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Essentially Methylphenidate
by QwalVis
Citation:   QwalVis. "Essentially Methylphenidate: An Experience with 4-Fluoromethylphenidate (exp116349)". May 11, 2022.

T+ 0:00
5 mg   4-Fluoromethylphenidate
  T+ 5:30 10 mg   4-Fluoromethylphenidate
  T+ 9:40 8 hits smoked Cannabis


Background info:

Used Ritalin (methylphenidate) in the (distant) past, do not have ADHD.
No preparation was done for either dose.
On on medication, no prior drug use except cannabis the night before (around T-13:00).
Set: Generally felt a little tired, pretty neutral (not happy nor unhappy), at ease.
Setting: At home and in various small parks/the city for the walk.
Sex: male

T-5:30 first dose of 5mg 4fmph
For the entirety the effects are not meaningfully noticeable to me. I did experience a slight increase in focus, and talkativeness. I also seemed to enjoy the groceries I did a little more than usual. However it was unclear to me how much of that was due to 4fmph and how much of it was based on my expectation of similarity to Ritalin (mph) and thus placebo.

T+0:00 second dose of 10mg 4fmph (directly after eating dinner)
This is the same dose I used to take of Ritalin when studying. I decided to go for a long walk through a bunch of parks, and wanted to see if a higher dose had more pronounced effects. I did not feel a desire to take another dose due to the effects of the first dose, or at least so I believed. Mostly because I had already been seriously considering taking such a dose for such a situation. As well as that I do not get any (meaningful) desire to re-dose on Ritalin at doses under 20mg. The effects of the 5mg also seemed very minor if not placebo. I am on this walk with two other people, neither under the influence of anything. They also do not know I've taken 4fmph, and I'd prefer they did not find out.

Euphoria is starting to set in. I notice myself smiling more, without any particular reason. This feels different to me than Ritalin, which would make me feel good, but in a different way. I find it hard to describe the difference exactly, but this felt happier, where Ritalin felt like a more neutral good feeling. I feel a little anxious the effects will become so strong at the peak it might be noticeable that I'm on a stimulant, but this never happened with 10mg of Ritalin for me so I wasn't too worried. Simply a thought that crossed my mind a few times.

Euphoria still there, but I am not smiling as much any more. My confidence is boosted and I am at this point no longer worried it's noticeable I'm on a stimulant. I feel great. On our walk I make a few small detours and get interested maybe a little quicker about things than I would normally be. I definitely decide quicker that I just want to go for it. (Leaving out specifics to remain anonymous, but small detours, looking at things on the route, nothing too special.) Worry that this increased impulsiveness would be suspicious was non-existent. I also did not receive any comments about acting weird, so it likely was not apparent I was on anything.

Got back home from the walk. It was fun, and I think at most I acted a little more active/happy than I would normally have, but not outside of my normal range of activeness/happiness. At this point I feel both tired (likely from the walk) as well as rather awake, it's a strange feeling. I decide to write my first ever experience report (this one), deciding to give back to a community that has been valuable to me. I've wanted to do this for a long time, but never actually got around to it, this time however I decide to do it, and just start doing it. This is very similar to how I approached homework when I did Ritalin in the past.

Finish writing this far, decide to watch some YouTube.

Watching YouTube up to this point was not meaningfully different from normal, maybe a little more focused. I did think I might be more likely to continue watching a video/be more patient than I would normally be. Going to brush my teeth with others, as they are going to bed.

Done brushing my teeth, decide to play some Rocket League, apparently a new game mode had released. I was also interested if claims by e-sport people about increased concentration being beneficial had any merit. (Keeping in mind I read they used Adderall, not Ritalin or 4fmph.) As an interesting side note: Still feeling tired, and stimulated at the same time, it's a little strange, but not unpleasant. The tiredness is also mental, not physical at this stage, so unlikely to be from the walk.

Finally in game after fixing issues with disk mounting, and then updating the game (new mode, new update I guess...) The waiting was more annoying to me than normal. I started some music, as I like to listen to music while playing. Almost immediately I noticed a slightly increased appreciation/immersion for the music.

Quickest I ever lost interest in a new mode. It's too different from normal, and though I've heard others like it I really really do not want to learn how to play right now. This was unexpected for me, as I was expecting to be more interested in novel things in general, which during the walk did seem to be the case. Here however it was not the case. Decide to play normal modes though.

Did not notice meaningful enhancements in actual game performance, reaction times etc. I did seem slightly more focused, and more consistently focused, but I'm not confident that feeling was anything more than a feeling. The music still playing is very nice. I got a little bit of the feeling of incredible happiness/bliss I feel when enjoying music on psychedelics.

T+4:10 8 puffs of a joint (indica)
I don't want to just listen to music, and don't feel like doing anything while listening to music. Decide to smoke a little bit of weed and continue watching YouTube until tired enough/no longer too stimulated to sleep. The interaction of compounds is uninteresting, I feel slightly stoned, no less than without the 4fmph, but slightly more awake.

Stoned feeling completely gone now, this is noticeably quicker than normal, which is interesting. No longer feel stimulated either, however I do still have a weird combination of tiredness and wakefulness at the same time. Also no longer feel "good" in the same way, still doing just fine, but my mood no longer feels lifted.

Wakefulness is mostly gone by this point, there might still be some there but the tiredness is definitely overpowering it at this stage. At this point I decided to just smoke some more weed and go to bed, which turned out to be feasible, I fell asleep in a normal amount of time, which was about half an hour sooner than I expected to be able to when originally taking the 4fmph.

Some final notes:
Overall I felt 4fmph was not meaningfully different to Ritalin for me. At most it might be a little more euphoric during the come up and beginning of the peak. I might take it going to class and or studying to see if it has the same qualities in those contexts too. Also worth noting I did not report on any physical effects. Because I did not really experience any. I was maybe a little more clammy during the peak than I would normally be, but at the time I did not notice this as significant.

As for the combination, I did not smoke a lot (for my tolerance) and I did not notice much of an interaction. Admittedly I was already coming down from the 4fmph at that point, and I might have been feeling more stoned without the 4fmph but simply didn't notice it as I wasn't all that stoned to begin with. It was noteworthy that the effect of the weed did not seem to last as long as it normally does for me, which might be an indication the 4fmph did blunt the original high.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116349
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: May 11, 2022Views: 421
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4-Fluoromethylphenidate (728), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), General (1), Various (28)

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