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Yes Today, Satan!
Methallylescaline, LSD, 2C-D & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   NitroCat. "Yes Today, Satan!: An Experience with Methallylescaline, LSD, 2C-D & Nitrous Oxide (exp116223)". Mar 25, 2022.

T+ 0:00
  oral Pharms - Lamotrigine (daily)
  T+ 0:00 36 mg rectal Methallylescaline (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 1 hit oral LSD (gel tab)
  T+ 6:16 25 mg insufflated 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:35   repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide  
  T+ 0:00   repeated   Cannabis  
Trip Report MAL/LSD/[2C-M]/Cannabis/N2O

It's worth mentioning at the front I take lamotrigine for bipolar, and have for years now, it seems to play pretty nicely with serotonin psychedelics. I sadly had no experience with either MAL or 2C-D before tonight, beyond a little allergy test with the former. The latter was merely reagent tested by a bunch of tripping idiots, but the 2C-E from the same vendor checked out.

I guess a bit of the basic biographical, we're all in our thirties, fairly to extremely experienced with psychedelics, and still a fair bit foolish.

For my own part, I've been at this for about a decade and while I've learned my fair share of lessons I'm still willing to do dumb shit like rail a line of a new substance while riding the tail end of a new substance. Don't be like NC. For a quick rundown of substances and such, a lot of mushrooms from a phase in my life where I had infinite access to them, a bit where I did a inordinate amount of 2C-I, sprinkled with a bit of 2C-E, and the raver happy-go-lucky MDMA or something like it every weekend thing for a couple months in 2011. I'm still alive, but again, don't be me.

Most of the substances were shared by two others, I alone did the 2C-D/2C-M late into the trip to get things going again because one of my friends had issues with their rectal dose of MAL and was on a oral timer, and I didn't want to leave them up alone.

This would be a first for any of us on MAL, I'd reagent tested it and done a basic allergy test some weeks ago.

The trip was started in the late evening, later than intended but within the expected margin of error [this was not actually a good margin, but oh well] T=00:00 = ~19:45 for myself

I dosed 36 milligrams of MAL rectally (3ml of a 12mg/ml solution) and had a single tab of what was sold to me as 100ug gel tab LSD, which tested positive for indoles and has repeatedly delivered solid results. One of my friends did the same.

For the third, they took a clear gel tab that was supposedly 200ug, ~46mg MAL rectally [which seemed to have been absorbed by fecal matter] and within an hour of me dosing also took another ~30mg MAL orally, a 100ug paper tab, and another 300ug ALD-52 tab. Their results are not being considered for the effectiveness of this combo.

Anyway, we dosed and I *instantly* felt an intense discomfort in my rectum, far worse than when I've done amphetamine via this ROA. After enduring this for all of five minutes at the tops I had to flee to the bathroom, emerging several minutes later with whatever dose I'd be getting from the MAL committed. I'd like to avoid that in the future, and I think simply being ready for it should help!

After dosing the group split, with myself getting as comfortable as possible on my bed with a blanket and plushie, while someone else showered and the other vanished upstairs for who-knows-what. I noticed alerts within minutes from the MAL, color brightening and gut squirming, I did vomit a few times while coming up
I noticed alerts within minutes from the MAL, color brightening and gut squirming, I did vomit a few times while coming up
I hate to admit, but it passed once I did and did not return.

In that rapidly climbing peak as the LSD and MAL competed to fill my brain, I just reflected on stillness, and the things we do to unwind and expand ourselves. It was a pretty rough come up, by most people's standards, but I found it fairly normal. It was a warm and confusing sensation, I wish I'd done the MAL on its own to compare better, but the LSD was absolutely not in the spotlight!

By the time my friend emerged from the shower and I had anyone to talk to and really *think* for, I was absolutely lit up and rapidly incoherent while... Well, my friend was still almost sober, having seemed to miss the rather capable MAL and finding the allegedly double-dosed LSD to be rather lackluster. A + or so at the most, to use the Shulgin scale. I of course being a gracious host offer ready access to my collection, and they accept to the effect of the drugs listed above.

My notes are pretty sparse, all said and done. I've not really tried to keep notes during a trip before despite having intended to for ages. Again this is a first attempt at making a 'real' trip report. Setting was at home, where my bedroom has been set up as a comfortable and well decorated space.

All of the prologue aside, the trip itself was a wild time!

[+00:00] Swallowed the gel tab and administered the MAL rectally into a recently vacated colon. Intense discomfort and the need to defecate followed about instantly as mentioned above, and I ended up going to the restroom sooner than desired but there was still decent absorption by subjective effects.

[00:20 - 01:00] Writhed around on my bed under a cute blanket while cuddling a plushie with a bucket near by, ended up needing said bucket on a mostly empty stomach and continued to dry heave until the come up settled down. Tremors were also experienced but these all of this is pretty typical for me.

[01:11] Nausea started to taper off, I noted down finding music absolutely delightful and the physical sensation of playing with my pen actually distracted from note taking. Also my pen was running low on ink and I foolishly refilled it while absolutely tripping all the balls. Poor impulse control will be a theme for the night, as I got covered in the ink of course! I sadly don't recall much of the visual nature.

[02:05] I was essentially still bed-locked tripping, barely managing to wrest myself up right long enough to note, and I quote myself here "Warm. Confused. Big like galaxy" the last of which I'm not entirely sure of but am recalling as a vaguely disassociated state with nebulous closed eye visuals. It was a good feeling in any case!

[02:26] I notice there are currently four light sources in the room and make the mistake of mentioning this to my trekie roommate. A meme is sadly born for the night and I have to make sure to keep at least five or at most three lights running the rest of the evening. Oops.

[03:05] "The drugs are kicking in!" - my friend who ate half a fucking milligram of acid. I messed with some of my lamps and spent the next 20 or so minutes working on fixing it.

[03:10] Tripping on how the ink stains on my hand and how a intelligent consciousness are similar when imposed onto the basic animal flesh, while working on my light. Somewhere around here I start trying to do some flow arts and find myself very uncoordinated. I also find myself sensation horny.

[03:25] In my sensation seeking frenzy, I went from lightly scratching myself with my nails, to using my pixel whip like a proper whip, to finding a needle and slashing the fuck out of my thigh. The literal note here is "Past me made a mistake" the mistake was mostly not getting decent consent for cutting myself, imo. Felt absolutely amazing and continued to feel good throughout the night.
Felt absolutely amazing and continued to feel good throughout the night.
The bleeding was easy enough to stop entirely with quikclot, and I have plans to do intentional bloodplay with someone soonish.

[03:33] I finally fixed my lights and got them synced up, there was much rejoicing.

[05:05] I both fail to talk anyone into doing a bit of 2C-X nasally, and am not talked into it myself. "Not today, Satan!"

[06:16] "Yes today, Satan!" I end up snorting the 25mg of 2C-M [2C-D] mentioned, it was about as bad as I remember 2C-E being from a decade ago. Honestly felt and tasted good, and I got classic 2C-Eish visuals pretty much instantly. We kick around and chat as my friend on all the acid is still burning hard.

[07:35] Being the resident demon and in the mood to challenge some dogma, we decide to bust out the whippets. I have a long standing ban on doing whippets because of some twitchy-twitch episodes, but did some poppers recently in another horny frenzy [this one involving a massive dragon dick] and found them enjoyable with minimal side effects. The first whippet was had with incredible trepidation, but by the fifth we were happy dogma was challenged and I wasn't left sitting out. I mused a lot of the nature of death, life and the neurological strain of drugs down in the whippet hole. A bit on "is this and has this always just been a seizure?" as it was awfully similar to when I'd get the twitchy-twitch, but those were precipitated by taking a *massive* dab and chasing it with a big balloon on N2O... Which is a solidly, entirely stupid idea one should not replicate. It helped I seemed to remain in control of my self the whole way up and down.

[08:17] "Drugs, holy shit!!!" written after having a looping conversation that lasted at least 15 subjective minutes, in the span of a single N2O dive.

[12:10-~19:00] Reviewing trip notes, talking about how it all went. Around here we got some breakfast, I did some kinky orgasm control hypnosis play with one of my friends, and we eventually fell asleep. 'Eventually' was entirely too late which seems to be a trend with ergotamines and phenethylamines in my system.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116223
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Mar 25, 2022Views: 1,267
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2C-D (103), Methallylescaline (586), LSD (2), Pharms - Lamotrigine  (432) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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