “automatically”. This is when I start to come back down. I asked for some water and drank the whole thing. I started to get a grasp of time as soon as I took the water.

Water was something that really grounded me and brought me back.
Water was something that really grounded me and brought me back.
I could feel a bit of strain on my left hamstrings as my body was twisted awkwardly to write on the page. I ask Z how much time had passed, and he says that it had been only 11 minutes. I was surprised as it felt like 2 hours to me, but I kind of expected that as I read it only lasted for 5-15 minutes. The visuals vaguely lingered on for a few more minutes but they were completely gone. It was J’s turn to take it next. I would totally do this again, keeping the dose the same.

The only bad effects I had felt was, how the fumes burnt the back of my mouth, and how the hexagon man entity felt really scary at first. But I read that “you must always respect the entities” and “most of them won't hurt you”, so I tried not to panic in the moment. Maybe next time I will meet him again, who knows. Anyways thanks for reading my trip report on DMT. I also tried Mushrooms the same night. Safe and happy tripping everyone :D.

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Thanks for reading!

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116627
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 16, 2022Views: 515
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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