Ancient Bee Magic
Mad Honey
Citation:   OrbitalCombustion. "Ancient Bee Magic: An Experience with Mad Honey (exp116215)". Apr 2, 2022.

2 tsp oral Bee - Mad Honey (edible / food)
Approximately four years ago I saw a short documentary on VICE about a young man traveling to Nepal to partake on the perilous journey to consume Mad Honey in the Himalayas. Like many I was attracted to how the honey was portrayed, touting it as a psychedelic.

I finally ordered from a reputable supplier and eagerly awaited its journey half way across the globe from Kathmandu. The night it arrived I opened the well-packaged container and shoveled two teaspoons down the hatch on an empty stomach. As opposed to your common honey, it is quite a runny consistency; it is a darker reddish-brown color with an almost fermented, malty, slightly bitter taste. Still tasted quite good despite the profile.

Having not researched it appropriately I quickly got online to dig into the details. To my dismay I learned that not only does it contain a powerful toxin known as grayanotoxin, in large enough doses it can be lethal! Honestly, I freaked out a bit, I even tried to coerce myself to throw up to no avail. I accepted my fate and buckled up for the journey.

Initially I was a bit concerned about the potential cardiac issues this honey can bring about, which kept me on high alert for the first 30 minutes. I noticed on my smartwatch that my heart rate increased by about 30 beats per minute, but nothing worrying. I even have an EKG monitor on it and everything was in sync. During that first half hour I noticed some slight perceptual changes and some parasthesia. A warm, sedating effect became ever more present, almost feeling stoned to a degree. Time slowed down considerably as I smoked cigarettes and focused on the high.

At 40 minutes in the effects were very pronounced to the point I half-stumbled into my bedroom to lie down. The sedation was to the point that I wanted to go to sleep. As I lied down the effects became much more pronounced and new sensations emerged. I had this extremely pleasant warmth coursing through all parts of my body. Tingly sensations in my chest, stomach, back of my head and arms.
I had this extremely pleasant warmth coursing through all parts of my body. Tingly sensations in my chest, stomach, back of my head and arms.
There was a marked heaviness in my feet too. It was unlike any drug I've taken before. If I had to compare it to anything it was like an opiate, a sedative and alcohol in one.

All my aches and pains disappeared and I became completely inebriated by this magical ancient medicine. About an hour and a half in I noticed that my sinuses were clearing up, felt very similar to a strong antibiotic. I've used various honies in the past for this precise purpose, but nothing on this level. It's rather amazing that honey can have this effect on a human.

As I lie in bed, I was overwhelmed by the sheer warmth and sedation, I was practically catatonic. I could feel this glowing heat in my chest accompanied by an odd euphoria that seemed in sync with arrhythmia. This effect lasted for a few hours as I dipped in and out of consciousness. Honestly felt amazing.

I slept like a rock, having had a tremendous amount of deep sleep according to my smartwatch. It felt very similar to the first time I took opiates or got stoned. Of particular interest were my sinuses; I blew all kinds of mucus out. Within a few hours I felt amazingly refreshed and clear, nice energy boost. Having abused narcotics for 20 years I did have minor pain in my right side, which was not surprising considering the toxic content.

(1) in my experience it was more sedative and stoned-like than psychedelic, albeit in higher doses that might be more pronounced

(2) start with the recommended dose of one teaspoon, this is not to be trifled with and has documented deaths

(3) make sure not to be somewhere where you have to drive yourself home, it can cause blurry vision compounded with sedation

Other than that it was a great experience and I just ate some more now, a day later.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116215
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Apr 2, 2022Views: 7,363
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