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A Lovely Introduction at 32mg
Citation:   Xorkoth. "A Lovely Introduction at 32mg: An Experience with Allylescaline (exp115698)". Sep 3, 2021.

T+ 0:00
32 mg oral Allylescaline (powder / crystals)
  T+ 14:30 1 mg oral Etizolam  
Allylescaline - A Lovely Introduction at 32mg
by Xorkoth

I recently got a chance to obtain allylescaline (AL), a mescaline analogue from PIHKAL that I had previously missed out on. I have tried mescaline, proscaline and methylallylescaline (MAL) prior to this, as far as mescaline analogues go. Originally my impression of AL from reading reports had been that it was mild and disappointing, but since then I have seen quite a few reports describing it as euphoric and lovely, and also as being phenomenal for combinations with other psychedelics, especially tryptamines. Now that it's become available again, I took the chance and ordered some. A few weeks later and I found it in my possession. The powder is quite beautiful, shimmering tiny crystals instead of boring old white powder, slightly tan (but much closer to white than tan) in color. Its appearance reminds me of 3C-E and 3C-P very much, and also 4C-D. It really is quite a beautiful powder. I took an allergy test of ~1mg yesterday, with no effects.

11:30am (T+0:00) - Ingested 32mg of AL, orally. Its taste is very bitter, and the bitterness lingers around after the powder has been swallowed. It tastes similar to the 2C-Xs, it's a characteristic taste that is immediately placeable to me, but the noteworthy part is how it lingers longer than usual. I'm sitting at my computer, waiting for my girlfriend and her mom to be ready to leave to go on a hike. Our plan is for my girlfriend to drive us about 30 minutes away to a favorite section of the Mountains to Sea trail, and go on a 3-4 mile hike. I do not know her mom well, as she lives in Hawaii and this is only the second time I've met her (in almost 7 years of being together), but she's staying at our house for a few days and we get along well. I wouldn't want to take most psychedelics in this circumstance, as I'd be worried about awkwardness, and particularly since I am just quietly taking this without it being part of anyone else's day. If it was just my girlfriend I'd have told her I was trying something new. I decided to try this today because I understand from reports that it is very easygoing and even somewhat entactogenic, and I am impatient to give it a shot! I also find that keeping my tripping on the down low helps me to assess certain characteristics of a substance.

I am counting on the reports of a duration of 12 hours to be accurate, and that I will be able to sleep by midnight or 1am without any assistance.

11:45am (T+0:15) - Definitely first alerts just happened. I feel a smooth, generic phenethylamine signature, consisting of a velvety body glow. It is very comfortable with no sense of anxiety or bodyload. My face and hands feel euphoric with a glowing entactogenic pleasure. The feeling is light but very noticeable.

12:00pm (T+0:30) - The feelings remain the same in nature, but perhaps twice as strong. I have some energy building, and I feel a body presence mostly in my face and hands, which feels very lovely and pleasurable. It almost reminds me of a lighter version of the body pleasure from 3-MMC or methylone, quite entactogenic and physically euphoric.

12:15pm (T+0:45) - There has been substantial development to the growth of this state in the past 15 minutes. I feel really very good physically, and a light mental euphoria has started to come upon me, and I'm also starting to get some really nice energy/stimulation. It feels so clean and comfortable, I don't feel like my heart rate has increased, and I am not clenching my jaw or experiencing any other classical stimulant side effects, but I am tapping my leg and feel like I want to move around and do things. I have the feeling that I could run forever (if my knees didn't suck anyway), which is a feeling I get from mescaline. The entire body presence reminds me a good bit of mescaline so far, but there is no nausea or any other negative side effect to speak of, nor any bodyload whatsoever. It is possible that the body euphoria is even greater than it is with mescaline, in fact, at least right now, in relation to the lightness of the rest of the effects. The body feeling is substantially cleaner than it is with MAL, which feels both good and quite jangly at the same time.

12:30pm (T+1:00) - Over the past 15 minutes some physical intoxication has developed, I feel a strange but pleasant dizziness in my forehead region, and behind the eyes. My balance is slightly off. I am feeling a moderate mental euphoria, surprisingly entactogenic. The feeling is not totally dissimilar from a mild dose of AMT or MDA, but much lighter. My mood is very good and everything feels lovely. But unlike a true entactogen, I do not feel an enhanced sociability. Nevertheless I feel that socializing is perfectly easy, in fact quite normal.

It's time to get in the car now and depart for our hike. I'm happy about this because it's a beautiful day and I'm tired of sitting around at home, time to go explore the outside world!

1:30pm (T+2:00) - I've been hiking for about a half hour, and have determined that this is a great hiking drug. The three of us are talking a lot, and I am finding socializing both easy and pleasurable. I'm telling a lot of stories and doing the most talking, but it is not in a forced or gushing sort of way at all, it's just natural. My girlfriend's mom and I want to get to know each other better and that is the source of the talking, so it is not unnatural or strange in any way.

This is the first time during the visit that I feel uninhibited by a bit of social anxiety from trying to talk to someone I don't know, who is a central figure in my girlfriend's life. I'm finding myself smiling a lot, and my mood is uniformly positive. I have plenty of energy for hiking, but I don't feel stimulated in a classic sense at all. The come-up has definitely ended, it probably did so around T+1:30. At this point it feels less entactogenic and more psychedelic than it did, but it is very mild, in fact it feels milder now that the come-up, which was somewhat rushy, is over. Really, it has receded somewhat into the background, though I remain aware of it. There is no visual alteration whatsoever, not even any color enhancement, nor are there any real sensory distortions. The effects at this point consist of a moderately strong but natural feeling mood enhancement, and a lovely feeling in my body. The physical feeling is the strongest part right now, and it is very nice. The effects at this point remind me of proscaline, except substantially more comfortable and light, and less psychedelic. It reminds me of mescaline in a way, in that it feels very natural and comfortable, unlike the other -scalines I've tried (proscaline and MAL), which feel less comfortable in the body than AL and mescaline. I could push the dose much higher, if it stays so light in the body and doesn't develop negative side effects later on.

2:45pm (T+3:15) - Still hiking, and the effects are much the same. I find myself often forgetting that I took anything. It's possible that if I didn't have hiking as a physical outlet, I would be more aware of the effects or I might feel a little less comfortable, but I am thinking that it would remain comfortable even if I wasn't exerting myself.
It's possible that if I didn't have hiking as a physical outlet, I would be more aware of the effects or I might feel a little less comfortable, but I am thinking that it would remain comfortable even if I wasn't exerting myself.
It is just so light and transparent. There is still no visual alteration whatsoever, and the state is easily ignored and even sometimes forgotten. I am guessing that if I was sitting around by myself, I might remain more aware of the effects, or even find some additional subtle mental effects that are beneath my notice right now. I am outwardly focused, but this doesn't feel like a state that would be particularly rewarding if I was focused inward, anyway.

Socializing remains easy and carefree, and my state of mind remains very good. I'm having a great day and really enjoying my hike, but of course that would be true even if I hadn't taken AL. Still, it's a nice gloss on my day.


I stopped taking notes here because nothing more really developed. I kept having a good day, and kept feeling comfortable. Later on after we got back from the hike, I went and picked up some tacos for us and brought them home to eat. My appetite was entirely unaffected and I scarfed down my tacos and enjoyed myself immensely. Around T+8:00 (approximately), I noticed that the effects, subtle as they were, receded and I felt sober (though I felt pretty sober the whole time really, mentally at least), but a warm faint glow of comfort and contentment remained until I went to sleep. I was not sleepy at all and I ended up staying up reading until 2am (T+14:30), and then was having trouble falling asleep, so I took 1mg of etizolam and fell asleep quickly after that. I often have trouble sleeping even when I'm sober, so I am not sure whether the AL had anything to do with my difficulty, but it may have. On my next trial I will see if the same holds true. Either way this drug does linger on for quite a while, so it's one to take early in the day for sure.

Overall, I really enjoyed this drug, but I feel like 32mg was an underdose. There were two distinct phases of the effects. The come-up was quick and euphoric, characterized by a somewhat entactogenic rushing feeling of euphoria and pleasure, and some physical intoxication (wobbly balance and strong body high), which lasted for around an hour and a half. Then it shifted into a plateau stage which was characterized by a milder feeling that was more centered and slightly more psychedelic, which was more of a background sort of thing. It seemed to skip a peak entirely. At 32mg, it was closer to an entactogen than a psychedelic, and the whole experience was extremely mild. However I could see it becoming more interesting at higher dosages. Never at any point was I the least bit uncomfortable. It reminded me of a very low dose of mescaline, but even cleaner and lighter feeling. It was an ideal mild day enhancer drug, and the next time I want to take something transparent and mild for a bit of day enhancement without any sort of downsides at all (other than perhaps a little bit too long of a lingering effect past hour 8 or so), I will probably go right for a higher dose of this. I can see myself using this periodically over the rest of my life, when I seek a psychedelic for mild day enhancing purposes, simply to add a bit of shine to the day, with no commitment. There was no social anxiety whatsoever, and even a bit of an increase in sociability, and there was no mental discomfort either. It does last a bit overly long, especially since it recedes fully into the background after about half its duration or so. I'm hoping that it doesn't typically disrupt sleep after 12 hours, but that is inconclusive at this point.

I look forward to future trials! I plan to combine it with a tryptamine, as well as take a few increasingly larger doses, and perhaps even try plugging or snorting it to see how that changes things. One final note though, just because I found this so incredibly light and without bodyload, do not assume it will be that way for you. Another poster recently reported that it had a heavy bodyload and he was quite miserable, on a similar dose, and so was his tripping companion. He said it was in the running for the worst psychedelic. So as always with new substances, especially ones that are less explored like this one, start low and assess your own response, as we are all affected differently.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115698
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38
Published: Sep 3, 2021Views: 3,217
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