Smooth and Physically Very Pleasant
by TrippingArthur
Citation:   TrippingArthur. "Smooth and Physically Very Pleasant: An Experience with Mescaline (exp116295)". May 5, 2022.

506 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)
    oral Ginger (tea)


Smooth and physically very pleasant

This is my trip report on mescaline. I'm very curious about this material. I've read Aldous Huxley's account on his experience with 400mg in the Doors of Perception, which influenced my thinking a lot. I've also read that mescaline is the first psychedelic that both Ann and Sasha Shulgin used. Mescaline was the starting point of his lifework. Sasha put it in his top 6, his magical half-dozen. Off these I have tried 2C-B, 2C-E and DOM and all those are great. Mescaline was also substantially more expensive than most other substances I tried. Needless to say my expectation are high!

I slept poorly this night and my stomach is a bit upset. I still decide to go for it and start dosing at 10.15.

t+0.00: I put 506mg Mescaline HCl (which looks like a lot) in some ginger tea. I have good experience with ginger reducing nausea. In PiHKAL Sasha recommends slowly consuming mescaline to reduce nausea. I'm planning to do a bicycle trip a bit after it starts to come up.

t+0.26: The saddle of my bike is broken and I failed to fix it. It's still possible to ride it. I feel slightly lightheaded already. Some nausea is setting in and the tea taste is not nice, but not unbearably disgusting.

t+0.48: I finish the tea. The nausea is intensifying. I start to feel it strongly.

t+1.05: If feel really nauseous now, but mentally this is a smooth experience. I'm not anxious at all, in contrast with other substances like LSD or psilocybin where the come-up can be more brutal.

t+1.16: I put on some music and lie down. It's really easy to get immersed in this experience. It's a very gentle feeling which is physically very euphoric. It's very pleasant! Mentally my train of thoughts is pretty unaltered.

t+1.24: I notice some light visuals now. Things have a wavy motion.

t+1.35: I'm ready for my bike trip. Preparing for this is easy. There is no confusion like on other chemicals where I keep forgetting things.

t+2.34: I really appreciate nature along the rivers on the bike trip. Time becomes uninteresting and seems to run slower than perceived. Physically I feel excellent.
Time becomes uninteresting and seems to run slower than perceived. Physically I feel excellent.
This is a very euphoric substance. Not so much OEV at this point but with closed eyes I can see fascinating things.

t+4.14: I'm back at my home. I only had a very light meal before heading out on the bike trip, so that was quite demanding, certainly near the end. I'm physically exhausted and eat a ton now that I'm at home.

t+4.34: I just showered. I notice my senses are very sharpened. I heard the sounds of water coming out of the faucet and dropping on my skull very loudly. The visuals are really unique now. A lot of 'fish-eye' effects. I'm very relaxed and want to lie down a bit in my bedroom. My bedroom is dark which intensifies the visuals. The visuals are very colorful with purple dominating. The flowers on my wallpaper take shapes of heads which are dancing in a wavy pattern. Those visuals are really wild, both OEV and CEV! Physically I feel amazing with waves of pleasure coming over me.

t+5.50: I let myself be completely absorbed in the experience. My ego dissolves in a very gentle fashion. This comes very naturally and not forced. My thoughts are now accelerating. I think about very diverse subjects. The subjects range from my usual interests like philosophy and religion, but also more mundane things like on how to properly communicate solutions on in my job. I think I'll enjoy a walk in the park nearby now.

t+6.25: Outside I don't notice much visuals anymore. It's a very nice spring day and I really enjoy the beauty of the nature in the golden rays of light the sun is now shining. I read no Wikipedia that apparently a homonym of me discovered mescaline in peyote, Arthur Heffter.

t+8.31: I am getting some groceries because someone is coming over for dinner tomorrow. I have some very bad experience on shopping on a high dose of LSD, but this went totally fine with no confusion. At home I start reading some random Wikipedia articles. The effects are diminishing. I do have a lot of gas in my bowels.

t+10.31: Everything is pretty much over now. I'm tired, but falling asleep is hard.

The next day I feel great.

Mescaline is really pleasurable, quite gentle and magic substance. It definitely did fill my high expectations. I think I will repeat this experience.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116295
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: May 5, 2022Views: 838
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